Lady Venus Enters Capricorn — November 11th to December 7th 2016

Lady Venus enters Capricorn on the 11th at 11:55 PM EST, ending her lively and adventurous stay in Sagittarius. Leaving Sagittarius is always a little sad for Lady Venus as she becomes the flirtatious and frisky seductress with a sprightly lilt, and where she enjoys the freedom of going her own way. Now entering Capricorn Lady Venus is brought up a little short as she realizes that life does have its serious moments. Indeed, Earthy Cardinal Capricorn is a no-nonsense persona who believes in hard work and moving toward a goal. Lady Venus isn’t always on board with this philosophy as She enjoys being able to playfully get Her own way with her womanly wiles. But Capricorn has her number and insists that she behave in a Lady-like manner at all times — there will be a scuffle or two whilst Lady Venus tries to win over staid Capricorn with her endearing ways, but Capricorn is a no-nonsense advocate who won’t be swayed by sweet words and enchanting eyes. Indeed, while in Capricorn, Lady Venus becomes the epitome of womanhood — regal, stately, comely (in a not too brash way), and ultimately the Mother/Madonna of exquisite taste and decorum. The glue that keeps our families together, the caretaker of future generations, the chauffeur, PTA chairman, financial household keeper, cook, comforter in chief, boo boo healer, psychologist, voice of common-sense and sanity, and forever friend, lover, and partner — always our touchstone for love and understanding — Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother — Woman!  Our Lady Venus in Capricorn is above all an icon of all that is womanhood — Doctor, Lawyer, CPA, CEO, Movie Star, Writer, Teacher, Nurse, and that highest calling of all Mother!

Once they get their priorities in line, this combination of zeal and winsomeness will win over anyone who enters their galaxy. Often seen in women who have made it in the business world, the medical field and/or the exciting domain of the entertainment industry — they are the movers and shakers that can reach the highest realms in any field. Also, they are the capable soccer Moms, the elegant Grandmothers, and the Matriarch’s of families who lead, teach, guide and advise the generations to come. (An old adage states — “Educate a man and you educate one person, educate a woman and you educate a whole family.“) Awesome just isn’t a big enough word to explain how amazing those who have Lady Venus in Capricorn truly are in their impact upon society. Ground-breakers, mentors, caretakers and lovers — they can do it all — and while wearing high heels!

Lady Venus in Capricorn has a brief meeting with Mercury in Sagittarius on the 13th in the early evening, making conversation sprightly and bringing a subtly ingenious air with Venus using her feminine wiles. The Full Moon in Taurus crests at 8:53 AM EST, perhaps bringing a hectic note to our workweek’s beginning — staying cool and paying attention to your own issues will be the best action to take. You may meet up with some opposition, try to take any annoyance with a grain of salt. On the 19th, Lady Venus is in good aspect to Neptune in Pisces — perhaps you have plans to visit a gallery, a movie that will make you cry, or just spend the day with compatible friends. The 25th brings a double-duty hit with Venus conjunct Pluto as we wake up, that makes us recall vivid and thought-provoking dreams — and shortly after, Venus is square Jupiter in Libra giving us some qualms about our lover or some perceived antipathy from others. Lunchtime of the 26th may help us to get over our snit of yesterday by meeting up with an ally who always has your back  The 29th has the New Moon in Sagittarius and Venus square Uranus in Aries spiking our desire for freedom and a carefree ability to do our own thing!

December 2nd finds Lady Venus a bit fractious with Neptune, making us remember the Holidays are soon upon us and we need to choose those special gifts for our loved ones — use your imagination to create that one-of-a-kind gift that will last in the recipient’s memory all year long. Entering Aquarius on the 7th at 9:52 AM will enhance our artistic abilities, make us want to be free of any control, and may find us interested in the unusual and unique, and may stimulate our abilities in telepathy or ESP. Lady Venus in Aquarius shows us how we can love all of our fellow humans, how caring we can be, and is always ready with compassion for the underdog — She shows us our better selves and how we can evolve into our highest form of humanity.

Find your Lady Venus in Capricorn Love — at your bank, while picking up dry-cleaning, buying a practical pair of hiking or snow boots, when getting your watch fixed, trying out a new ethnic restaurant, at a Farmer’s Market, watching a chick-flick, flying business class, doing hot yoga, being a volunteer at an elementary school, working in an insurance company, selling real estate, having your taxes done, and being introduced to her by your Mother!




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