Lady Venus Enters Aquarius — December 7th 2016

Lady Venus enters the sign Aquarius on December 7th at 9:52 AM EST, a change that has the power to infuse our delightful Venus with enthusiasm, a feeling of freedom and a little bit of anxiety! Indeed, after her stint in Capricorn — our Lady Venus is more than ready to kick up her heels and let her hair down! However — with the unique Planet Uranus in charge of this sign, there is more of the unexpected and surprise than our sensitive Lady can sometimes handle. It might take Lady Venus a few days to get used to the new cadence of the Aquarian effervescence. There is a major point of light, however, in that Aquarius is a most humanitarian sign, and that will appeal to our Lady Venus. It is here in this venue that there will be harmony and agreement. Our Lady Venus in Aquarius folks have a sense of duty and karma that makes them aware of anyone in need — they are drawn to those by an inner radar from their lives long ago. Compassionate and empathetic they feel much more than most of us — and they can be overwhelmed by their sense of duty. They must find a balance within their core in order to not become too fatigued — good nutrition and exercise are important to their well-being.

Lady Venus in Aquarius is everything new, fresh, and innovative in fashion, language, outlook and ideas — it’s like a baby seeing the world for the first time and everything is a wonder to behold. Every leaf, color, texture, person, shape, element, animal, form is to be examined to see what it is and what it can become! How lucky are we to be able to use our Lady Venus in Aquarius to see our World with new eyes! Lady Venus in Aquarius gives us the opportunity to review and  analyze everything we’ve ever know to be true! Is our World as we think it appears, or are we missing out on some subtle and elusive truths that have been hidden to our jaded senses? Open your eyes, your heart and your spirit to re-evaluate just what you are observing — feel the presence of the Sun’s warmth, the coolness of a breeze, the aromas surrounding you throughout the day, Be impressed by Nature’s wonder and glory in the natural shape of leaves, flowers, soil, the ocean and lakes and streams — the beauty of a butterfly, a bird, a chipmunk — a new babe — indeed any of the wonders of this World we take for granted — see them through the eyes of a child! See the beauty, artistry, and uniqueness in all things man-made and natural.

Be inspired and awed by a passing train, the lines of a car, the shape of an ice cream cone, a tree, a stone or any of the unimaginable number of things that we encounter every day! Bring your every sense to the fore and find something beautiful each and every day that gives you a sense of awe and inspiration! Also with Lady Venus in Aquarius — we have a quirky sense of humor that will ease our everyday routines, feel that perhaps improper inner ability to find the absurd in the mundane.

Lady Venus in Aquarius will bring us the ability to accept those who are different than us — to feel compassion for the underdog, to find the amusing and absurd in our everyday endeavors, to raise our consciousness to new heights, and will allow us to feel a freedom of choice and the ability to envision a brighter future.

Lady Venus in Aquarius can seem aloof, a bit outre, and able to disentangle themselves from any uncomfortable situation — but, their hearts are loyal and true, their minds are always active, and they keep their deepest feelings hidden because of their sensitive nature. That wall of indifference is just a safety barrier to keep secure their delicate interior. They can fall for a sob story and be taken advantage of with ease — and as adults they have realized this capacity in their psyche — hence their sometimes brash or even abrasive outer shell. Get to know your Lady Venus in Aquarius — and find that soft, feminine and oh so sensitive and delightful person. They can be your best friend, soul-mate, Mom extraordinaire, sister, daughter and mentor. Always ready to give of themselves, our Lady Venus in Aquarius is a human-being of wonder and delight.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Aquarius at a flea-market, at the laundromat, at a food pantry, reading to toddlers, at a farmers market, shopping for hand-made jewelry, at a consignment shop, shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, at a garage sale, at a book store, having her tarot read, having her nails painted with Holiday colors, driving a four-wheel automatic or standard shift car, camping, looking for Native American jewelry, sitting on a park bench having lunch, volunteering at an animal shelter, buying organic produce, sky diving, and watching the Sun rise at the ocean!


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