New Moon in Sagittarius Reminder — November 29th 2016

There is so much energy being expelled into the ether with the New Moon in Sagittarius that we all should take advantage of this Universal gift to put our thoughts, ideas, wishes, desires and affirmations down on paper so that they might be entered into the harmonic flow of the Cosmos where they will take hold and begin to manifest for you now! Our thoughts, prayers, and yearnings for certain Earthly things can become your reality with a little forethought. Our Spirit has so much power to influence our current lives by giving us that incentive to move forward  with our lives to bigger and greater quests.

The Sagittarius Sun/Moon combination is an optimistic and enthusiastic force for all that is good now and for the future. The Centaur (Sagittarius emblem) is shooting an arrow into the future in order to find the best pathway for us to follow in this lifetime on Earth, as we try to reach our karmic goals for ourselves and our loved ones.

Take a moment after the New Moon crests at 7:19 AM EST — to write out your very own list of wishes — all day long the power of these Lights will shine upon your sincere requests. The Holidays are upon us with the busyness and hectic planning that we all seem to get caught up in doing. Relax in knowing there is a higher authority that will help us with our choices — to find your path within your inner being. Allow yourself to accept the generosity of the Universe and all the forces of Nature that are at your beck and call.

Believe in magic — in spirit — in sanctity — and in love!


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