New Moon Reminder — January 28th 2017

If you haven’t written out your affirmations yet for the New Moon in Aquarius — the good news is you still have time to get them into the ether! Since the New Moon crested at 7:07 PM EST last night — there is still all day today to write out your wishes! Don’t miss out on the opportunity the Universe gives to us each month to engage with the energy and dynamism of the Galaxy in order to improve our own lives here on Earth.

Simply take a few minutes to think about what would help you at this moment in time and write out your request in simple but clear language in order to allow your thoughts to enter the magnificent harmony of the ether where they can be manifested into your reality. Thoughts have weight and power when respired into the atmosphere — center yourself in a quiet spot — tune out the usual cacophony that rages in your conscious mind — breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 8 with easy breaths — and begin to write your list. Closing your eyes in between each wish can allow you to “see” more clearly how each affirmation will flow into the next.

Give it a try — it’s free — easy — and time tested! Good Luck!


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