Jupiter in Libra Through the 5th to 8th Zodiac Houses — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Heading into the Descendant side of the Zodiac Chart we encounter the 5th through 8th Houses — Jupiter in Libra will bring its unique combination of “More is Better” (Jupiter) and “Beauty and Balance” (Libra). Each has sway over some aspect within the rulership of the House wherein it will reside for the next 13 months. We also will take note of the opposite House — from whom we will hear! This should prove to be a year of whimsy, opportunity, and many good things happening in our lives — I, for one, look forward to enjoying this rollicking ride of Jupiter in Libra throughout the next year, so many possibilities — so little time. Enjoy!

Jupiter in Libra in the 5th House —  The Fifth House of the Zodiac has rulership over such divergent areas as speculation, gambling, romance, children, entertainment and artistic endeavors. Jupiter in Libra will enjoy their stay here because it beckons to them both in different ways — for Jupiter it’s the thrill of taking a chance, a love of the dramatic, and an affection for children (Sagittarians ruled by Jupiter, always seem to maintain an inner child-like quality). For Libra there is art to be revered and appreciated, romances that will possibly lead to marriage (a big Libra interest), and although games of chance are not her forte, she believes in balancing one’s hobbies or diversions, so that they don’t become an onus and burden not only for the participants but for their families.

Those who have strong or negative Planets in the 5th House can become hooked on taking chances — whether in the stock market or in Las Vegas. Libra will try to bring true balance whilst here, however, Jupiter is more a “go for broke” kind of guy! There will be struggles and a lot of back-and-forth as these two battle for a middle ground. Anyone who has the desire to take a chance with their money or any asset should think twice before allowing anyone to convince them of that “deal of a lifetime” — allow time before putting your hard-earned money into other peoples hands! Indeed, a sit back and observe attitude will serve you well while this duo resides in the 5th House.

The brighter side of Jupiter in Libra in the 5th House is that you may find that a longed-for child is on the way. The only caveat here is that there may be two! Also, a creative idea or artistic program will be sure to be successful — it’s time to find a way to express the inner you! Many opportunities may present themselves to you from friends who know about your talent, from acquaintances who have similar interests and the ability to help you introduce yourself to a gallery or playhouse, or you may find a way to promote your own interests on a larger scale to a larger audience. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, if someone compliments you on your innate abilities — accept the praise as your due — and find out how you may be able to stimulate more interest.

Since the 5th House is opposite the 11th House, we may also find some friends who are trying to undermine our good intentions to break a bad habit — or on the other hand you may have a lot of back-up in keeping on the straight and narrow. Either way by the end of this transit, you will know who your true friends really are. Now is the time to realign with your family if there is some separation, allow old issues to fall by the wayside, and consider creating a clean-slate for your familial relationships.

The cherry on top of the ice-cream sundae is romance — Libra will be bringing new love interests, and perhaps a soul-mate your way — the difficulty here is that Jupiter may proffer many romantic possibilities — and your job will be to choose carefully — and separate the wheat from the chaff. True love is out there and this may be the year you find that love of a lifetime. Be choosy but open to someone who isn’t your usual cup-of-tea! You might be in for a whirlwind romance! Enjoy!

Jupiter in Libra in the 6th House — This is such an important House that is often overlooked in the larger scheme of things. Our 6th House has rulership over our health (so important), our service to others (or our day-to-day jobs), our smaller pets, our dietary habits, getting the necessities of daily life, your co-workers, and those who depend on you for support, assistance or comfort. We can see that this area of our chart is complex and can sometime become overwhelming. Especially when there are health issues, and you are the one either ill or the caretaker of someone who needs daily care. The aspects in this House will influence much of your whole chart.

Now with the  beneficial Jupiter in Libra holding court here, we have a great deal of help in either coping with our issues, or in completely curing or clearing up what has been going on for some time. If you have been ill (or someone you love), there may be a silver lining in the situation being solved, healed, or mitigated while Jupiter in Libra beams their protective light down upon you. Also, if your job or work situation has been less than positive of late, this combo can bring you new opportunities for growth and balance in another field or area of interest. Be open to something you may not have thought about as a possibility, or been aware of, but is an prospect for you to pursue. If there has been an ongoing issue of ill-health, a new procedure or another point of view may be helpful in making inroads in improving the problem. Look into alternative ways of healing and dietary changes that may alleviate the issues.

Are work hours too long, too late or just grueling, look for other ways to earn the same or more income with less stress. There will be opportunities somewhere that you will find an alternative working environment that will be better for you both financially and emotionally. Of course, you will have to balance the facts about whatever openings are offered — you may not want to move to a different area, or you might feel that your skills won’t be used as effectively as you would wish. Take every new offer with an eye to the pros-and-cons of what you want out of life.

The biggest change that most anyone can probably make is to improve their diet and exercise routines. If you feel good, you can take on most any problem with a strategic plan to overcome the negatives and work on improving the positive things that will abound with Jupiter’s largess.

If you have small pets, or older animals — be sure to keep their yearly maintenance updated — and if you are thinking of adopting a pet — make sure that they will fit into the family dynamics in a way that will be beneficial to all who will be involved in their care. A pet can give so much love and affection to one and all if they are well-cared for and loved in return.

Opposite the 12th House, we may encounter some past issues that haven’t been resolved — our own limitations, our needs, past issues with family, jobs, or mistakes. Now is the time to clear out the detritus in our lives — but with an eye to not destroying everything we have built up over the years. Indeed, we must carefully begin to take responsibility for past mistakes (and if possible let them go or atone for them), find new ways to interact with loved ones if there has been a rift, and be aware that you may find yourself needing some help with a crisis of conscious or some underlying trauma you haven’t faced up to with truth and the actual facts. Clear your mind, heart and soul of any old sorrows you may be holding on to without real cause. Allow your body and spirit to be free of all past injustices. Free your soul — free your life! Let Jupiter in Libra bring you the balance you need and the beauty back into your life.

Jupiter in Libra in the 7th House — Our Seventh House holds our partners (both business and personal), teamwork, alliances of all sorts, and interaction with the public. This is a busy House and when a powerhouse of “alliances” like Jupiter in Libra land here you can bet that some change, improvement or action will be taking place. Sometimes when there is a negative Planet in residence here, one will find it difficult to communicate with one’s loved ones and partners, find that they choose the wrong partner over and over again. Often can’t seem to find that certain someone who will support them and love them with their whole heart. So often relationships are rocky when one of the more negative Planets are there in your birth chart and again if one moves there through transit. However, with Jupiter in Libra bringing their beneficial aura of beauty and balance, we could see improvements in our relationships, our business alliances, and generally in the people with whom we come into contact on a daily basis.

Since Jupiter is only in each sign for about a year every 12 years, this may be the best time for you to find a way to your best relationship. Think about your ideal partner and what their traits and habits would be like, and with the help of Jupiter in Libra, you could find that well-balanced and generous person sometime within this special year. Jupiter in Libra can bring an excess of largess, so you may find you have a few choices to make — be sure to take your time in really “seeing” the person you are interested in within the stark light of reality. Don’t allow yourself to squander time and emotion with those who are not worthy of your own high standards and morals. Libra brings beauty, brains and a certain joie de vivre into the mix, but we must be sure to “balance” this heady combination with loyalty, steadfastness, and truth! If you feel you have found your best match, it may be time to make a commitment to your future. However, be sure this is the right move — don’t dismiss a loved one’s protests if they have always had your back. Look deep into you inner spirit to find the truth — and only move on if all of your spidey-senses say it’s good to go! If you have any misgivings about the person you are thinking of committing your love to — give yourself the gift of time to figure it out. Don’t make any rash decisions — stick to the tried and true and Jupiter in Libra will help you find the balance and true direction for your future happiness.

In the business sense, we have those times when we and our partners are not on the same page and there is controversy. With Jupiter in Libra we have the chance to find the balance we are looking for in our dealings. Opposite the First House, our ideas and dreams are on the line — don’t give up on what you truly think is your best way forward, instead tap into the generous Jupiter in Libra vibes to give you that boost of energy that propels you forward on your pathway. With the help of this duo, you can realize your goals and then some. Perhaps you are wary of taking that leap into the unknown — with Jupiter in Libra lighting the way you can “see” how you can progress with the help of the Planets. Your partners will be more agreeable and you will be able to come to some amenable settlements.

Jupiter in Libra in this House can bring you rewards beyond your imagination, allow yourself to find that certain pathway that will bring you enlightenment and concrete advancement in your chosen field. Now might be the time to take a chance to move ahead with your plans and give yourself the credit for all your previous hard work. You know what it is you need, what you want and only you know how much getting to your goals will mean. Bring your A-game to the fore and make this your year to shine. By the end of this transit — you will find that you are far ahead of the competition, and in a good place to reach your bliss!

Jupiter in Libra in the Eighth House —   Herein lie the deepest and most emotional areas of our existence — Life, Death, Regeneration, Rebirth — not to mention taxes and other peoples money. This is such a sensitive area for most of us to deal with we often ignore how much it impacts our daily life.We often keep our secrets here and family business under wrap, and when there is controversy we sometimes find our loyalties stretched beyond our ability to successfully deal with all the angst. This can be a contentious House wherein financial issues are often a burden, and our allegiences are being tested. With Jupiter in Libra in this House it will be as if a shadow has been lifted. Things that were kept “under wraps” will be brought into the light of day. Some of our deepest worries and uncertainties will be released from our psyches.

Jupiter in Libra will give you a good idea of your financial health — you will be able to get a handle on what you have, what you need, and how to go about getting your financial house in order. Libra wants balance above all, and with Jupiter’s ability to bring more to the table, you will find at the end of this transit that you are in better stead with all of your money dealings. Also, any monies that are owed to you will be paid and if you are currently in some kind of law suit — the outcome will most likely be in your favor. You also may find a new source of income with an inheritance (opposite 2nd House) or input from a previously unknown source.

While Jupiter in Libra is in the Eighth House, it is also a good time to refresh your health routines, whether exercise or diet needs improvement — now is the appropriate period to get those areas in good working order. You will be happier and healthier by the end of this transit if you work with Jupiter in Libra to become more involved in your own future health strategies. Find that balance between work and play, indulgence and stability, and vanity and selflessness. Work on your inner and outer being to become whole and healthy. By the end of the transit of Jupiter in Libra you will find that you are more comfortable in your own skin, you are happy with your financial plans, and you are more aware of where you want to go and how to get there. Jupiter in Libra will help you reach your dreams!

Soon to follow — Jupiter in Libra Through the Ninth to Twelfth Houses.





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