Mercury Enters Capricorn — December 2nd 2016 — Retrogrades December 19th 2016 to January 8th 2017

The Planet Mercury is a sort of bellwether of our day-to-day activities — when moving forward things seem to go a bit more smoothly than when it is in Retrograde motion. Depending on what sign and Zodiac house Mercury is in will determine how much it will affect us as individuals. Check your chart to see where Capricorn lives and that areas realm may be more impacted for this time period.

Mercury in Capricorn isn’t a happy camper, Mercury is quick acting, impulsive, active, and energetic — whilst in Capricorn some of his spirit is tamped down with Capricorn’s more somber, slower and moderate responses. However, Mercury in Capricorn can allow us to be more considerate and thoughtful especially at this time of year when we all are out looking for Holiday gifts and planning our celebrations. If you are in charge of preparing the Holiday festivities for your family or friends — Mercury in Capricorn can make you more fastidious and careful in your spending and more practical in your not overdoing any lavishly over-the-top ideas you may have — but may not really be able to afford or be able to actually bring to fruition. Indeed, Mercury in Capricorn will keep you within your budget with more thoughtful and practical ideas and outcome.

Sound a little dull — not with Mercury’s facile mind and witty thought processes — you will find clever and useful ways to implement your concepts with more individuality and personal attention to detail. The bottom line of Mercury in Capricorn is to be aware of all mundane and “real-world” possibilities and move on from there. You will be able to make your Holiday’s merry and bright with a little more thought and some home-grown common sense!

Now — that said — we find that Mercury in Capricorn will turn Retrograde on the 19th at 5:55 AM EST, moving backwards until entering Sagittarius on the 4th of January at 29 degrees and then turning direct on January 8th at 28 degrees of Sagittarius at 4:43 AM EST, reentering Capricorn on the 12th at 9:04 AM EST. Whew! As you can see — Mercury will be Retrograde throughout the Holidays — so we will have to account for packages not being delivered — delays in transportation (if you are traveling — be sure to keep checking with your bus, train or airline for changes in travel times) — messages may be missed or misinterpreted, so always double check on meeting places and times. It’s just another hiccup in what is usually a busy, hectic and overwhelming time for many of us. The message from Mercury is as always — be prepared — be aware — and be willing to change your plans, mind or ideas at a minutes notice. Allow yourself to just chill if things seem to go awry — take a deep breath and go-with-the-flow!

What you can do is make sure your car is prepared if you are going to travel that way — be flexible in the way you might have to adjust your dinner time or number of folks arriving — and remember — it is the Holiday Season — a season of joy, happiness, and frivolity for young and old. It is a time for renewal, hope, strength, and family togetherness. Don’t let anything interfere with your connecting to loved ones, finding new meaning in what is going on, and find your own bliss within yourself.

We manage to get through Rx Mercury periods at least 3 times a year, we weather these “storms” because we have faith in ourselves, our world and the integrity of our family and friends.

Family times are so important — to reconnect, to belong, to share the love and caring that has gone into your lifetime. Keep the unconditional love you hold for all of your loved ones to the fore during any slight setbacks or glitches that may befall during Mercury’s Rx period — for this too shall pass, and we will find that those frustrating delays were only a few moments in a lifetime of wonderful happenings. Focus on those positives in your life and realize how blessed you are with all that you have been given.

Enjoy the Holidays with all of the hectic, silly, upsetting, fractious and difficult happenings — they will make great stories to share with the youngsters in a few years!



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