Lady Venus Enters Aries — February 3rd 2017 — Retrogrades on March 4th 2017

Of late, Lady Venus has been moving through the signs rather quickly, but once she enters Aries on the 3rd of the month at 10:51 AM EST, She begins to slow down, and will begin to Retrograde on March 4th. Lady Venus will Stay in Aries but return to late Pisces in early April, then goes stationary direct on April 14th and completes her stay in Aries until finally moving into Taurus on June 5th.

When Lady Venus is in any one sign for such an extended time, we can use her power in that particular sign in order to liven our romances, our ability to connect with vibrant folks, and to focus on something that our hearts really want to pursue. Lady Venus isn’t totally a happy camper in Aries, the passionate vibes of this Cardinal Mars ruled sign have a tendency to overwhelm Venus’ more sensitive nature. However, once ensconced in the sign for a while, She begins to acknowledge the energy and vigor She can tap into whilst transiting Aries. Our delicate and compassionate Lady Venus suddenly becomes a warrior for the underdog, a champion of womankind and a force to be reckoned with in any pursuit she tackles, especially if her heart is involved! Indeed, our Lady Venus transforms while in this long stay in Aries and finds her inner heroine, her dynamic persona, and her passionate love. Lady Venus is no shrinking violet in Aries — She becomes our Woman for all Seasons — our Madonna with Attitude — our Matriarch of the Family! Smart, motivated, full of energy, feeling her most intense inner spirit, finding her macho identity, and realizing that She can be anything She desires! Watch out for the amazing and magical transformation as our sweet and caring Lady Venus feels the power within her grasp in Aries and begins to use the potency, dynamism and supremacy of this Mars ruled Cardinal sign.

We will see a different side of our usual calm and compassionate Lady Venus as this transit progresses — as the power of Aries becomes Her own, Lady Venus is metamorphosed and impassioned with a fiery masculine potency! Of course, Lady Venus cannot lose herself completely in this home-base of machismo — no — She will still maintain a sense of decorum, of lady-like etiquette and feminine demeanor! Good taste is always part of our Lady Venus wherever She finds herself, but there will be a more pronounced ability to bring her “A”-game to the fore. Look to the Zodiac House where Aries lives, and there you will find a preponderance of activity while Venus in Aries resides within. If you have some project, goal or dream to rev up the activities of that House, now is the time to push for your agenda.

The Planet Jupiter in Libra goes Direct on the 6th in the wee hours of the morning, we can begin to use this forward moving giant to help us get back on track if things have gone awry lately. Along with Lady Venus, we also have Mars in Aries for the next month or so, and this combination can bring us a surfiet of energy to get things done. Feel the power of these personal Planets in transit in order to connect to that inner spirit of commitment, duty, and obligation to yourself and to your loved ones.

On the 9th the Moon connects with Venus at lunchtime, bringing good friends together and a lively and emotional connection that will last all day. Later on, the Sun in good aspect to Uranus continues the good feelings and makes you believe in your journey and yourself. On the 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!) the Moon spurs Venus to start the day with good feelings and loving thoughts, and a Mercury connection with Neptune later in the morning creates an atmosphere of loving messages and a heady feeling of spiritual connection! After midnight on the 18th, Venus might tweak us to seek someone outside-the-box — this may be exciting but probably short lived,  enjoy the moment! On the 23rd Venus and Mercury spar in the late evening, don’t let a discussion get out of hand — it won’t be that important in the morning when Venus shines her light on the situation and all is well once again. Mars conjunct Uranus on the 26th after the dinner hour may bring rash actions or decisions — cool your jets and let it go! On the 27th Mars opposes Jupiter during the rush hour so don’t respond to distracted drivers or those who seem to be in a hurry — keep cool and you’ll be so much better off. In the evening of the 28th, the Moon and Venus join up to bring a lively end to this short month that will be just the beginning of our journey with Lady Venus in Aries — enjoy the excitement, but hang on —  it may be a bumpy, frivolous, and capricious ride!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Aries at any sporting event (maybe the Super Bowl), driving a red sports car, running her own company, enjoying and or shopping for red wine, blushing when asked a personal question, laughing too loudly, at a Valentine’s party, wearing red (especially high heels), having her nails painted bright red, working on her car, painting her front door red, bringing chocolates to work, eating in an ethnic restaurant (specializing in HOT spicy food), at the race track or casino, on a girl’s night out, bringing red roses to her Mom, taking Pilates, organizing the local PTA, reading the latest red-hot novel, and looking for someone strong and resilient enough to handle her dynamic personality!




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