Mars Enters Capricorn — September 27th to November 9th 2016

When Mars enters Capricorn at 3:07 AM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 27th, it’s as if a glass of cold water has been thrown into his face! After his lengthy and joyous stay in Sagittarius where he could roam freely, enjoy the extra power of another Fire sign and could generally create his own agenda, Mars now must contend with Earthy Cardinal Capricorn — certainly a different demeanor than in Sagittarius. Mighty Mars will have to find a way to blend Capricorn’s high standards and ethical senses with His own idea of overbearing control and passion. This is not easy for our stalwart Mars, as He is used to having His own way in the Galaxy — overwhelming others with His might, power and audacity!  Generally speaking, Mars is flummoxed by Capricorn’s pragmatic outlook on life, and slow and plodding method of moving ahead at a steady pace. This is not Mars style at all, and he feels stifled and restrained under Capricorn’s mantle.

However, it won’t take long for Mars to try to counteract Capricorn’s practicality — indeed, Mars will soon have gotten Capricorn’s number and will realize that slow and steady as this sign is, there is a deep desire to be successful. Ah ha! Mars can capitalize on Capricorn’s need for social standing, appreciation, and wish to be a mover and shaker in the world. After all — Capricorn is a Cardinal sign and no matter what — Cardinal signs really want to succeed. Mars will engage His own base of being the ruler of Cardinal Aries to connect with this more stable but relentless sign. Never underestimate the power of Capricorn — staying out of the limelight, making their plans carefully and practically, they burst out of the darkness to take over whatever was in their agenda — surprising even the most aware of onlookers.

So — what does this combo have in store for we mere mortals? Look to your chart to see where Capricorn lives and there will be your area of intense action and activity whilst Mars remains there. How can we best use these two dynamically opposite forces to help us on our journey here on Earth? We must blend Mars force and desire with Capricorn’s moral and ethical outlook by remembering that Capricorn’s almost always succeed in their quests. Now — Mars has the ability to draw others into his heady aura of intense emotion and zest for life! Few can ignore His irresistible call for action. We are drawn to Mars passion as a moth to a flame, and while He is in Capricorn — Macho Mars becomes more an elder statesman than an action hero! Still there is that Mars deep-seated urge for reaching a goal —  the dynamic swashbuckler becomes the suave and savvy adventurer. Not so quick to action, but having that smoldering inner need for winning, and knowing that He doesn’t need all of the “free-for-all” commotion to reach the gold ring. Mars in Capricorn is a bit like having the best of both worlds in one vibrant and vigorous package without all the angst!

Mars enters Aquarius on November 9th at 12:52 AM EST, another about face for our Mighty Mars — how will Mars fare in Fixed Airy Aquarius?  Time will tell!


Mars in Capricorn Love Style — With this heady combination we find deep emotional connection without any maudlin pandering. Mars in Capricorn still retains his vibrant need for intense love and passion, but with a more mature and traditional aura surrounding His choices. Capricorn tends to modify Mars usual over-the-top Rambo style of wooing and winning his mate — to a more controlled and yet blistering desire to find the perfect helpmate and lover. Mars in Capricorn blends two Cardinal signs that never give up on something they truly crave as a necessity to their health and happiness.

Capricorn moderates some of Mars power, but hones it to become that underlying banked furnace ready to burst forth with white-hot flames. Mars mighty power can never be fully extinguished, but in Capricorn — Mars learns to control those outrageously overwhelming instances where He loses control — indeed — Capricorn is a buffer of sorts keeping Mars more bizarre actions in check. Mars in Capricorn is a more organized Mars, a more competent Mars and a more meticulous Mars — this is Mars all grown up and ready to take on the responsibility of a company, a country, a family!

Mars in Capricorn knows what he wants out of life and has the demeanor to get it without fanfare or commotion. When Mars in Capricorn finds his true love, there is nothing He would not do to make the connection permanent. Mars in Capricorn wants that foundation of family, tradition, and bonding. Steady, passionate, intensely committed, loving, longing for that forever connection to another — our Mars in Capricorn will be true, loyal and devoted to his loved ones. A good provider and a steady partner, Mars in Capricorn will reach his goals and will bring a forever love to his one-and-only!

If you want steadfastness, deep passion, family tradition, and someone who will cherish you well into your dotage — Mars in Capricorn is your soul-mate — a forever lover and friend.



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