Lady Venus Enters Sagittarius — October 18th 2016

Lady Venus gets a bit giddy as she get ready to enter the sign of Sagittarius — although a Fire sign, Venus seems to be able to use this fiery energy to exploit Her wilder side. On the 1st at 4:15 AM EST — Lady Venus leaves sensual and sexy Scorpio to move forward into playful  and vivacious Sagittarius until her short reign here is over on Christmas Day December 25th at 12:26AM EST, and She moves on to proper and practical Capricorn.

Of course we want to ensure that we get the most out of Lady Venus in Sagittarius, and the adventurous and spicy flavor that comes with this placement, we should make our plans now to use this vivacious transit of Lady Venus to our best advantage. Lady Venus in Sagittarius will give all of us a run for the money — in Sagittarius Lady Venus becomes playful, spirited, and a totally flirtatious vixen. Lady Venus enjoys the lighthearted and spirited aura of Sagittarius allowing Her to throw caution to the wind and use her more coquettish persona in attracting those who have the same agenda.

Lady Venus in Sagittarius is free to let her hair down, walk a bit on the wild side and allowed to show her more flirtatious nature! She is able to tap into her deep well of fanciful ideas and offbeat notions, when she is feeling that surge of Sagittarian vigor, the World is Hers for the taking! Always willing to set off on an adventure in a nanosecond, our Lady Venus will have the time of her life when under the spell of Sagittarian free-wheeling and gregarious persona. Still our Lady Venus retains Her caring, compassionate and loving characteristics — indeed they may be enhanced because Sagittarius is also empathetic, if a bit more casual sign. Sagittarians  love  life — wanting  every precious moment to enhance their experience here on Earth — they love people and feel karmically connected to many. Together, Venus in Sagittarius are family oriented, are outgoing and friendly, and love to engage in banter and intellectual conversations. Always with an opinion on any subject, our Sagittarian brethren will be informed about all things sporting, political, contemporary and timely depending on their interests. Always ready to defend the underdog, Sagittarians usually have a soft-spot for those in need, or who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. This combination of Lady Venus compassion and idealism, combined with Sagittarius outgoing and engaging personality truly rocks!

As Lady Venus transit of Sagittarius moves swiftly forward, we can use the lighthearted and frivolous energy to enhance our own lives with more outgoing compassion toward our fellow-man especially at this time of year when good-will is rampant. Look to your chart to see where Sagittarius lives and there will be the focus of this wonderful duo — bringing their unique sense of living life to the fullest, loving equally, and embracing the concept that we are all our brother’s keeper!

Starting the month off with a loving Lady Venus in Sagittarius is a wonderful way to begin the Holiday season. The 3rd brings Lady Venus in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn in a snit — back off of a conflict before it escalates. On the 8th in the late evening, Lady Venus and Uranus in Aries are at odds, someone may need more freedom than coddling now. Squaring Neptune in Pisces on the 10th just before church services, you might be too idealistic and place your trust in the wrong person or situation. On the 11th Lady Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio meet up during the evening rush hour, you are feeling good about the day, and are grateful for the blessings you have. The 15th finds Lady Venus again meeting up with Pluto in a more amenable manner, a relationship may move forward. Lady Venus in Sagittarius is snarky with Mars in Scorpio after midnight on the 17th, if you are out at about at this hour be careful of your feelings and don’t accept anyone’s bad behavior. On the 20th a in the early evening, a happy meeting with Uranus in Aries lets Lady Venus pursue an interesting and perhaps exhilarating adventure. Excitement is in the air!  Lady Venus leaves joyous Sagittarius to enter a more practical and analytical Capricorn on the 25th — perhaps a good thing when writing out our New Years Resolutions! Happy 2018!!!


Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Sagittarius love at a Holiday concert — especially if there are big crowds, at a children’s charity auction, on the ski slopes possibly on the bunny hill,  at any romantic Holiday movie, at a football tailgate party, walking near the ocean, buying hiking shoes,  driving a convertible with the top down, volunteering at a shelter, hosting a Holiday party, and wearing black leather pants to work!




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