New Moon in Virgo Solar Eclipse — September 1st 2016, and September’s Astrological Activity

What a spectacular way to start off the school year — a New Moon holds so much promise and a waft of upbeat energy emerges that sweeps away the lethargy and indolence of our summer holidays. We are spurred on to perceive each new day as a clean slate upon which we can write anything that we can imagine! Brand new opportunities are  awaiting our perusal, and we should take advantage of these irreplaceable magical moments in time.

Our first New Moon is on September 1st, and is in the sign Virgo at 9 degrees (all those whose birthdays are in Virgo  or opposite in the sign Pisces  near this date, will be entering a new lunar cycle) — it crests at 4:03 AM EST. A Virgo New Moon always gives us that nudge to make sure our health is in order. Since the flu and pneumonia season will start in the  later autumn and winter months, make it a priority to be sure to get your flu and/or pneumonia shots if needed.  Now later in the month, we have a Blue Moon, the second New Moon of the month on September 30th, in the sign Libra at 8 degrees of the sign, and it crests at 7:13 PM EST. A Libra Moon needs balance, whether our emotions or our pocketbooks! A Libra Moon brings out our love of beauty and romance — we all can enjoy this New Moon’s energy to fulfill our desires and our need for the good things in life. Our Full Moon is on the 16th of this month and is in the sign Pisces at 24 degrees, cresting at 2:06 PM EST, and is a Lunar Eclipse bringing that little extra zip into the atmosphere! Of course along with that zip comes a caveat not to overdo, overspend or overcompensate in any arena. Make sure you know what you are getting and/or getting into!

This month has a very busy start with the New Moon in Virgo on the 1st, and the 2nd bringing a plethora of activity that might become stressful if not handled properly — the Sun opposing Neptune makes everything look rosy and attainable, so we must use common sense to offset this misty miasma that may be fogging up our instincts! Be sure of any deal, scheme or bargain — and if there is any hint or question about any phase of the “deal” — walk away! (Just a reminder, Retrograde Mercury is also in the mix until the 22nd, which often means anything begun or bought now will have to be returned, or just won’t give good service). Mercury will also conjunct Jupiter on the 2nd giving us big ideas and bringing a savvy talker into the fray — listen carefully to any spiel but give yourself at least 24 hours to think about the bottom line. With the Moon in Libra on the 3rd — romance and marriage is in the air, and in the early evening a karmic tie may be brought together for a happily-ever-after relationship.

Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th keeping that romantic and dreamy atmosphere moving along in our lives. Of course, on the 10th Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces dashing a bit of cold water over our plans — just be sure any monetary expenditures are vetted for any flaws, and any purchases are going to be long-term good values. Also in conjunction, the ongoing Neptune/Pluto sextile will be giving us the tools to see through any “pie-in=the-sky” dreams we may be dreaming — indeed — this aspect could be a wake-up call to really look at your priorities, and you may be able to see that what you are hoping for is never going to be the beautiful scenario that you want. Pluto is trying to make us see the reality of our lives, and that our true responsibilities are to those closest to us. Family connections will always be a top-priority if you really allow yourself to “see” who has had your back throughout your life. Don’t let a current situation blind you to the fact that others have not always had your best interest at heart. The Sun squares Mars (Virgo/Sagittarius) on the 13th in mid-afternoon perhaps making people a bit short tempered and spiteful in their language. Don’t allow another’s vitriol to push you to over-react — just walk away if possible or respond with calm and consideration. With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, there will be some excess, but you may find a new way to get through some controversy because there are mitigating circumstances that will surface, that will clear up any questions you may have — still, be very aware of those who may have ulterior motives and allow time for more information to be brought into your realm.

Lady Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries on the 18th may bring some insecurity and some unpredictable issues in a relationship — on the other hand, this may be a most exciting time-span for those truly in love. The following days will tell the tale of true love and commitment or reveal that there is work to be done in fine-tuning one’s liaison. Either way, if you live long enough — you will learn that although there is magic in love, there is also the day-to-day work to be done in keeping that love alive and well, and developing into the romantic fairy-tale you always imagined.

At last on the 22nd Mercury will begin it’s forward motion at 12 AM EST — allow a few days before any major decisions to allow it to truly be moving ahead. Also, the Sun entering Libra brings our Autumnal Equinox allowing us to review and look back at our accomplishments, but also letting us see where we may have gone wrong. Use this time wisely to regather your thoughts and garner new ideas to be put into place when  Mercury has gone direct. Pluto will go into direct motion on the 26th giving some extra impetus to our plans gathering positive input. Mars will enter the sign Capricorn on the 27th bringing a more staid and conservative demeanor to Mars — it’s kind of like a banked fire — it’s still as hot as ever but not the full-blown conflagration of an open fire — we can use this calmer phase of Mars to instigate new plans or renew some old ones that seem to have fallen flat. Look to your chart to see where Mars will bring this molten energy. Our month will end with our second New Moon in Libra on the 30th — culminating our journey through September with another chance to write out our affirmations.

Now to the immediate business of our New Moon in Virgo on the 1st — you would be wise to look to Virgo’s strong points when writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires — the sign Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, a label that doesn’t really let us know how strong, vital, and demanding Virgo’s can be. Indeed I often find that in a contest between any two signs — a Virgo competitor will come out on top! Dogged in their planning, consistently practical in their outlook, and exceedingly meticulous in all that they take on. With the New Moon along with Mercury in Virgo there is a decided sense of duty, getting things done efficiently, and making every second count. Since Mercury is in Rx phase — everything should be double checked for accuracy.

Since Virgo has reign over romance being ruler of Libra, both emotional and physical health, and with rulership over Taurus — financial planning and education are highlighted. This New Moon can also bring new people into your life that will be helpful or become a mentor. We also can ask in our affirmations for more beauty, romance, the good things that life has to offer, improving our lot in life, making better connections with others, finding the right job, really finding your true soul-mate, making good decisions, bringing more financial security into our life, getting along with others, realizing how much we have to offer, and making a commitment to improving our health. Of course, anything can be wished for during a New Moon phase, this month is especially good because we can check at the end of the month and if things are not improving as we wished, we can again write out our wishes and desires with the New Moon in Libra on the 30th.

The Virgo New Moon on September 1st crests at 4:03 AM EST, write out your affirmations as soon after the New Moon crests if possible, but the energy will linger for the next day or so. Dream big, wish deeply, affirm with zeal, and put your desires into the ether where they will manifest and become your new reality. Think of how wonderful your life and the lives of your loved ones could be improved — and go for the Gusto!



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