SUPERMOON — Full Moon in Taurus — November 14th 2016

This month’s Full Moon in Taurus is being touted as a Supermoon — and there is historic reasoning behind this title — as the Moon will be at its nearest point to Earth since 1948, making it appear as it rises extremely large and bringing more tidal pull into the mix.  The Full Moon crests at 8:53 AM EST on the 14th at 22 degrees of the sign. As with all Full Moons, we are cautioned that there will be more energy expelled sometimes in a negative manner, as the Moon rules our emotions, domestic ongoings, and short journeys (think commuting to work), water sports (swimming and boating), and short term planning. All of these can be influenced by any Full Moon especially when in this phase.

That said, all Full Moons have the ability to interfere with our daily routines with some unexpected happening. Usually these incidents are short term, traffic tie-up, some minor family emergency, someone’s actions or words that make us angry. However, for those few who may have a connection to this Taurus Moon at 22 degrees there may be more impact. Check your Zodiac Chart to see in what House Taurus lives to give you a more direct idea of what may transpire in your own life.

Those living near the coasts may experience higher tides that can create some inland  flooding, since our own bodies are made up with a large water component, we too, may feel out of sorts — antsy — be having vivid dreams — upset for no discernible reason. These are the effects of any Full Moon phase — this time, the Moon is in Taurus — a Fixed Earth sign — and may bring more power as Taurus seems to have some effect on our domestic affairs, drama, social lives, and real estate — and being a Fixed sign it seems that it becomes more difficult for people to let irritating or frustrating things go, thereby creating even more controversy and disagreement.

We always caution calmness and common-sense during a Full Moon day, and especially if it occurs during a weekend when folks may be out and about at parties, clubs or other social events where excess alcohol consumption is transpiring. As often noted — the Full Moon’s most intense activity is several hours ahead of it’s actually cresting  (which would be prior to 8:53 AM EST on Monday the 14th), although those perceptive folks who are sensitive to the Moon’s phases may feel the impact for several days ahead of time.

As this Full Moon is the last aspect made until the Moon changes signs into Gemini at 8:24 PM EST (Moon void of course) — this Monday may prove to be one of those unproductive days in which nothing is able to be accomplished without superhuman effort. It might be difficult for us to avoid confusion and delays in our usual daily tasks, and therefore we must be aware of this element and try to accept any upset or misunderstanding with a grain of salt. When the Moon changes signs things will become clearer and more able to be handled with more competent action and better able to be brought to a successful conclusion.

The next “Supermoon” won’t be until 2024 — so we all can breathe a sigh of relief that these occasions are few and far between! Stay calm, be the voice of common-sense, and be safe!



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