Mars Enters Aries — January 28th 2017

Mars will be in his glory on the day he enters his home sign of Aries on January 28th at 12:39 AM EST — being in sensitive and illusive Pisces really tried his soul — although his time there brought out  his  deep-seated compassion, a change from his usual macho demeanor. Still being warm, considerate and caring isn’t his idea of his true persona of being the patriarch, the leader, and the stony-faced hero of myth! We all know that within Mars character there is a side that is softer, kinder and more gentle — however — Mars prefers his outwardly macho facade when facing the world — indeed — Mars enjoys his blustering, boldness and brashness — but most of all his ability to be strong, brave, and valiant when the occasion calls for stamina and determination. In Aries, Mars feels heroic, he acts the champion, and he relishes his superhero guise — A God and a Man for all — our anchor and our passion, our hero and our champion, our strength and our courage! Where Mars lives in your chart is the area where you may be the most passionate, devout, fervent and resolute — but beware of being too bombastic and overbearing.

Of course, there are also other undesirable aspects of our Mars in Aries indeed, a quick temper, an inability to be thwarted when there is something he wants now — and sometimes he is not able to let go of anger and frustration very easily. When Mars isn’t happy he really isn’t happy, and everyone will know of his wrath — he wants what he wants when he wants it — period. This facet of Mars indignation and entitlement isn’t a pretty picture — however, blended with his fierce love of family, country and truth — we can allow some leeway in letting him rage and bellow when things aren’t going his way. Mars rules those in the military, who need boldness and courage, all those who work with their hands and bodies in dangerous occupations — the physical movements we do during our work-outs, any occupation that requires a brave and hardy soul. Mars in Aries rules surgery, the face and head — often any injury to this area has a Mars component within the chart that can be seen — also rules the sense of taste — perhaps that’s why some with a strong Mars in their chart can manage hot and spicy foods more that others! We all have Mars in our charts somewhere and that is where our courage and passion lives. Without a Mars component in our lives we would live a less intense, fervent and loving life.

Mars meets up with the Aries Moon on the 31st in the evening bringing some minor upset to the end of the month — take a deep breath before taking any action — chill out if you can. With the Full Moon in Leo on the 10th of February (Lunar Eclipse) the energies expelled by this aspect will last for many months, however, Mars in Aries responds on the 11th with a gentle connection with Neptune in Pisces in the evening bringing some action impelled by pure spirit and intuition. This blending will connect one’s consciousness with the truth of the soul, listening to your inner guru will provide the right answers. The midnight hours of the 21st finds the Sun challenging Mars for prominence — don’t allow your need to be right, overshadow the prospect of settling a disagreement with respect and deference to an older if not wiser co-worker. Sometimes being right just isn’t enough of a reason to keep insisting on doing it your way! Back down and let the chips fall where they may — and when you are proven to have had the right solution — be gracious in accepting an apology. Again on the 22nd — Mars is in conflict with Pluto — this combo has the explosive ability to destroy a relationship or partnership — use self-discipline and wait until the intensity of the situation has settled down before you let your position be known. The evening of the 21st and early morning of the 22nd could be extremely frustrating and potentially dangerous. The 24th finds us in a disruptive situation in the early evening that lasts several hours — try to express yourself without hurling angry comments. You can’t regret what you don’t say! The 26th finds Mars meeting up with Uranus creating a somewhat unexpected source of anger, danger or risk — watch your back, or you may be delighted to find a creative way to correct a past problem. The rush hour on the 27th has Mars in opposition to Jupiter in Libra, allowing some challenges to appear, try to be humble when you win out over a competitor — be gracious and enjoy your victory in silent elation. Mars moves on to enter Taurus on March 9th bringing yet another facet to Mars complex persona. Use this Mars in Aries time to proceed with your most ardent goals — and you will have energy, boldness and passion on your side.

Mars in Aries Love Style — of course there will be passion, ardor and over-the-top intensity with anyone who has Mars in Aries — less so patience, calmness and romance! Being involved with a Mars in Aries lover will take a plethora of tolerance in order to keep up with the energy and constant movement of these individuals. They usually won’t enter your life subtlety, if they are attracted to you — you will know it in no uncertain terms. If anything, you might be a bit overwhelmed by their intensity and desire! Not for the faint-of-heart, it takes a strong and willing companion to engage in a relationship with our stalwart Mars in Aries persona. You may meet at a sporting event, on the ski slopes, at the Indy 500, wherever there is action, there you will find our Mars in Aries folks. Also the military, police, or any security force will be heavy on the Mars qualities that are needed for these fields. Construction work, the steel industry, body builders, and any job that requires physical strength and dexterity are common areas for a Mars in Aries to find their career. If there seems to be a theme of strength, energy, courage, and boldness — you’re right — our Mars in Aries are movers and shakers — they make themselves known and are willing to put themselves in harms way to protect others. Truly honorable and mighty in their beliefs, and love of family and country.

On a personal level — our Mars in Aries will need constant input in keeping busy and engaged in a relationship. They are constantly moving both physically and mentally — and need the stimulation of new and interesting venues in order to feel that they are in command and doing good work. A Mars in Aries will always be deeply devoted to his family, friends and acquaintances — ever ready to be there for anyone in need they also become paramedics, EMT’s, and enter other medical fields like physical therapy, and rehabilitation specialists, personal trainers, coaches and mentors for the young.

Sharing life with a Mars in Aries companion will never be boring, will have lots of passion and love, will keep life interesting if in constant motion, and will be loving and loyal. It will take some adjustment to learn to evolve with a Mars in Aries, but worth the effort, when what you want is a forever dynamo who will cherish you throughout your life.






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