Jupiter Enters Libra — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Happy to be moving on from restrictive Earthy Virgo at 6:19 AM EST on September 9th — Jupiter feels more at home in Airy Cardinal Libra where his big ideas can be executed with the help of Libra’s love of luxury, beauty and self-indulgence. Jupiter’s extravagant plans during the last year were played down by the very conservative philosophical ideals of Virgo. Moving on into more outre Libra will give Jupiter some leeway in presenting and rearranging some of his more outrageous concepts. Of course, being a Cardinal sign Libra has her own agenda and will not back off from a challenge if she feels strongly about a goal. I have found over the years that Libras are often not given enough credit for their intelligence and fortitude. Their outward sweetness and agreeableness usually hides a tough inner core of determination — with the caveat that balance is always an issue — and staying on a steady course will ensure that Libra has a say in any expansive platform. So bold and audacious Jupiter will have some things to learn about accommodating lovely Libra — but they indeed will form a partnership of sorts during the coming 13 months, in order that each might get their own way in certain arenas. Libra’s forte is more artistic, relating to beauty and luxury, loves to be in love, enjoys food and drink, wants to always look her best, and loves to indulge in the theater arts — music and drama. Libra rules marriage, so look for some surprising nuptials in the coming months.

Those lucky ones who have Libra Rising will be entering a new cycle with Jupiter’s bounty, it would behoove them to be aware of all positive offers or opportunities coming their way, of new people coming into their lives who are willing to mentor or educate them in a specific area in which they specialize. They will look their best (be careful of gaining weight), be more eye-catching to others, be able to move their own agenda ahead, and be alluring to many who meet them. Opportunity will be your by-word! Don’t let this year end without getting your most ardent wishes fulfilled. Job, career, home, parenthood, promotion, new companion, better physical and emotional health (Neptune in Pisces in 6th house), your soul-mate, marriage, and/or freedom from whatever is holding you back! This is the year to move to the beat of your own drummer and cast aside those who would impede you from reaching your potential. Lay the groundwork of your success whilst under the umbrella of Jupiter in Libra’s largess. You should begin to see the fruits of your labor by the end of October. Go for the gusto!

Jupiter’s bailiwick is certainly the law, courtrooms, and those who ply their trade therein, also those stalwarts of industry, medicine, religion, higher education, sports figures, and the banking industry. Certainly Jupiter has a lot of influence when it comes to these important areas that are at the heart of our economy and all financial dealings. Jupiter is all for “bigger is better”, he revels in big deals, giant conglomerates, big Universities and Colleges, how our money is handled, big religious rites, and is a huge sports fan!

Look for changes in the way money is being handled, lots more technological usage to pay, spend and send monies of all nations. Also — possibly say goodbye to such low interest rates, Jupiter always wants more! Medicine may find some new cures for currently deadly diseases as Libra brings balance into the mix — perhaps someone reviewing an old tossed-aside study will find an interesting clue to a new pathway to follow! Colleges will need to find ways to be more inclusive in giving grants and financial aid to students — indeed if we are to continue to educate the next generation properly — we will need to draw from many areas that have currently been under-served. If, as the political candidates are promising, we find they are putting more of our tax monies into the infrastructure, there will be more good paying jobs available for so many who are now underemployed or unemployed. Jupiter  who has the travel bug, will want major changes upon the land whilst He is in Libra — roadways, bridges, tunnels, and all forms of transportation should be improved. Actually air-fares may drop a bit as businesses send their emissaries cross-country to ply their trade. Jupiter in Libra can instigate many new ways of doing business, and can bring in more trade from overseas. Jupiter loves travel — and is most happy being in new places and finding new avenues to follow — there is a bit of wanderlust in our Jupiter in Libra — but first-class accommodations only — please! Jupiter in Libra will also give us an opportunity to connect with some of the countries we haven’t been in agreement with for some time, with Libra’s abilities in diplomacy we may indeed change the face of who our true “friends” really are within the World community. Libra can negotiate with the best of the best, and often will come out on top — much to the surprise of those in the debates. With mighty Jupiter cheering her on — there is no stopping our amenable collaborator when she decides to allow others to “get” her personal point of view! Jupiter in Libra — a dynamo of diplomacy in action!

In Jupiter in Libra’s 13 month traverse of the Zodiac, Jupiter’s new persona will interact with the slower Planets as the aspects between them change during His time here. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius and since Jupiter rules Sagittarius there will be some common connection, however Saturn is not Jupiter’s cup-of-tea — Saturn delays, finds fault, can be slow in changing, likes to teach, and is usually not the most easily led. While Jupiter was in Virgo there was a definite sense of unease between these two mutable signs, now in Airy Libra there will be a change, as the sign Libra is sextile to Sagittarius within the Zodiac wheel there may be a lessening of stressors. Both Sagittarius and Libra tend to often go-with-the-flow, however Libra being a Cardinal sign likes to be in charge — and for the laid-back Sag. that might work alright for a while — but Saturn certainly won’t want to take a back seat to Libra, so there will be some kind of tug-of-war between the two. We may see some  major agreements in the legal field, we certainly will see some new Supreme Court Justices being named after the inauguration, depending on who garners the most electoral-college votes — the White House may become an overly ornate, lavish arena for entertaining with sumptuous amounts of food and drink, or a venue for those in need, better education, a more modern military, and a stronger middle class.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn and this may be a thorn in the side of our usually jolly Jupiter in Libra — since both signs are Cardinal — there will be controversy on a world wide scale! We can only hope that somehow the clashes between these two strong signs may uncover corruption, illegal activity, banking misrepresentation,  Wall Street drama and any nefarious ongoings within the business, legal, or investment fields. Pluto, although small, packs a powerful punch when bringing to light any schemes from the dark side — and in Capricorn whose integrity abounds, will see to it that any transgressions are properly taken care of and handled with instant condemnation. On a smaller scale, we should be wary of any get-rich-quick schemes and make sure our monies are in safe and secure investments.

Uranus in Aries will also give Jupiter in Libra a run for the money — truly enjoying creating havoc, Uranus will be tweaked by this opposition of Jupiter. Let’s hope any clash between these two will perhaps break down some crumbling worn-out habits or practices in order to rebuild them on better foundations with resoundingly new ideals. Uranus the Awakener may have some wonderful surprises in store that will bring about a new tide of spirituality and bliss. This combo may also bring about more earthquake activity, new archeological discoveries, and possibly begin another journey into space. The economy may be on Uranus agenda with a major correction on Wall Street happening sooner rather than later. We may find that promised jobs are not appearing and more of the Boomer generation are finding they have to work longer than expected before they consider retiring comfortably. There may also be a volcanic eruption that wasn’t expected within Jupiter’s clashes with Uranus that will compromise air quality and normal flight paths in many areas. It would appear that the Universe will be giving us notice about where we are going wrong in handling our Earth. I, for one, hope the powers-that-be will be listening!

Jupiter in Libra will bring about some Karmic activity when He encounters Neptune in Pisces — there will be a spiritual component to any exact aspects between these two — there will be adjustments to be made! Libra and Pisces both need balance but have the ability to seek out truth, although Neptune sometimes obfuscates the issues, Jupiter in Libra should be able to cut through the fogginess to find the true story. If these two can find a way to work together — they could rule the World — Libra’s bounteous optimism with Jupiter can be the most positive diplomatic persona, and Pisces otherworldly knowledge and instincts can help allow Libra to find those areas of negotiation that will assure that She wins any political conclave. It’s all about working with and within the harmony of the Planetary movements wherein we can capture the energy and possibilities of our own future. Jupiter in Libra can and will make changes to your world, it is your duty to be ready to take advantage of His bounty!

Jupiter in Libra will also be square Mars in Capricorn when Mars enters Capricorn on September 27th until Mars enters Aquarius on November 8th. There will be clashes when these two Cardinal signs decide that they want their own way! Mars doesn’t like to give in to anyone else, and in Capricorn has a lot of grounding and earthiness that can give Him some semblance of control. Be aware that some conflict may come about in the home, and you should remember that those who have always supported you are the best ones that you should count on now. Mars will stir up controversy just for the sake of relieving boredom with stodgy old Capricorn — don’t let any annoyances get out of hand — take a step back and realize that this too shall pass! From January 28th to March 9th 2017 Jupiter in Libra will be opposing Mars in Aries — try to keep an even keel and don’t go overboard with anger or frustration. Any knee-jerk reactions can lead to a break in a familial relationship that has been supporting you and your lifestyle. Don’t lose someone who really means the world to you because of a unthinking remark or action. Let compromise and conciliation guide your relationships with those closest to you — never allow your family to come apart at the seams — Family is all — family is Karma!

All of us can benefit with Jupiter’s transit through Libra — Wherever Libra lives in your chart is where beneficent and generous Jupiter will hand out his munificence. Libra will influence Jupiter’s planning by making sure everything is in good taste, has beauty and brains, and has an artistic flair in whatever format is being encouraged by lusty Jupiter. We can find our bliss under this magnificent duo, we can find our own persona – individuality – character – uniqueness and truest identity! We can find our strength and boundless optimism, our courage and unlimited zeal, our inner beauty and our outer loveliness. Jupiter in Libra will open many doors, encourage us to push the envelope of our talents, and bring us rewards that a long-lasting, beautiful to behold and that will give us a solid foundation of personal power.

Jupiter in Libra — boundless fortitude, eternal beauty, stately elegance, daunting balance, and spiritual bliss! Who can ask for more?


*Look for the post “Jupiter in Libra Through the Houses” — (coming soon)…




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