December’s Astrological Activity — 2016

December begins with the Planet Mercury going into Capricorn on the 2nd, perhaps making our Holiday preparations a bit more practical and down to earth. Especially as Mercury turns Retrograde on the 19th lasting well beyond the Holiday season, we will have to watch our budgets, and be aware of delays and any transportation issues. If traveling during this time period — it will be wise to call your provider to see if there have been any alterations in their schedule. Weather is always a consideration during winter months, so be sure to follow any safe driving rules to assure you arrive at your destination hale and hearty and ready to party!

So we begin a busy month with a lot of energy being expelled with the Eclipses being triggered — indeed any issues activated by the September Eclipse may be brought to the fore — and you will have to wait until the February Eclipse of 2017 for anything to be resolved. During times when families gather, there may be some underlying issues that haven’t been resolved — do your best to remain upbeat and joyful — allow any negativity from the past to fade away and bring a new resolve to get along with those who may not have always been your allies. This is such a good time of year to let bygones-be-bygones — the freedom you feel from not having to seethe at the dinner table is worth any effort.

The Full Moon on the 13th in Gemini crests at 7:06 PM EST and stands at 22 degrees of the sign, creating a surge of hyper-energy that may overly frustrate us in our quests during this time of year. Stores may be crowded, traffic will probably be dreadful, and patience will be the “word-of-the-day” if we are to accomplish anything useful whilst this cantankerous pot is being stirred. Keep your cool on — and know that whatever has been forestalled will be able to be fixed.

The Winter Solstice arrives on the 21st with the Cold Winter Sun entering Capricorn at 5:45 AM EST! The Ancients venerated this time of year as it represented the completion of the harvest, of gathering their crops and  preparing their vegetables and meats for the long dark time ahead. It was for them a time of tranquility and respite — yet harsh conditions — they tended their stock, chopped wood for warmth and cooking, and hunkered down in the quiet time before they would once again be starting their circle of life. Prayers and incantations were offered in thanks, and in hope that the Winter would not prove too cruel. They kept close to their hearths and slept with warm and cozy comforters piled high upon their beds, waking to the cold light of day — they would crack the frozen ice upon the well and trek back home with the water for all their needs for the day. Their animals had to be fed and their barns cleaned — hands cracking in the cold and breath whooshing forth in steamy clouds, then freezing upon their beards and eyelashes — finally, chores done, coming into their keeping room where warmth and hot food awaited them. Reading by candlelight or oil lamps, it was early to bed for they would have to arise soon in a cold, steely dawn.

And so the cycle continues — we are lucky however, to have central heating, indoor plumbing and easily purchased foodstuffs. But for the strength and resolve of our forebears — our lives would not be so seemingly easy today — we all should take a moment to honor and thank those pioneers, Pilgrims, settlers, farmers, immigrants and forerunners of all our lives. Wherever you or your families originated — it was the tough and hearty folks who toiled through so many hardships to get us to this day! I am humbled by the imagination, invention, foresight, hardiness and hope that kept them going day after day — year after year. A Solstice is a time of stillness and contemplation — take that moment to be one with your ancestors — feel their spirit within you — touch the eternal rhythm of life that is you.  Find that spark of immortality within your soul.

Our New Moon in Capricorn crests on the 29th at 1:55 AM EST at 7 degrees of the sign, bringing an even more practical outlook for our year ahead. The Planet Uranus in Aries also turns Direct today offering us a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future — perhaps in medicine, or technology. On the personal front we could find revamped plans coming to fruition  in unusual or unfamiliar circumstances or places. Opportunities may appear, but be postponed until the New Year is well under way — be patient if things seem slow — and keep your eye on the ball.

Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn face off and remind us to take our responsibilities seriously, also to see the beauty in the everyday — the uniqueness in the ordinary — and the worth in every human. Also there could be some relationship developments when we speak up for ourselves, let others know just what it is we want and don’t back down. Know your own needs and desires — and don’t settle for less than you are worth — this can be the theme at work too — you know your own worth — don’t let naysayers keep you from believing in yourself. Ignore those who would try to put you down — realize it is their problem — NOT yours! It’s time to take a stand for yourself and your loved ones — be strong and sure of yourself — there isn’t, never was, and never will be again — another YOU!

As in a previous post — Retrograde Mercury will put a spanner in the works if you allow it to happen — paying attention to detail and carrying on with your day-to-day work will keep you on the straight and narrow road to success. Rx Mercury in Capricorn runs from December 19th 2016 to January 8th 2017 in late Sagittarius — take this time to solidify your plans, work on future projects, and review your long-term goals. However — try not to implement anything new or untried until after Mercury goes Direct next year.

On the 12th the Sun in Sagittarius is in good aspect to Uranus in Aries stimulating creativity, starting the work week off with a surprise, allowing us to dream big dreams and enhancing any travel. The 15th has Venus meeting with Neptune stirring our dreams and making us aware of those in need — you could also find that perfect gift for that special someone. Mars will enter Pisces on the 19th giving our passions a sensitive turn — we will be more receptive of others needs and be willing to help. Those macho men who seem so aloof will be brought to tears with an emotional meeting or act of kindness.On the 24th Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries raising our consciousness and morality to new heights in surprising ways. Christmas Day — the 25th finds a plethora of pleasant aspects with Lady Venus in the fore meeting with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn — softening any hard edges, bringing a charm and beauty to the day, allowing us to revel in our familial groups, and making us realize how blessed we truly are today. On the 26th Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries — bringing awareness of the Holiday’s truths — giving us the opportunity to accept the love we are given, the recognition we have garnered, the ability to envision, and the joy of being! Uranus goes Direct on the 29th bringing a more positive and imaginative outlook for the future. The Sun in good aspect to Neptune on the 30th gives us inspiration, intuition, and inflames our inner spirit to greater heights than ever before. Bathe in this divine light as it refreshes our souls.

New Year’s Eve has the Moon in inscrutable Aquarius — so we can look forward to the New Year with a bit of a quizzical eye — and perhaps a bit of mystery will surround you. You may have a psychic experience if you are open to the forces that will emanate. You may have a loved one who is trying to reach you through spiritual or supernatural fashion — be open to any occurrence that may not seem to have any logical reasoning behind it.

Be safe — be the designated driver — or call a taxi for anyone who seems a bit out of control — enjoy the revelry with all of the promises of tomorrow — and may the year ahead exceed all of our expectations!






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