February’s Astrological Activity — 2017

February will be an active month with a Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in the sign Leo at 22 degrees at 7:33 PM EST– this dramatic sign will bring us some over-the-top activity that will keep us on edge for a while, yet after this phase of the Moon has passed we will be able to take a deep breath and realize it wasn’t that onerous and perhaps some clarity came through to help solve an ongoing issue. The Solar Eclipse is on the 26th in the sign Pisces  at 8 degrees at 9:58 AM EST — conjunct Neptune at 11 degrees, will spur our  imaginations and we will find ourselves seeking more creativity and spirituality in order to solve the issues we are facing now, the downside might be that a dream we’ve been holding on to might be shown to be totally impractical. However, the New Moon also fires up Mars-Uranus-Jupiter energies for the better. Use the energies of both these magnificent aspects to enhance the meaning of your life. If your birthday is near either of these dates you will be starting a new Lunar or Solar cycle — this revitalization will help you find answers to old issues and will bring you new opportunities. There are many sides to Eclipses, and what will manifest in your chart will depend on which Zodiac House position it will be cresting within, also whether or not it will be connecting to other Planets in your chart.

It will be advantageous through February 3rd to get your message across — on the 3rd, Venus enters Aries bringing a new energy into the mix. On the 6th Jupiter in Libra will turn Retrograde in the early hours of the day until turning direct on June 9th, making us think carefully about what it is we want to share. Don’t be too trusting or open with new acquaintances — bide your time in getting to know them better. We can however begin to realize that we are more able to develop more of our own personality, we will begin to know our own belief system better in order to create our own moral compass. It is usually better to make any big decisions the week after a Lunar Eclipse (February 10th in Leo) as you may find new information that will alter your ideas. The Solar Eclipse degree of 22 Pisces, on the 26th will be energized for 9 to 12 months — on the 28th Mars triggers the degree of the Eclipse, so be careful driving, in any sport, and put off surgery if you can until a later date.

February to March will witness a stellium (a cluster of Planets in both Pisces and Aries) — this area of your chart will be the focus of much activity. Having the first and last signs of the Zodiac in such close connection brings much activity to those Zodiac Houses in which they appear! Also, if you have a Planet or Planets in those Houses there will be more intense ongoings. These stelliums will impact us in different ways — Aries is all about energy, starting projects, and moving quickly (sometimes without proper planning). Pisces is more laid-back — enhancing our spiritual side — making us dig deep into our psyches in order to clarify our goals. Together there will be a push/pull of activity that may make life a bit intense — the answer to using these differing powerhouses effectively is to breathe — look at any opportunity, situation, goal — and carefully judge your next move — no knee-jerk decisions until all the facts have been explored. Use your intuition and inner spirit to find those deepest desires you wish to come to fruition — and try to blend the divine with the mundane. In other words — use the spiritual and the pragmatic sides of your persona in order to allow the Universe to bestow it’s magic upon you with the down-home practicality and common-sense with which you were born. Also impacted will be those Zodiac Houses that hold Virgo and Libra (the opposite side of the chart) — any Houses with Planets will be opposite the Aries/Pisces stellium! Be sure to look at your chart to see if you have a Planet that will come into opposition with the stellium as there will be an effect for some time. Knowing what your chart shows can help you prepare for any opportunity or happenstance that comes along.

Mars in Aries will meet up with Uranus near the end of the month creating a heady amount of energy being expelled into the ether, along with the Uranus/Saturn trine we should be able to use this blast of power to revitalize our objectives and realize that there are wonderful opportunities if we look for them. Be aware of the inspiring messages you get from those around you and be ready to take advantage of any positive activity that will spur you on your way to achieving your highest goals. You can use the inventive mind-set of Mercury after it enters Aquarius on the 7th to enhance your creative thinking and writing.  You will be able to think outside-the-box in order to come up with new and original ideas that will bring a welcome ability to further your success.

On the 9th the Sun in good aspect to Uranus in the early evening may bring an interesting dinner companion, conversation will be stimulating and full of vitality! Enjoy this enchanting time span and you may be making a new best friend. The morning of the 11th finds the Sun in excellent aspect to Jupiter, this could be just the lucky break you’ve wanted. Use your intuition in order to fulfill a long dreamed of goal. Around lunch time on the 16th you seem to have the answers that everyone wants — your mind is sharp and you can express yourself with ease. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th bringing our compassionate and creative side to the fore and allowing us to share our talents with others of like mind. This theme continues into the 21st when you feel optimistic and may lunch with a friend who has some interesting ideas for you to follow. Mercury enters Pisces on the 25th enhancing our dreams and bringing us unusual and perhaps spiritual messages from otherworldly realms. It enhances the New Moon in Pisces on the 26th with poetic thoughts and perhaps communication from a friend we haven’t heard from in some time. During the morning rush hours of the 27th Mars in conflict with Jupiter might make for a long commute — stay calm — breathe and know you will be a winner! A Moon/Venus/Neptune connection ends our month with good feelings and the intuitive imagination to know you are on the right pathway.

March should prove to be another interesting month with the Aries/Pisces stellium  still in play — as Confucius said “May you live in interesting times” — it seems to me that we are indeed!







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