New Moon in Aquarius — January 27th 2017

Our New Moon is in the sign Aquarius at 8 degrees and crests at 7:07 PM EST — any one whose birthday is on or near this date will be starting a new Lunar Cycle, opening opportunities for emotional growth and compassion. This date also heralds the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster — a year that heralds good business and health. However, Rooster’s must be diligent in their work habits, stick to their agendas and should try to face East when on interviews, or bargaining for things — also helpful if their beds face East during this year!

Jupiter in Libra will be opposite Uranus in Aries, keeping us a bit on edge and bringing some unexpected challenges and/or opportunities — we may be questioning our relationships, finding a way to bring about some positive changes in our ability to feel more free, and find we are attracting some interesting suitors. Uranus in Aries also trines Saturn in Sagittarius — again bringing a need for our own space, allowing us to see the possibilities of future growth and prosperity. Blending the practicality of Saturn and the brilliance and unpredictability of Uranus can show us the way to new interpretations of our goals and also surprising new ways to reach them. Using the planetary connections and aspects in conjunction with our Zodiac charts can help us achieve our highest potential.

Our New Moon in Aquarius is our chance to use the unique and distinctive facets of this sign in choosing to write out our affirmations, wishes and desires. What are these features of our Aquarius Moon (ruled by Uranus) — we have an open agenda to write out our most outrageous and far-fetched ideas, because Aquarius has no equal when it comes to brilliant intellect and pushing the envelope of our more mundane concepts . Shoot for the Moon when writing under the auspices of the dynamic and daring New Moon in Aquarius!

Often — our Aquarius brethren are stoic loners who sometimes long for closer relationships and friendships — however, their sometime quirky nature can be off-putting to others who don’t share that spark of genius that stirs within their souls — and they can be socially uncomfortable and awkward — especially when young. They often also have an interest in the occult sciences, new inventions, telepathy, and other-worldly philosophies. They are fascinated by those things that cannot be explained — and often will search out answers for themselves traveling wide and far. Always interesting and with massive amounts of information, they can when moved to — share a wealth of knowledge about many diverse viewpoints and beliefs.

So let your imagination soar to new heights before you write out your New Moon list of affirmations, and bring some new ideas in order to spice up your list. Nothing is off the table with a New Moon in Aquarius — think outside the box and let yourself believe in the magic of this process. The Universe is listening to your requests in order to begin the manifestation of a new cycle in your life!

This month’s New Moon crests on the 27th  at 7:07 PM EST — at 8 degrees of Aquarius — check your chart to see what Zodiac House Aquarius lives in so that your can tailor your requests within the abilities of that particular House! You might be amazed at your results! All evening on the 27th and the next day are apropos to write out your affirmations. Good Luck!




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