New Moon in Sagittarius — November 29th 2016

If you only write out your affirmations once a year — this is the New Moon that will bring you the most joy! The New Moon in the sign Sagittarius cresting at 7:19 AM EST at 7 degrees, is full of upbeat energy and vigor, with jolly Jupiter as a ruler nothing is off the table when writing out your wishes and desires! Of course, it is always advisable to use the natural realm of Sagittarius to get the most bang for the buck! The Jupiter and Saturn sextile that has been active most of the month has helped to give us an upbeat outlook for the Holiday season.

Although today, many folks are working too hard — whether because overtime is required or because their job has become more inclusive as the workforce in some areas has been shrinking. People are stressed and tired all the time — not a good scenario for a pleasant and relaxed season of celebration. So — perhaps a wish for more personal time, more family time or extra appreciation would be in order. Of course — a desire for a raise in pay is also OK! Most of all — I think we all need to try to get back to the basics — remembering what this life we have is really all about — our evolving to become better human beings, loving and caring for our families, and being there when friends or acquaintances are in need of solace. To become all that we envision — we need faith — we need hope — and we need love and the help of a greater power!

To me, the sign Sagittarius is like a huge puppy with an eagerness to please, lots of love to give, but not necessarily aware of how awkward and sometime clumsy they are! They give big sloppy kisses and huge bear hugs that almost knock you over, but they are loving and loyal. They love their “people” without any boundaries or any conditions, and they are willing to give anyone a chance no matter what others might say. Almost always ready to defend the underdog — our Sagittarius brethren are the salt-of-the-Earth — and a wonder to behold!

It behooves us to take advantage of this wondrous combination of the Sagittarius Moon and Sun riding together in the Heavens to help us help ourselves. Especially now that Neptune in Pisces had returned to forward motion — we can breathe in the spirituality and magic of its incredible depths of emotion and sanctity. Neptune can take us to the highest peaks of human existence by offering us true devotion to a Higher calling. Feel the pulsation of Neptune’s pathway through your chart (and life) as its miraculous light shines brightly onto our Earth, bringing us to the knowledge and understanding of our true entities, our spiritual and otherworldly personae who have the knowledge and truth of the ages within.

Manifesting our own reality is as easy as believing in ourselves, realizing our own power, and tuning in to the harmonics of our World in all of its complexities. Accepting ourselves as Spiritual Beings having an Earth Experience to hone our human abilities to the highest form possible. Using our knowledge to move forward on our evolutionary pathway. We all have that spark of sacredness within us, of piety and holiness — our spirits cry out for goodness, kindness and love!

Allow yourself to partake of the Universe’s bounty in writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires on the day of the New Moon in Sagittarius! It is as simple as writing about your deepest desires, your silly wishes, your serious affirmations! Be it good health, financial security, or a happy family life that you want, you can begin the process of putting your thoughts onto paper in the form of earnest requests that will improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. Take a few moments to think quietly about what would really help you to help yourself — and in simple yet clear words — write out your ideas, wishes, hopes.

Sagittarius is usually such a optimistic, adventurous, and spontaneous sign that it opens a world of possibility! Also Sagittarius has realm over legal matters, travel, higher education, and also the search for true meaning, truth, sanctity, intuition, and an inner tranquility. All of these can be part of your own list of entreaties. Since the Sagittarius New Moon is at 7 degrees, anyone who has a Planet or birthday on or near this date will be entering a new lunar cycle, that can help to bring smoother sailing through the next few months.

This month’s New Moon in Sagittarius crests at 7:19 AM EST on the 29th — so all day is perfect for writing out your list — and this New Moon will carry power over the next 24 – 48 hours. Don’t miss this opportunity to become the ruler of your own realm — write out your affirmations in order to begin your new journey of exploration and adventure! The Universe will help in getting your voice into the Galaxial mists where it will be heard and acted upon. Thoughts are actions in the halcyon miasma of the transcendent and divine!

Peace and Goodwill to Men!


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