October’s Astrological Activity – 2016

On October 1st we have a beautiful trine between Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, raising our compassion for others and bringing us some long desired connection with those who are important to us. However, on the 2nd — two aspects that may confuse and befuddle us are in motion, the Sun engaging Neptune, and Mercury with Uranus — this may bring some disconnect and distortion in our perception. Allow a day or so to pass before making any major decisions or beginning a new project if you can.

With Jupiter in Libra fully ensconced into the sign, we have a compassionate aura over us that can not only help us find our own inner beauty, but also to be able to see the beauty in others. This combination can also help us see our relationships with rose-colored glasses on, so try to be realistic when judging just how well your romance is going. We can, under Jupiter’s stay in Libra allow ourselves to see things as we want them to be, and not as they truly are. Indeed — whilst Jupiter is in Libra we should take a step back from making a long-term commitment unless we can observe the object of our affection with a cool and calculating eye to the future we might share. Write out the Pro’s & Con’s in a list and observe in black and white what each column might have to say. It’s your future and the future of all those in your care — be sure of any choices you make that may have a lasting effect on the quality of your life.

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces is allowing us to tap into our inner spirit, and bringing perhaps vivid dreams that will help give us some insight into what we truly need from those we love, from our leaders, and from ourselves. There is a kind of dance-macabre with Saturn in Sagittarius tweaking us going on in the ether that may confuse us and make us wary of moving forward — we must try to use even these trying aspects in our lives to find the balance and equanimity that is so important, if we are to evolve into an ever higher human being. Our duty to ourselves and our loved ones, is to always seek the highest level of understanding and compassion in dealing with our nearest and dearest. Our Karmic ties are those with whom we must find our way — our parents, grandparents and children should be those with whom we most interact with in order to fulfill our journey here on Earth. They are our most useful compass in this lifetime — they will help lead us to our destiny and our future purpose. We cannot emphasize enough how important your closest relationships mean — neglecting or not being 100% involved with our closest loved ones will mean returning to this mortal coil in yet another round of living and learning just what it is we need to become that shining star of evolutionary sanctity.

October’s New Moon isn’t until the 30th in the deliciously diabolical sign Scorpio which crests at 12:39 PM EST and will help enhance a dark and spooky Halloween night on the 31st, our Full Moon in Aries is on the 15th at 11:23 PM EST, since Aries is a rather aggressive sign, we all should be aware of any anger issues and those who may be out-of-control. As always forewarned is forearmed.

Lady Venus will enter Sagittarius on the 18th turning our seductive vamp into our flirtatious vixen. Lady Venus as always will be able to make Sagittarius Her own, and she will use the playfulness and happy-go-lucky mischievousness of this sign to engage one and all in inane chatter, rollicking adventures, and egregious pranks! Use the vivaciousness of Lady Venus in Sagittarius if you want to attract those who have a lighthearted spirit and want to live free of encumbrances. Wait until Lady Venus enters Capricorn to appeal to a more staid and serious type of connection.Those karmic relationships are truly guided by the stars — tune into each Planet as they enter new signs and begin to take on some of the characteristics of that sign. It is fascinating to see what a difference there can be just because of the Planet’s placement.

Mercury will enter Libra on the 7th bringing more diplomacy and balance into our lives — if you have something on your mind that you really want to get off your chest — this may be a good time to have that chat. Mercury in Libra has a calm sense of duty, of doing what is right, and being a good listener. Mercury is a go-getter, and is sometimes busy just to be busy — with Libra, there is more of a plan in order to get things done — although balance will be necessary in all phases of any agenda.

Other times to note are the 13th when Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn in late afternoon, this combo can foster rage and unreasonableness, especially in language — confrontations may be quite testy and it’s best to realize that the timing is not good to try to make your point. The 15th bring a Sun in Libra in opposition to Uranus, you can expect the unexpected to happen early in the morning — perhaps a wake-up call that gets your juices flowing. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 17th in the wee hours of the morning bringing us a more lighthearted and carefree Lady Venus. On the 20th Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus bringing the wee hours of the morning some upsetting action — however, you might find that a vivid dream brought you some interesting outside-the-box ideas that have merit.

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd bringing thoughts of our loved ones to the fore — a good time to improve relationships within our familial realm. Mercury also enters Scorpio on the 24th adding to our ability to sharpen our tongues — beware of honing your speech too keenly. Venus squares Neptune on the 25th perhaps blurring our vision of what is going on in our world, or making everything seem rosy! Be sure to use your common sense before listening to some faulty promises and flawed ideas. Wait until the 26th when Venus is in good aspect to Jupiter which will give you a more honest outlook on your life and love. You may feel especially cheery this morning — as the clouds have disappeared and you have sunshine in your heart. The 27th brings Mercury into contact with the Sun mid-morning clearing the air and helping you make a decision that feels right. Mars rears a ruckus on the 28th by irritating Uranus late in the evening — the caveat here is not to take unnecessary chances  — do not drink and drive, don’t speed — and walk away from any who seem to be looking for a fight.

Lady Venus meets up with Saturn on the 29th in the early evening hours, be careful of who you trust, and if you are going out for the evening — make sure you are in control of your faculties — watch out for anyone who is overly protective or restrictive. Mercury trines Neptune early on Sunday the 30th before the New Moon in Scorpio — you may have some spiritual awakening, or just a nice service at your place of worship, and you feel enlightened and at peace.

Halloween bursts forth on the 31st with ghosties and goolies, witches and vampires, princesses and superheros, all having the time of their lives. This year Halloween is on a Monday a school night — so our trick-and-treaters will be out and about early! Such a joyous and gleeful night that is remembered for many years to come. I think my children all have fond memories of Halloween’s past — when they themselves were on the prowl for their favorite treats, and again when their own children were going out into the darkness to find their own treasures. So many costumes, so many happy occasions, so many years ago — my heart aches when remembering  those enchanting and effervescent times when we all were so very young!

Happy Halloween to one and all !



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