Lady Venus Enters Pisces — January 3rd 2017

Lady Venus enters ethereal and mystical Pisces on January 3rd at 2:47 AM EST staying only until entering Aries on February 3rd at 10:51 AM EST, this is quite a change from lively and quirky Aquarius. Although not her true milieu, Lady Venus finds sensitive and empathetic Pisces a comfortable place in which to find solace and peace. Having spent almost a month in Airy Fixed Aquarius our Lady Venus will have a little adjustment to make when under the Watery and Mutable sign of Pisces, however she truly rules as Queen of the Zodiac when blending with Pisces compassionate and benevolent milieu. Lady Venus is crowned with a halo of light and love when in Pisces realm — She glows with a lavender incandescent radiance that is soothing and calming. Lady Venus in Pisces is at the top of her game, bringing ardent yet spiritual emotions to the fore. Her magnificence is that of every blessing one can experience in this lifetime. Holy, sacred, pious but still earthy, with all the culpability of our  human frailties. Lady Venus in Pisces has a karmic component that can bring us our own true love.

Lady Venus has reign over all things beautiful and artistic — whether music, drama, dance or the fine arts, all phases of love — courtship, marriage and our social circles. She also delves into beauty on a practical level with beauticians, hairdressers and estheticians, and where would we be without her influence in fashion, flowers and all of the folderol we all love to collect. In the real world we can count tailors and dressmakers under Her influence, with an eye to proportion and precision.

Lady Venus also has control over our sense of touch, and whilst in Pisces that trait is enhanced with even more sensitivity and warmth. Our skin (also ruled by Venus) is our largest organ — bringing us so many messages from its surface — we can sense the cold of winter, the heat of summer, and the slightest breeze. When we are frightened we get goosebumps — with cold we shiver and when overheated we perspire — all from messages that our skin delivers in minuscule seconds. Lady Venus has realm over that part of us that protects us from outside damage, encasing us in an organic covering that can help us traverse each day with signals from its constant monitoring of our outer shell.

Be prepared to feel more both emotionally and physically with Lady Venus in Pisces — our senses are heightened  on every level by this enchanted pairing. The only caveat herein is that you may be overwhelmed with feelings that you feel out of control. Your mind can be whirling with so much input that it is difficult to settle down, and/or your emotions are touched in such a deep way that you may feel out of your depth in handling such an irresistible force. Allow some time to pass before making any major decisions if you experience some of these over-the-top emotions or passions. This is more enhanced by the fact that Mars is also sharing Pisces — and Mars may bring some deep-seated passions to the fore — but it may be wise to use some common-sense when experiencing any urges that might go awry. Being aware that Pisces is ruled by Neptune and can give us an unrealistic take on a situation should give us pause if we are about to go Off-the-tracks with a declaration of love, or an inappropriate connection that will never turn out well.

Of course, this month began with Mercury still in Rx mode until the 8th — so any decisions or new business you have would be better started after Mercury goes direct — and perhaps a few days later (10/11th). On the 8th at breakfast time, Lady Venus is annoyed by Uranus in Aries, and you might find that Oh-so-charming person you met — has feet of clay! Don’t become embroiled — just be glad you found out so soon. Lady Venus meeting up with Neptune on the 12th (Full Moon) later in the day may find you getting kudos from a superior, but don’t bask in the glow for too long — set yourself a new goal and form a new friendship. On the 20th Lady Venus and Pluto bring an early morning meeting with some overtones of attraction — you feel a strong magnetic pull towards a certain someone — and they to you.

The New Moon on the 27th in Aquarius also brings a Venus tussle with Saturn, there is high energy in the ether, and you may feel like you are looking in from the outside. Bide your time and you will prevail, you know more than you think you do, and your ideas are more practical and productive. Mars leaves Pisces on the 28th to enter Aries — Mars usual home where He feels powerful and almighty!

On February 3rd Lady Venus enters Aries — a venue that She would prefer to shy away from with its heavy passions and deep desires. Enjoy Lady Venus in Pisces while she is ensconced in Her favorite sign, where She can allow her senses to rise above the petty, mundane and humdrum everyday routine. In Pisces Lady Venus will find her ultimate and most exquisite place in the Zodiac! In Pisces Lady Venus rules all of her emotions, can reach deep into our psyches, and bring us a true and lasting love.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Pisces love at a chick-flick, going to a fashion show, searching for sea shells along the ocean, swimming at a neighborhood pool, buying bath products, looking for organic produce, buying impractical shoes in blue or lilac, or buying two of everything pretty, having a pedicure, trying to find a scarf in an elusive color, buying seafood for dinner, eating Swedish fish, shopping for a gift for her Mother, trying to get to the gym 3 times a week, being your favorite aunt, at the library looking at books about the ocean, driving a blue or teal car, and taking art or sewing classes.



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