New Moon in Libra Reminder — September 30th 2016

Today is the day! At 7:13 PM EST (Add one hour for DST) you can write out your affirmations, desires and wishes in order to put your thoughts into the ether and have them manifest to become part of your reality. With Jupiter in Libra conjunct the New Moon we can use the immense power of mighty Jupiter, the inner strength and stamina of Libra, and the zest, creativity and innovation of the Moon itself when we write out our wishes.

This is an extraordinary occurrence, with our 2nd New Moon of the month to be able to write out our affirmations with the added dimension of Jupiter in Libra’s largess. Write out your wishes as soon after the New Moon crests if you can — that’s when it is the most powerful — and within the next 8 hours — but the intensity of this New Moon will be in effect for 24 hours after. If your birthday is on or near the 30th, you will be starting a new lunar cycle, so it is much more important for those folks to be sure to write out their own wishes.

Just imagine what would make your life and the lives of your loved ones better, more content, and enriched — and write out those wishes. It doesn’t matter what you wish for — but using the realms of the Moon, sign and Planet involved will make stronger connections. Jupiter has rulership over business, law, sports, higher education, religion, politics, and medicine. Libra’s realm is romance, marriage, social matters, beauty, flowers, and the arts. The Moon has to do with our home life,short journeys, water sports, swimming, and our emotions.

I hope everyone will take advantage of this moment in time to try and improve their life — it’s as easy as writing out a few wishes — try to be clear, include all aspects of your desire, and affirm your intent with the belief that you can influence your own life.

Good Luck — may the power of the Lights be with you in your quest. Peace!


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