New Moon in Libra — September 30th 2016 — Conjunct Jupiter in Libra

Our second New Moon of September crests at 7:13 PM EST on the 30th of the month at 8 degrees of Libra. This gives us another chance this month to write out our affirmations, dreams and desires. Check your list from the 1st New Moon of the month to see what may have manifested and what still might need to be sought. I’m writing this a little early to give everyone a heads-up about this brand new chance to get your wishes into the heady ether of the Galaxy as Jupiter in Libra is giving us a big boost being conjunct the New Moon.

Just think of the power of giant Jupiter spewing out his positive dynamic energy through affable Libra — Jupiter is always thinking that more is better, bigger is better, and extra is the cherry on top of the sundae! Combined with the vitality of the New Moon we have an extraordinary opportunity to have all of our affirmations and desires enhanced with the innate enthusiasm of this aspect. The New Moon always helps us get our ideas and wishes into the Universal ether, where like any thoughts they become whole and able to manifest here on Earth. Our thoughts are a powerhouse of positive vitality that can come back to us when properly stated and written out. Jupiter in Libra adds a unique additional source of strength that we can use when writing out our affirmations.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to get your deepest and most ardent wishes and desires into the ethereal mists. Think about those things that would enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones at this point in time. Search your inner spirit for inspiration in choosing wisely and well those issues that really matter to you and yours. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign that has reign over beauty, marriage, the arts, decor, social standing, flowers, but also incorporated with Jupiter — the law, judges, sports, physicians, religion, higher education, and banking. So many ways to combine these two entities into our New Moon wish list.

Let your imagination soar as you think about what would improve your life right now! No matter what you can think of — it isn’t beyond the realm of Jupiter in Libra power, connected to the New Moon in Libra spirit to bring them into your reality!

Whatever is on your agenda can be written down as clearly as possible in order to be put into the Universal Harmonics of our world — there to be manifested in a solid and real possibility for you to experience. Prepare some of your thoughts now, and refine it as we get nearer to the New Moon on the 30th –want a new or re-inspired relationship, need to hone your ability to reach out to that special someone, want to improve your ability to negotiate when seeking a new job, a new home, or a new car, do you feel you should be receiving more appreciation for your work, ideas, help — think about what would work for you. We can also put anything on our agenda — more free time, more luxurious life-style, better and more vivacious health, easing of current angst or worries, good outcomes for legal issues, getting into the school you wanted,  feeling in control, embracing others lifestyles, being open to others about what you really want — whether a job, relationship, or more freedom!

Only you know what will work in your best interests — think carefully and long about exactly what would improve your life right now, and go for the gold. You are deserving of all the good things life has to offer, and not only are you worthy — you have earned it! Long hours working, studying, helping, being a good human being — not a perfect human being — but doing your best.

The New Moon in Libra crests at 7:13 PM EST on September 30th — the most powerful time to write out your affirmations and wishes is right as the New Moon crests! Of course, this intense power can last into the next 24 hours — but hedge your bets and write out your affirmations as soon as possible after 7:13 PM EST for the best and most helpful results.

Good Luck on your journey — Peace!



2 comments on “New Moon in Libra — September 30th 2016 — Conjunct Jupiter in Libra

  1. Karen says:

    On the second New Moon in September do we add an hour for Daylight Savings time? Making the crest at 8:13 EDST

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