Jupiter in Libra Through the 1st to 4th Zodiac Houses — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Jupiter in Libra is a different entity than when he was in Virgo — whilst influencing  Libra, our big dreamer Jupiter  becomes more suave, elegant, and exceedingly charming! We also are the recipients of  Jupiter’s largess matched up with  Libra’s love of beauty, balance and brains! Sounds like a win/win in our lives — but there may be some controversy as Libra, a Cardinal sign, likes to be in charge (although with charm and grace) and Jupiter feels He has control over the entire galaxy with His size, optimism and bravado! This might prove to be one of our most joyous and lively transits for some time! Lets all sit back and try to enjoy Jolly Jupiter’s stroll through Beatific Libra’s realm. But hold on to your hats — excitement and revelry is on its way, which at times may make us feel a bit unbalanced!

Jupiter in Libra will influence each Zodiac House according to its specific rulership, however,  the House that it opposes will also have its say in how this next year will play out. So many possibilities and adventures to be had, so many opportunities coming to you according to the House position and any Planets within or in aspect to Jupiter, and how Libra will bring more awareness of the beauty surrounding us, and the beauty within. After Jupiter’s transit of stern Virgo — I think we all are ready to allow more optimism, whimsy, and fun into our lives. Of course, great strides can be made with this combo — in work, career, marriage, partnerships and possibly a magical moment that will enhance your life forever.

Jupiter in Libra in the First House —  Those who enjoy having a Libra Ascendant (cusp of the First House), will find so many opportunities that they may find (because of Jupiter’s more is better philosophy) that their heads are spinning as they get used to this new energy that has appeared on their doorstep. Indeed — so much may be changing in your life that it might take some time to realize this whirlwind surrounding you is all to the good, as long as you keep a cool head and some semblance of balance in your life.

The First House has rulership over how folks “see” you — no matter your Sun sign, you appear through the guise of Libra’s mirror image — beauty, charm, kindness, a love of life, and also a deep empathy for others will be your signature whilst Jupiter is in the House. People will start to ask if you’ve lost weight (be careful not to gain any) — had a new hairstyle, had a makeover, or just say how healthy and energetic you seem. Now is the time for you to push your agenda in any field — if you are looking for a better job, more money, trying to get a new project under way, feeling as if you can be a leader, and finding those who are willing to be of help to you in your endeavors. Also — Jupiter in Libra gives you the ability to see your problems from both sides of the equation. While under Jupiter in Libra’s beneficence you should realize that all offers are not equal — you must still be diligent in finding all the facts about your needs and desires before making any major decisions.

Since the First House is opposite the Seventh House, there may be some discord between partners, friends or even family. Do not make any knee-jerk decisions — if there are differences of opinion and/or some difficulties in coming to mutually agreeable decisions, take your time and make a Pro and Con List of all the possibilities for future growth. Where do you want to be in the next year, 5 years, 10 years — too overwhelming? Just make the best plan that will serve you and your family responsibly for the near future. Nothing is written in stone — things can always be changed, as long as good will is in the picture. Also, don’t feel that your way is the only way (Jupiter can give us a big ego) — ask, question, and research any offer whether seemingly good, bad, or indifferent — learn to listen to your inner voice that will usually give you some common-sense advice. You and those you are responsible for will be so much better off by the end of Jupiter in Libra’s transit if you are aware of your true needs, your most ardent desires, and by using the truth of what your instincts are really telling you — believe that you will achieve your goals with the help of your family, true friends and new found mentors.

Jupiter in Libra in the Second House — This could be a major year for those who have Libra in the Second House — herein lies our earned monies, and new ways for finding more income. With Jupiter in Libra allowing a channel to flow into this House you can expect to find an uptick in your income through your own hard work or through gifts, inheritances or bonuses. This coming year will bring many opportunities for growth both materially and spiritually. The Second House is opposite the Eighth House of combined money, other peoples property or estate, taxes, death and rebirth, your savings, and money owed to you. You will do best in being moderate in expecting any windfall of cash to fall out of the sky, however, Jupiter in Libra will bring opportunities for growth and expansion  — you will probably do best in seeking professional guidance in any financial dealings. Jupiter likes to spend, so clearing up debt will be most advantageous especially with Libra, making sure your finances are well-balanced.

If you find you have an opportunity to increase your income, be sure to research all of the possibilities — do you have a special talent, idea, ability that is needed in a specific field — check out any prospects that others bring to you — can you work from home?  There will be some wonderful chances for you to increase your income, perhaps because your partner or mate manages to bring in some extra cash. You also may find that decreasing your outgo will help in balancing your budget — look for ways to decrease your expenditures that won’t interfere with your current lifestyle. Bask in the glow of Jupiter in Libra’s giving nature — prepare for some unique and beautiful happenings that will bring you joy. Opposite the Eighth House can bring to light where money is escaping your grasp — check your monthly expenses with an eye to cutting any extra and unnecessary expenditures. Do you really need that ultra-deluxe blender when an average one would serve your purposes? Also be pro-active when the holidays are near and give bold hints to your family and friends about what you really want — most of us don’t need another pair of winter gloves or scarfs — need a small appliance — just ask! At the end of this transit — your finances and your ability to live better and wiser will be fully implemented if you follow a common-sense plan whilst under the jubilant umbrella of Jupiter in Libra’s protection and generosity.

Jupiter in Libra in the Third House —   Are you thinking of taking a short journey? Well, Jupiter in Libra will enhance your chances of a wonderful trip or visit to loved ones. The Third Zodiac House has rulership over our siblings, close relationships, our neighborhood, correspondence, and nearby journeys (today, nearby is a relative term since air travel can get us almost anywhere within a few hours). So if planning a trip, you will have lots of help from Jupiter in Libra in getting just what you want. Jupiter is our wanderer and in Libra will want to heighten His journeys by adding some facet of beauty, brains and bountiful excess. Perhaps you have a child who has gone out of state to college — and you might want to visit when there is a parent’s day or some occasion for celebration. Jupiter in Libra will enhance your experience with not only a joyous visit but by making you aware of how beautiful the campus and surrounding areas are within that town or city that has so much to offer.

Also, your correspondence may pick up with notes and letters from distant relatives who would like to get together, Jupiter in Libra may find you invited to several family get-togethers throughout this next year, try to arrange your schedule in order to take advantage of visiting some of these venues for happy times and good memories. The one thing that we cannot get more of is time,  this precious commodity is limited and we all must realize our own time has an “end date”! Not to be maudlin, but sometimes we get so busy with life’s busyness, that we don’t take into consideration how quickly time is slipping into the future, make every moment count by being aware of how precious they are. With Jupiter in Libra in the 3rd House, we should take a moment to reflect upon our past, present and future. Are we just marking time — not really living OUR lives? Family, friends, neighbors, and close acquaintances are really what life is about. Don’t ignore those closest to you whilst you are intent upon minutiae, remember the truly important folks in your life! If we disconnect from our family, we disconnect from the karma in our lives They are our reason for being here — our lessons to be learned and to be taught are in this arena — don’t settle for less than quality time with your loved ones.

The 3rd Zodiac House also has rulership over siblings and opposite the 9th can have you traveling to visit an older brother or sister. Also the 9th House has to do with the law, religion, and higher education, so any of these areas may be highlighted whilst Jupiter in Libra transits the 3rd House. If any litigation is in the works you may find there is a positive outcome — just be sure to have all pertinent information at your fingertips to prove your point of view. Also, you may find a spiritual awakening is enhancing your life for the better. A pivotal moment of inspiration may help you realize what has been missing in your life, and you will proceed to search out a higher meaning for your own unique pathway throughout this lifetime. By the end of this transit of Jupiter in Libra, life will have new significance for you, and you will pass on your new-found motivations and beliefs to others who are open to your message, enlightening all those who cross your path.

Jupiter in Libra in the Fourth House — Herein we have our foundations, our beginnings, and our earliest lessons in life. We don’t like change in this area of our chart — however, we all must at some time, leave our family homestead and move on to our own lives. With Jupiter in Libra in residence, there may be internal changes wherein we totally renovate our living space. Indeed Jupiter in Libra may bring a home improvement project into play that you have been hoping to implement for a long time. Or you may just be sprucing up a few rooms with a new coat of paint and reupholstering the sofa. Whatever plans may evolve, you can be assured that Jupiter in Libra will expand the project, and Libra will insist upon classic choices overflowing with charm and grace.

Another possibility is that children will be leaving the home (or returning), to try to make their own way in the world. The biggest change may be that you are actually moving to another home yourselves. Whether because of downsizing, retiring to another area, or moving because of new job opportunities — with the help of Jupiter in Libra in this House there will be good vibes surrounding every possibility. Of course, the angst of change is always difficult, but when you know the end result will be a positive one, it makes the decision that much easier. Go with the flow with whatever ensues and you will find that at the end of Jupiter in Libra’s transit it all is better than ever.

Opposite the 4th House is the 10th House of social standing, career, parents, government, and any honors you may have garnered. How does this come into play with Jupiter in Libra in the 4th House, well — if your parents are older, you may have to plan on them coming to live with you — or see to it that they are in an assisted-living area where they are safe. A great job opportunity may come your way but you will have to relocate — a new zoning law may mean that there will be either new roadways or perhaps a large complex being built in your area. Also, an expected promotion may not come through as expected, but some other compensation may be planned. Also, this may be the year that your hard work is noticed and you get the acknowledgement you have been seeking. Working within the guidelines of the Planetary movements will help to get you to the goals you want — Jupiter in Libra can bring those well-deserved honors that you merit for all your hard work.

If you don’t know your Ascendant (1st House cusp) — check out the Post in “Astrology Notes From Nancy” — ” An Easy Way to Find Your Ascendant” — in the Archives for July 16th 2014.


Jupiter in Libra Through Zodiac Houses 5 through 8 will soon be posted.


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