Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — September 23rd to October 18th 2016

Lady Venus in Libra is our enchantress, our natural beauty, our girl next door — however, when She moves into Scorpio our Lady Venus becomes the sultry temptress and a coquettish vamp. This abrupt change often swamps our Lady Venus’ delicate sense of balance, harmony, and kindness. For a few days Lady Venus may feel quite heady, totally out-of-control, and overwhelmed by the emotions she is experiencing. Feeling quite vexed by this sudden change, our Lady Venus tries to subdue her racing mind, her insatiable emotions and her yearning hunger for love.

Still — our Lady Venus is above all ladylike in all of Her guises — within a few days, our Lady Venus begins to control those excessive emotions and begins to be able to control the enormous psychological changes in herself and her persons. Lady Venus begins to revel in her new sexuality, passion and sensitivity — indeed being in the sign Scorpio has opened a whole new area and depth of desire. Lady Venus will make this sign her own — bringing her warmth, calmness, and sensibility into the equation.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign known to be profoundly moved by all of their experiences, this is an intensely feeling sign that most cannot quite begin to imagine. Often seen as insular, perhaps maudlin, overly stirred by their strong emotions — our Scorpio brethren seem to always keep some part of themselves to themselves. One feels that they might never truly know their Scorpio friend, cohort, family member, or lover. With Venus residing in Scorpio there is more connection to others — more openness and transparency. Not that they will be an open book — but with Lady Venus giving them some sense of calm and control, it is as if they “see” people in a new light. Many of our Scorpio’s are committed to helping others, often working in the social fields — or volunteering at shelters or food banks. Lady Venus gives all of us that empathy for those in need — and in Scorpio the intensity of their natural feelings is enhanced ten-fold.

We all can use this transit of Venus in Scorpio — look to the House position of Scorpio and there you will find your emotional quotient heightened. Allow yourself to “feel”  all of the intensity that fills you whilst Venus is in Scorpio. You may find that you have deep feelings for someone you have thought of as a friend for a long time — or you might find that you are attracting suitors that aren’t your usual choice. Try to expand your innate ability to accept a wider variety of folks that are out of your typical comfort zone. If perchance Lady Venus in Scorpio has landed in your 5th or 7th House you may be fortunate to find the love of  a lifetime. Just be  sure it isn’t the intoxicating presence of our enchanting Lady Venus in Scorpio tweaking your longing for that fantasy lover. Let Lady Venus move into Sagittarius (on October 18th) where she is more playful and spirited — and not overtly intense — and if the feelings are still there — you may have found your forever soul-mate.

Moving quickly, Lady Venus has a limited time in Scorpio before heading into more agreeable and light-hearted Sagittarius. Use the immense passion of Lady Venus in Scorpio to raise your passions in all areas. Enjoy Lady Venus in Scorpio and get your sexy on!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Scorpio love — at a poetry reading, at an avant-garde art gallery, using the internet at a coffee shop, at a dark drama, helping at a food pantry or shelter, having a tarot reading, enjoying their high-speed car, buying red and black clothing, creating their own business, enjoying a jazz session, in church, or at a charity auction.




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