Free Your Mind — Jone Victoria — December 24th 2008

On the eve of Christmas, the only gift worth giving from me to you is one of perspective. Most of you know that great line in the song by En Vogue — Free Your Mind.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

The New Year is approaching. Consider reprogramming your inner dialogue.

Instead of: “Things never go right for me.” Think: “I am in alignment with the Universal Plan.”

Instead of: “I can’t.” Think: “I deserve to have all the riches that a good life offers. I ask that the Universe shows me what to do to change my current situation.” (Then pay attention to your dreams or sudden thoughts that come into your consciousness.)

Instead of: “I’m sick and can’t go out: be with friends: no one knows what it’s like.” Think: “I take responsibility for my actions and accept that my behavior and thoughts have manifested some part of this illness. I will face my fears and anger and accept that I cannot cure my dis-ease alone.” (Then seek qualified help from a therapist, homeopathic doctor, religious leader, sponsor, etc.)

If you can think and visualize the life you want you must move towards the goals you seek. To begin moving forward eradicate negative thoughts, people and circumstances from your life. It’s difficult. It’s challenging. But what are the alternatives?

Life is about choices. What choices are you making?

We have all been at a low point more than once in our lives. It’s how fast you pick yourself up and dust yourself off that matters.

Negative thoughts can be addictive. Don’t feed it 24/7.

We are here.

On this planet.

At this time.

To help each other.






Jone had such insight and empathy for all of mankind — she suffered to see the “dis-ease” we all seem to carry with us. Her posts were always meant to help us move on from our own limitations, our inability to move forward because of our inner voices. Sometimes we are our own worse critics — never good enough! She understood how our own thoughts could become a whirlwind of negativity and become our mantra for failure. She wanted us to “Reclaim Our Light!”

I remember her bubbling personality, but also her angst as she tried to help those who were in distress because of illness or other negative influences that they could not seem to control. She herself would encounter her own battle with a devastating disease and although she fought the good fight — she would lose that battle two years later on Christmas Day. Her loss is still painful and seemingly senseless to those of us who loved her.

I know she lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew her and was uplifted by her sparkling over-the-top persona. She was a force to be reckoned with while alive, and in death is a constant reminder of how wonderful life is — to be lived to the full. Jone did not complain about her lot in life, she lived every day breathing in every nuance of the good to be had, knowing how precious those days were with her loved ones. She kept a positive attitude as long as I knew her — and I miss her still.

Dear Jone — thank you for all of your efforts in helping those in need and for being such a good friend for 40 years. Rest in peace, and may your effervescent Spirit always be free, and your radiant Light everlasting!




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