Lady Venus Enters Sagittarius — October 18th 2016

Lady Venus is always happy to enter the sign of Sagittarius — although a Fire sign, Venus seems to be able to use this fiery energy to exploit Her own agenda. On the 18th at 2:01 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — Lady Venus leaves sensual and sexy Scorpio to move forward into playful  and vivacious Sagittarius until her short reign here is over on November 11th at 11:55 PM EST, and She moves on to staid and cautious Capricorn.

So, if we want to ensure that we get the most out of Lady Venus in Sagittarius, and the saucy and spicy vigor that comes with this placement, we should make our plans now to use this vivacious transit of Lady Venus to our best advantage. Lady Venus in Sagittarius will give all of us a run for the money — in Sagittarius Lady Venus becomes playful, spirited, and a totally flirtatious vixen. Lady Venus loves the lighthearted and frisky aura of Sagittarius allowing Her to throw caution to the wind and use her more coquettish persona in attracting those of like mind.

It seems that Lady Venus in Sagittarius is free to let her hair down, walk a bit on the wild side and allowed to show her adventurous nature! She is able to tap into her deep well of fanciful ideas and offbeat notions, when she is feeling that surge of Sagittarian elan, the World is Her oyster! Carefree and willing to set off on an adventure at a moments notice, our Lady Venus will have the time of her life when under the spell of Sagittarian frivolity and impetuousness. Still our Lady Venus retains Her caring, compassionate and loving characteristics — indeed they may be enhanced because Sagittarius is also a very caring if a bit more casual sign. Sagittarians are in love with life — wanting to squeeze every precious moment out of their experience here on Earth, feeling a karmic tie to those they encounter. Together, Venus in Sagittarius are family oriented, are outgoing and friendly, and love to engage in idealistic banter and intellectual conversations. Always with an opinion on any subject, our Sagittarian brethren will be informed about all things sporting, political, contemporary and timely depending on their interests. Always ready to defend the underdog, Sagittarians usually have a soft-spot for those in need, or who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. This combination of Lady Venus compassion and idealism, combined with Sagittarius outgoing and engaging personality rocks!

As Lady Venus transit of Sagittarius moves swiftly forward, we can use the lighthearted and frivolous energy to enhance our own lives with more outgoing compassion toward our fellow-man. Look to your chart to see where Sagittarius lives and there will be the focus of this wonderful duo bringing their unique sense of living life to the fullest, loving everyone equally, and embracing the concept that we are all our brother’s keeper!

On the 26th Lady Venus sextiles Jupiter in Libra bringing us a morning filled with good feeling — we may find we connect with a certain someone, or it might be that our ideas at a meeting are met with approval and support, and we can promote ourselves with a feeling of confidence and strength. Enjoy the power surrounding you today and work within the energy field of protection, love and beauty. The 29th bring Lady Venus in contact with Saturn in Sagittarius, allowing us to “see” things in a realistic and more appropriate manner — this early evening match-up may bring us to realize that our relationship needs work or perhaps is ready to be ended. The 30th we find Pluto in the mix and that gets our juices going in analyzing just what we want out of life — but we know that Lady Venus in Sagittarius won’t let us stew about any negativity too long.On November 5th a beautiful aspect to Uranus in Aries in the wee hours of the morning will shake up the status-quo, what might seem like an emergency will turn out to be a stroke of luck for some. Entering Capricorn on the 11th we find Lady Venus again changing her persona to a more mature and stable format — but wherever Lady Venus takes up residence, we will find more beauty, compassion and love in our chart and our life!

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Sagittarius love at any sporting event — especially if there are big crowds of loyal fans, at a charity auction, on the ski slopes and apres ski, at the Scottish Highland Games, at any movie with a lot of action, at a tailgate party or barbecue, on a mountain trail, fishing on the ocean, buying hiking shoes, at a sports-car show, driving a convertible, volunteering at a homeless shelter, at the zoo, hosting a neighborhood block party, and bringing fresh pastries to work!




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