January’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Our New Year starts off with a mystical aspect early in the morning — Mars meets up with Neptune at 9 degrees of Pisces, stirring our imaginations and bringing us messages from beyond our five senses in dreams or psychic imaging. It may be to reawaken your innate spiritual wisdom or visions. Allow yourself to enter this realm of otherworldly knowledge, in order to glean those nuggets of higher understanding usually beyond our ken. Breathe in the sacrosanct communication as if it were your lifeline to better living, a more evolved existence, and greater empathy and acceptance of our place in this world.

On a more practical note — the Moon in Aquarius seems to point up our duty to our brethren (we are our brother’s keeper), those less fortunate and those to whom we owe allegiance because of karmic and/or past-life ties. That said, most of us realize that a New Year means new chances for success and a new leaf to be turned over if we have faltered in the last year.

HOPE — is what a New Year is all about — it is that shiny new chalk-board upon which nothing has been written, and it is up to us to begin to fill in the empty space upon its sleek facade. We have a new page upon  which to write our story, our saga, our lifetime, our hopes and dreams for our journey upon this tiny blue Planet.

Of course, we still have Mercury in Retrograde mode during the first week of the New Year impeding our resolutions with hiccups along our pathway — turning Direct on January 8th brings little relief as this powerful aspect seems to linger, throwing us off our routines and daily schedules. Patience and a sense of humor will help to get us through this time-span fraught with minor delays. The Full Moon in Cancer crests at 6:33 AM EST on January 12th at 22 degrees of the sign, giving us another period of confusion and disorder. Keep to your usual activities if possible, or just be ready to improvise if things become a bit tipsy-turvy. Allow a few days for Mercury to settle into its forward motion before beginning any new project — indeed if you can wait until the New Moon on the 27th in socially conscious Aquarius, at 8 degrees, cresting at 7:06 PM EST, thing will run more smoothly!

Lady Venus will enter the mystical sign of Pisces on January 3rd at 2:47 AM EST, bringing our psyches to a new level of consciousness. Lady Venus is Love personified — having all of the components of the best of human emotion, empathy, caring and of course, Love! The only caveat here is that Lady Venus in Pisces may have her beautiful head in the clouds of passionate euphoria, and not “see” that her beloved has feet of clay! Indeed — Lady Venus in Pisces will forgive almost anything — but, unkindness and verbal insensitivity of any sort will crush her soul. Having the strength and sense of the ancient ones, Lady Venus will extricate herself from any unsavory relationship before her spirit is dashed and her persona is embittered. Never count out our Lady Venus in Pisces — She is a stalwart fighter for the continued evolutionary forward motion for the advancement and refinement of humanity. Later on in the day, Mercury in Capricorn and Lady Venus in Pisces meet up to enhance a pleasant lunch or early afternoon meeting full of scintillating conversation — and maybe a love connection! Lady Venus encounters Uranus in Aries on the 8th at a late breakfast hour perhaps having tweaked our dreams or surprised us with breakfast in bed.

On the 10th the Sun squares the Planet Uranus, nearing the noon hour, bringing a period of unpredictable behavior within our realm — this will pass quickly — but better to be prepared. The 11th brings us a midnight tussle with the Sun and Jupiter, causing someone to think they are more able to follow through on a promise than they truly are — realize their good intentions — but don’t count on a positive outcome.  A Full Moon on the 12th during the rush hour can bring heightened problems on our commute — stay calm and drive defensively — especially as Mercury is changing signs — and the Moon goes into void-of-course mode until it enters Leo at 7:08 PM EST. A Moon-void-of-course is a period in which little of positive forward motion can be accomplished — better to wait until the Moon is fully ensconced in Leo before initiating anything of consequence. Saturday the 14th brings the Sun in conflict with Neptune — after all of the Holiday festivities you may be all worn out and ready to recharge your batteries — if possible, keep a low profile, and get to bed early for that restorative respite.

On Sunday the 15th Mars running into a quirky aspect with Uranus might make you geared up and ready to rumble — but you are still dealing with some fatigue — plan for a quiet day — and have an afternoon nap. The 19th again bring Mars into the fray by challenging Saturn in the early morning hours — stay in bed if you can and let the day play out in its usual manner. A pleasant breakfast time (or rush hour for some) aspect between Lady Venus and Pluto on the 20th may spur an intense romantic interval that stays with you all day — or perhaps a new acquaintance will become a more interesting “friend” in the days that follow. Mercury and Neptune, and Lady Venus and Uranus will bring us an active and sprightly afternoon, with an eye to enjoying the arts, and finding yourself making relationship decisions in your own best interest. You might find that you are meeting amazing folks who share your outlook and principles. Later in the week, on the 26th, Lady Venus and Jupiter connect to encourage us to take care of ourselves but don’t be too self-indulgent or there will be consequences. The next day Lady Venus squares Saturn during the lunch hour that may bring some conflict between loved ones — especially if you’ve been feeling left out. However, the New Moon later on will help to resolve any differences, but perhaps not to everyone’s liking. The New Moon in Aquarius will help us to determine our own agenda and just what we are willing to compromise on — you will stand up for yourself! Saturday the 28th has Mars entering Aries — home base is always a pleasure for Mars where he feels strong and sure of himself — but let’s hope not overly aggressive! The Sun later in the day clashes with Saturn in Sagittarius leaving us feeling we may be on the wrong path — take some time to think about where you want to be by the end of this year, and renew any plans that don’t seem to be working. Sunday (29th) afternoon finds Mercury meeting with Pluto in the afternoon, where you may see the “light” and be a bit bombastic in your views. Don’t try to change anyone’s opinion about politics or religion — you’ll find yourself overstepping your boundaries. Being circumspect will enable you to explain your ideas without challenging those of others, and hurting their feelings.

On the 31st later in the evening, a Mercury square Uranus aspect riles us up — we are cautioned to hold our tongues, and wait a while until we feel less provoked — a sense of humor can lighten the atmosphere. So our first month of the year comes to a close — and we can look forward to a February filled with the high-powered energy of both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse! Each will have its own agenda by urging us to make positive changes for a better outlook and transparency in our relationships, but with some emotional baggage  that will confront us in order to be handled with a constructive solution.

It will be a year of growth, development and advancement if we can work within the Universal harmony of the Planets, and coordinate our journey with our own Zodiac charts — find the positive and optimistic times when you can move forward with confidence and personal conviction that you are on the right pathway, in order to reach your own personal goals.

Good luck, good health, good fortune in 2017!



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