Finding Love – Jone Victoria — April 9, 2009

There is a great deal of loneliness on our planet. I’ve read blogs of intelligent, funny, loving people who are wishing, and a hoping, and a praying for someone to come into their life, be a companion, and share their life.

While the argument can be made that some people are meant to learn the lesson of being alone in this lifetime, I believe that if you have clear intention, and focus on visualization you can attract a loving partner to you.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract to yourself that which you think about in an intent-full way.

Affirmations are a good place to start. You need to write this affirmation several times each day. When writing these words, focus on what you are writing, concentrate on each word and do not allow your thoughts to wander. Do this each day for a minimum of 60 days and keep it simple.

I am an irresistible magnet attracting the perfect person to me.

“Perfect” means, unattached, non-addictive personality, for your higher good, etc.

In addition to the written affirmation, this next suggestion is highly effective.

Find a quiet time when you will be uninterrupted from any disturbances and taking a piece of paper, begin to list everything that you are looking for in a partner. If you want a non-smoker, list that. If you want someone who has a great sense of humor, dances, cooks, financially stable, list those traits.

When making your list of the “perfect” person, it is important to list each and every thing you can think of. Does Height, weight, physical looks matter to you? Be specific. The Universe will answer the call with as much effort as you put into your list.

An adequate list will have approximately 38 – 65 traits listed. If you list that you want a “rich man”, remember that rich has many meanings; rich in generosity, rich in personality, rich in knowledge. If you are referring to wanting to attract a financially rich person, ask yourself what is more important, a financially rich partner or a Spiritually rich partner? That old adage, you get what you wish for, has deep rooted consequences, so be detailed in writing your list.

If you want, or do not want children – list that. If you want someone morally ethical – list that. Do not assume that the Universe will know what you are seeking.

It may take several days to complete your list, but once you do, sign it and write the date on it. Put it in an envelope and mail it to yourself, but don’t open it. Keep it safe.

Don’t discuss the list or share it with anyone. Allow the Universe to take your heart-felt intentions and have faith that it will match it with your heart’s desire.

I was looking for a Valentines Day message to post and when I opened my “Jone” book — it opened to this article she wrote so many years ago. I don’t know how well it works, indeed — it seems labor intensive, and will take some soul-searching for those who want to give it a try. I’m guessing that if someone is truly sincere and willing to put their heart and soul into writing out a list of their desires, it will eventually work! I do believe in pure intentions and in writing out ones wishes and desires, because our thoughts have weight, value and a karmic connection to the Universal ether and harmony.

I sincerely hope for all who are looking for a soulmate or loving companion, that this exercise may bring about a positive and loving relationship in the near future, that will be exactly the one true-love for you. This world can be a lonely and difficult environment — and having a caring and loving partner can make all the difference in moving us toward our ultimate evolutionary pinnacle. Good luck in your love quest!



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