Mars Enters Pisces — December 19th 2016

Robust and masculine Mars Enters the delicate and ethereal sign Pisces on the 19th at 4:24 AM EST until entering Aries on January 28th at 12:39 AM EST. Mars has been in the sign Aquarius for about a month and has managed to accommodate the quirky and humanistic sign to some extent — still a fixed air sign is not his happiest place in the Zodiac — however, Mars is in for a dash of cold water when he enters Mutable and Watery Pisces! Indeed he may look back on his interval with Aquarius fondly as he struggles to find a way to work within the murky and abyss-like domain of Pisces and its ruler Neptune. Water and Fire certainly do not mix and finding a way for these two mighty forces to come to an understanding will be a formidable task.

Also — just to throw us a little bit more off balance, Mercury in Capricorn turns Retrograde a little more than an hour later at 5:55 AM EST — it’s as if the Galaxy is testing our ability to adjust and find our true pathway. Mars always wants to be in charge and although Pisces and its ruler Neptune may seem an easygoing pair — they have their own fervent agenda within the Zodiac circle. There will be a clash of wills, our fiery Mars will bellow, bluster, and blow to create a great conflagration in order to make his presence known — but — Neptune will have none of his bravado — throwing her icy waters into the fray creating a steamy obfuscation that will distract everyone whilst these two find their way to an uneasy peace.

Neptune prefers things to be calm, if a little confusing, spiritual, and a bit magical — Pisces can  confront the boldest of the signs with its ability to “see” into their souls — all-knowing — all-encompassing — all-accepting — our Pisces will wear down any of the other signs, as water will eventually erode the highest peaks to create the deepest chasms. Mars really doesn’t stand a chance as powerful and dominant as he feels he is, temperamentally he is unprepared for the onslaught of our delicate but determined Neptune in Pisces.

So — will we have a stalemate — nothing ventured, nothing gained? No — that’s not how our Universe works — there has to be a give and take in order for there to be Order! As conflicted as things sometimes seem, there can be a melding of consciousness and spirit. Mars is above all a lover, a worker, and a leader — finding his niche within the Pisces realm will bring out his gentler side, his empathy for the underdog, and his true strength and honorable traits. Mars in Pisces is elevated to his most spiritual ideal — loyal — courageous — strong yet sensitive to others. Mars in Pisces will be the hero who saves the damsel in distress — the athlete who takes a moment to pray before a game — the soldier who sacrifices himself so others may live! They are truly karmic souls who will make an impact on many lives.

Working within Neptune’s realm our Mars becomes the epitome of humankind, strength tempered with kindness, courage with empathy, brave in the face of danger — and ultimately a wonderful combination of all the best qualities of our species. Our Mars in Pisces persona can reach the heights of our evolutionary growth. Still, there will be tears — sighs — frustration — and perhaps an extraordinary chance to view ourselves with a jaundiced eye — with all our human flaws — as we come to the conclusion, that with our faults — we still vie to improve, to grow, to become even better — we are human BEings not human has-beens. With Mars in Pisces we can rise to any occasion and be karmically in tune with the Universal harmony. Find your way to accepting this diametrically opposed combination and you will be stronger, wiser, more empathetic, and knowledgeable to many. If you have this duo in your chart — you are here for a reason and your options are limitless!

Mars in Pisces Love Style — I sympathize with those with this brash but sensitive twosome — it is difficult to feel such passion within your heart and soul, but be unable to express your feelings in a clear and concise manner. Seething with love and caring, bold and courageous, wanting to communicate your true feelings — but holding on to your stoic strength in order to project yourself as unflustered and always in control. This combination reminds me of the manly role our forefathers exhibited as head-of-the-family, as the ruler of their domain, as the patriarch of their clan! Their softer side was hidden in order to maintain that masculine role of protector and guardian of the family. How difficult it must have been to never show true emotion except in extraordinary circumstances. They had to be stoic, strong, and in control at all times — a proper and decorous demeanor was the sign of a gentleman of means.

It wasn’t too long ago that boys were told that they should not cry — whether hurt physically or emotionally — they had to “toughen up” in order not to be called a sissy. Thankfully, some of that bravado has gone by the boards today — still — I think many boys/men still have a difficult time in expressing how they really feel. We can do better today if we understand that we all are different in many ways and none of them is wrong — just different, we must applaud our differences!

I digress — our Mars in Pisces can be the truest companion, the most loyal lover, the greatest parent because of the duality of his emotional and genuine temperament. They can have the best of both worlds if they allow themselves to embrace both sides of their nature in equal measure. This is not an easy task and depending on the structure of their own chart — there will be forces that will tip the equation to one side or the other — here we may get the overly aggressive and/or totally artistic Mars in Pisces. A delicate balance is needed to draw the best of both the Mars and Neptune strengths that seethes within their persona.

If you have a Mars in Pisces mate or partner, you may need to coax the softer side of his personality out with understanding and warmth — getting them to share their deepest feelings will be a tour-de-fource but will be worth the effort. The Mars in Pisces has so much to share, so much to give and so much to admire, that they are always loved and cherished by their karmic connections.

You can have your forever love with a Mars in Pisces that will bring strength, caring, and a lifetime of commitment. Rock on!



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