Mars Enters Aquarius — November 9th to December 19th 2016

Mars our Planet of passion, action and vigor is all set to move into Aquarius on the 9th at 12:52 AM EST, residing therein until moving on into Pisces on December 19th at 4:24 AM EST. After being in stoic Capricorn, a slightly frustrated Mars will be ready to rumble! Allowed a bit more freedom in this Airy Fixed sign gives Mars the green light to find the artistic, psychic, and quirky side of His persona. Still, Mars isn’t all that comfortable in Aquarius — there’s too much of the unexpected, and all of it isn’t because of His own sudden and audacious actions.  There is the Aquarian/Uranus connection that blows all common sense and patience right out of the water.  Aquarius loves adventure, boldness, and most of all, that which is totally unanticipated and possibly bewildering! We all have Aquarius in our charts and depending upon the Zodiac House in which it lives — there will be those moments in our lives that the unforeseen takes place. Of course, it can be a happy and wonderful experience, an unexpected proposal of marriage — OR — a completely frustrating series of events  — ( car issues, medical problems, family feuds, broken friendships) that we never saw coming! With dashing Mars brought into the mix we have a plethora of possibilities that can enter our lives that will certainly shake us up a bit, and perhaps give us a new outlook on our life and our goals.

It will take Mars some time to acclimate to the vibrations of Aquarius — indeed — these two may actually be going back and forth for the entire time Mars is in placement here. Usually though, after a bit of terse compromise, they come to an uneasy truce in which each brings their mighty forces to bear in concert with each other. I believe there is distinctive magic in this mix — Mars with His vortex of energy and might, and Aquarius with the innovation of a genius, the perspicacity of a psychic, and the artistry of a Michelangelo will blend into a transcendent  force that can bring new technological ideas, brilliant medical breakthroughs, and perhaps a young Picasso! All things are possible with this Mars in Aquarius duo — dynamic, daunting and divine! We are in for a plethora of activity and exploration while Mars in Aquarius is in the “House”!

If we consider the “softer” side of Mars in Aquarius, we will be sure to remember those less fortunate — especially during the Holiday festivities. Aquarius humanitarian outlook with Mars in tow will bring us awareness that there are those who will face a bleak Holiday season — giving to food pantries, volunteering at shelters, and/or donating monies or time in other needy areas will help to bring into focus the true meaning of this season of giving. Indeed — as we count our blessings it will behoove us to remember to help our fellow man in his hour of need. We can become the pinnacle of a “human-being” the most when we take care of all our brethren.

Mars in Aquarius is a time for us to recharge our “human” batteries so that we can evolve ever higher into that caring, compassionate and loving person we were meant to be. Use this time to prepare for your own Holiday celebrations and when Mars moves on to Pisces, you will be prepared to find that spiritual and otherworldly persona that recalls the childhood magic of Holidays long ago when everything was possible — reindeer could fly, gifts arrived magically under the tree, and goodwill and kindness were rampant throughout the realm!

Mars in Aquarius Love Style — Oh to have a Mars in Aquarius love — sensual, passionate, and a bit on the wild side! Might be a bit overwhelming to consider, but our Mars in Aquarius lover can be exciting, full of surprises, and always is looking forward to an adventure. Of course, there may be a down side to all of this quirky and eccentric behavior — sometimes we are just not ready for the unexpected, the sudden changes, and the constant upbeat demeanor! A Mars in Aquarius persona can always be on the move and looking for the next pleasure or quest, and this can become exhausting for we mere mortals. If you are looking for someone to keep up with your high energy level — then perhaps a Mars in Aquarius will be your soul-mate, especially if there are other markers in your chart to enhance the connection. This combo won’t be the perfect match for everyone — epic energy, unique outlook on life, and a constant need for action will be required to maintain a relationship with this hardy individual. However, if you enjoy being busy, can bring some unusual ideas and interests to the table, and be ready to “GO” at a moment’s notice — this might be the one for you!

Of course, there is also the humanitarian and compassionate side of this team — if you are someone who needs to give to others, to care for those who cannot care for themselves, and believes in giving of yourself to help our brothers or our beloved animals — then this could work. So many positive attributes can be put at the doorstep of a Mars in Aquarius person that their appeal is quite successful in attracting someone who is on their same wave length.

We love Mars in Aquarius — so many ways to create, explore and engender a unique and caring individual — one who has the vigor to get things done, yet the kindness to get to know someone better than they know themselves. A person who can give so much love, be aware of their responsibilities and still be able to get it all together in one perfect package. If this sounds like your match-made-in-Heaven, then seek out those Mars in Aquarius folks who will be able to fulfill your deepest needs.



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