New Moon in Scorpio — October 30th 2016

This month’s New Moon is in the quietly dynamic and powerful sign of Scorpio at 7 degrees and crests at 12:39 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Our Scorpio New Moon is also enhanced by it’s trine to Neptune in Pisces giving us more ability to imagine and create our own positive and optimistic reality. Yes, Neptune can bring us too much fantasy and illusory ideas, yet I believe that all great inventions were once in the mind of someone who thought outside the box — who “imagined” a better world and a better way of doing the mundane. Allow your most fantastic and brilliant notions to take root and flourish in the immense and fruitful essence of this Scorpio New Moon’s influence. Bring your most outrageous imaginings to the fore and be ready to own your innate beliefs about your abilities and strength. Scorpio has so much going for it — although much misunderstood — the intrinsic modus-operantdi is one of massive intelligence and ability. One would do well to use this Scorpion  energy to put forth their ideas, dreams, wishes and especially desires into the New Moon ether to enter the Universal flow in order to be set free, to be enhanced and become real.

Scorpio is the most complex sign in the Zodiac with four emblems to which it vibrates — of course — the scorpion (which gives us it’s usual uncomfortable feeling of being able to sting us) — but also the dove (yes — Scorpio can rise to the highest of mankind’s compassion and honor) — the eagle (majestic, honorable, and a fierce defender of family) — and the Phoenix (able to rise up, even out of it’s own ashes, unquenchable). Who would not want to use this mighty and colossal power for themselves? But — to use it in a positive and pro-active manner to do good, to bring peace, to bring honor and glory into their lives.

Well, I’m sure you get the idea that I am extremely pro Scorpio with it’s diverse identities — from Manson to Gandhi — the possibilities are infinite and intriguing. Bringing the positive power of Scorpio’s captivating aura into your life — we all have Scorpio in our charts — look to the house where Scorpio lives to find your bottomless well of fortune and destiny. Work with the energy and vibrations of the Universe to bring you your rewards. Use your own ideas, imagination and resources to the fore in order to find your Bliss!

Scorpio has rulership over sex, obsessions, self-discipline, deep feelings, our soul-mates, passion, and all of our deepest desires, our most ardent fantasies, and our ability to reach our goals by using our own grit and determination. We can imagine Scorpio as “The Force” — it surrounds us, encompasses us, and protects us. We can propel it’s power outward in order to attract, repel or enhance our own force field. Using the dynamism of the New Moon in Scorpio can bring us an inordinate amount of input that can in turn be used to broaden our experiences and our sensitivity within our own lives.

Since the New Moon in Scorpio crests at 12:39 PM EST on the 30th we can write out our affirmations, wishes, desires and ideas out all afternoon, and for the next 24 hours — the most powerful time will be right after the New Moon crests, but this magical energy will last for many hours.

Whatever it is you may need, you can start the ball rolling with your affirmations written during this New Moon Phase — the Universe is giving us this precious and mystical energy for our own priorities. Why not try to bring some of this magic and charmed vitality into your own life and the lives of your loved ones. It’s as simple as writing out what will bring your life more meaning, more love, and more significance — it’s a win/win!

Happy Halloween to all — Peace!


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