New Moon in Capricorn — December 29th 2016

Our last New Moon of the year crests on December 29th at 7 degrees of the sign Capricorn at 1:53 AM EST. How advantageous to have such a practical New Moon in steady and staid Capricorn to start our New Year off with the ability to think carefully and practically about what it is we really want to happen in this coming year. Indeed, it is our chance to look back at 2016 with unbiased hindsight in order to see where we may have been able to do better, and where we succeeded beyond our belief!

With Capricorn ruled by mighty Saturn we can realistically peruse our hits and misses of the last year in order to improve our chances of greater success in 2017! We have the opportunity to make our requests, wishes and affirmations with a jaundiced eye on our true accomplishments. Of course, we can also opt not to do any “resolutions” and perhaps make “UN”-resolutions this year. For instance — how about not hitting the snooze button and getting up that 10 minutes early to do something positive — like enjoying breakfast with your family, brushing your teeth for the whole two minutes recommended by the dentist, or loosening your muscles by stretching and bending for a few minutes, or drinking an 8 ounce glass of water before starting your day. There can be other tiny changes for our actual resolutions also, being on time, not complaining about trivialities, smiling more at everyone, paying it forward in small kindnesses, being more positive and upbeat, getting enough sleep, finding one thing each day that makes you smile or brings you wonder! Keep a proper perspective about what is going on in your life — a paper cut is just that — a minor happenstance — totaling your car — might have major ramifications! Try not to over-react to those minor things that we all face each day — and use your inner calm to handle those major instances that come along once in a while that may have a long-term impact on your life. As the saying goes “Don’t sweat the small stuff — and it’s all small stuff”.

Sometimes a small change can bring huge differences in our lives — noticing the small miracles of nature — feeling the texture of a baby’s cheek — observing an elder moving slowly but inexorably forward with dogged determination to continue to be their own person — finding that item you thought you had lost — remembering a loved one who has crossed over — allowing yourself to feel good about yourself! We must remember we are only human — we have our faults, quirks, idiosyncrasies, but also our strengths, our ability to care, to be of service, to cry, and to love. How lucky are we to be here on this Earth — at this moment in time — to BE, to grow, to evolve ever higher!

As we ponder our New Moon list of affirmations, we must remember that Mercury is still in Rx mode until the 8th in the early morning when it returns to forward motion in late Sagittarius, so — allow yourself some time to allow your wishes, resolutions, or desires to be flexible until Mercury has moved ahead for a few days. If, for instance, you’ve already blown your new diet within that first week, or already given up on finding that perfect job, or just don’t like the set-up of the gym you’ve joined — give yourself a break and begin anew after the 8th — you will then have more willpower and determination to stick to your goals.

The Planet Uranus in Aries has also been in Rx mode and will move ahead a few hours after the New Moon crests on the 29th — giving us an added impetus to make strong statements and to find a truly innovative way to change our lives. Uranus will be trining (good aspect) Saturn in Sagittarius the Planet of determination and learning over the next several months, helping us to move ahead with confidence and awareness. Use the motion and connection between the Planets to help you move ahead with ease.

The New Moon in Capricorn allows us to focus on our goals and helps us understand the importance of working steadily towards what it is we truly want, need and can accomplish. A no-nonsense combination of Earthy practicality and Cardinal know-how will impel us to seek out those who can help us move up on the ladder of success. We also will develop a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses so that we might be able to avoid those problems we had in the past and be more amenable to the abilities where our strengths lie. We may have to give up some wild ideas of being that overnight superstar, and realize that our forte is one of balanced growth and steadfastness.

The power of a Capricorn New Moon is impressive because there is a subtle strength that underlies the Capricorn persona that can overcome any flash-in-the-pan scheme. Use the immense authority that Capricorn demands to bring your affirmations, dreams, wishes and resolutions to fruition.

Capricorn and Saturn its ruler are above all a disciplined pair — like a favorite teacher who brooked no nonsense in class, who was respected if not always loved, but who taught us the lessons we were supposed  to learn, those lessons that we remember to this day!

Allow yourself to think big, but with boundaries — think boldly, but with wisdom, and think bravely, but with brains. Write out your list all day on the 29th when the greater force of the New Moon is truly with you — but the next 24 hours will still have the solid energy of the New Moon in Capricorn roiling in the ether.

Happy New Year!




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