Little Orphant Annie — Jone Victoria — October 31st 2008 — Happy Anniversary to ME! Jone Victoria — October 31st 2009

Family traditions are steeped in memories that often carry through to future generations. When I was a child my mother would always read the poem Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley every Hallow’s Eve to my brother, sister and myself at dinnertime. We’d prepare for darkness so we could run through the neighborhood and shout “Trick or Treat!” and come home with pillowcases full of candy. That led to the authoritarian practice of our parents eating the candy so we wouldn’t end up with cavities. A great example of child labor. We gather the goodies, the parents reap the benefits. Every Hallow’s Eve I find the air charged with a static electricity that is hard to deny. I’ve felt this way since childhood. There is an anticipation. A something wicked this way comes. Each year I search the night skies for a sign, or sit quietly around a fire-pit giving thanks to all who have walked before in my family. I come from strong Yankee stock, stoic First American ways, and European ingenuity.

My tradition for Hallow’s Eve has been the same for the past forty-three years. I make crescent shaped Sabbat cakes and give them to all my friends and family. Forty-three years. That’s a long time. Why do I do it? It’s my poem reading. It’s my little honored gift to the Gods and Goddesses who were once held Sacred and seen in every living cell in nature. Always made in the hour of Venus, and with candles lit, a blessing of protection and prosperity goes into each one of these little hard, mostly tasteless cakes.

While I don’t have enough to share in cyber-world, (Jone posted a phot0 of her Sabbat cakes —  I do not have the ability or skills to do the same — sorry — but she goes on to say) — you can imagine taking one for yourself. It’s my “insurance” that by keeping a tradition on Hallow’s Eve I can somehow keep the phrase “An’ the gobble-uns ‘at gits you ef you don’t watch out!” satisfied for another year.


Happy Anniversary to ME! — Jone Victoria — October 31st 2009

Maybe it’s not a big deal to YOU — but this is one incredible accomplishment for ME! 197 posts in one year.

One year ago I finally put into motion this energy to set up my blog. It was launched with the growing pains of trying to figure out the behind the scenes workable components of how to work with a server, design, software and templates. Thanks to the knowledge my daughter shared with me on how to tie all those things together making it readable online. I am at the one year mark. Fancy discipline.

I don’t consider myself a writer, but my main goal was to educate people on how they could traverse this world by tapping into the inexhaustible supply of energy and answers from within. Those answers are available when we are most confused, or disillusioned, or feel alone. There is a spark of light flickering within us, shouting to our Souls to Get up, Get going! Don’t let the dark side win!

Since early childhood, I have always known there is a real Spiritual battle of light against dark going on in our little blue planet. The majority of people are grey. Some are bright white, blinding the dark negative forces around them; aren’t those the people who inspire us and make us feel more empowered? Dark natures are always visible. It’s the smile with a bite. The abuser who tells you how much they love you. It’s the jealous people who tell you they’re sorry for your unfortunate circumstances, but turn their face away and mouth the word, “Yes!” It’s anyone who makes you feel less of yourself.

You came onto this planet to make a difference — don’t let anyone take that from you.

Thank you to all who have supported my efforts — to those that read and leave comments, and to the thousands who have stopped by this past year wanting to expand their knowledge of how to Reclaim Their Light.

Take all sparks within and breathe them stronger with your will.

Jone wrote the first post as a new blogger who was just beginning to allow herself to share her innate knowledge, the second post was written as she had found her voice among the many writer’s who wanted to give of themselves. She enjoyed sharing her unique understanding of the world with all those who were looking for inspiration and a way to connect once again with their inner spirit and light. She took her writing seriously, but always with her sharp wit and pithy wisdom in tow. Her instinctive abilities allowed her to bring a positive outlook to those in need and she was able to direct so many to a higher and more karmic level. She evolved as a writer as she had evolved as a psychic, healer, mystic and human being. Always aware of her humanity, Jone found she could reach those who were lost and in need of solace. To those who were ill and had little hope, she gave them healing, harmony and  holistic help.

There never was another Halloween Post as her life tumbled out of control shortly afterward — yet she never lost her connection to that greater good. Never asking “Why me?” she accepted her journey with fortitude and elan. She is always missed, but especially at this time of year — I miss her laughter, her wit, her joie de vivre and especially her Sabbat cakes!



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