THE SIGNS THAT BIND — Family Zodiac Connections

Over the years, I have found that families share certain Zodiac signs in common. Of course, not every one shares every sign in their charts, but often enough within a Family circle, we can find a plethora of connections that show karmic ties. We are bound to each other by choice, by fate, and by our many past lives together. Often the North and South Nodes are dominantly involved in our closest ties, the Signs and House positions giving us some indication of what kind of relationship we once had with each other over the millennia. Indeed, if we have anything more than a passing acquaintance, you will find some significant Planetary connections within each person’s Zodiac Chart. Family connections are the most intense, passionate, and bring already formed past-life links within the Family circle. Our Zodiac Family ties unite us in an ancient bond of interaction, love, and compassion, which helps to keep us working to perfect our humanity. For sure — we all are a work in progress, throughout our lives — and it is our closest bonds with our Family, intimate lovers and friends who allow us to choose our pathway in order to expand our knowledge, our love, and our humanity within the breadth of our present lifetime.

Not all of these links are necessarily friendly and warm — there are those of past karma that we may be paying back in some form or another. But family ties are usually positive and extremely close — even those who find they seem to be on the opposite side of a family’s traditions and mores, probably bring that tiny voice of reason, or an alternative outlook that balances the family group. Whatever part we play in our family hierarchy, we are there to learn, to teach, to balance, to create, and to be loved unconditionally. There are (as far as I have learned) NO mistakes when it comes to joining a family —  I believe we often choose our pathway for this lifetime, and in so doing, we opt for the most apropos family that will bring us to our karmic goal. We may “owe” someone in the family, or we may be “owed” something from someone in our family, or we may just find that this particular Familial group will bring us ever closer on our quest to reach our highest level on the human evolutionary scale.

Many families do share Sun signs — and other similarities — too prodigious to mention, also if you check your own or someone close to you — you may find that certain Signs come up often with friends, other relatives, and acquaintances. Friends and/or family members often share birthdays or signs in common over and over again. These are significant, because there are probably several planets or intersections within that sign that have a visceral connection to those folks whose own planetary aspects and needs meet ours. There are, of course, patterns within patterns — The North and South Nodes are most definitely a karmic connection within one’s Chart, and especially if they intersect with another’s Node or the Node conjuncts a Planet in their Charts. We can find more of interest by checking the Zodiac Houses in which these links may occur, and also any oppositions or other more positive aspects to the Planets. Also, our Ascendant signs are of great importance — we are often attracted to those whose ascendant is the same as our Sun and/or Moon sign — or if their Venus or Mars is conjunct our ascendant. For love interests, we look to our 5th house of romance, and any planets therein will have an effect on who we are attracted to by sign. Indeed, often the links to the 5th house will signify our eventual mate, partner or spouse.

The “Personal” Planets are of major interest, of course: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars — all play a part in bringing their unique signature into play. If the Sun and Moon are in good aspect for family members, then their relationship will usually be compatible and pleasant, and the same can be said for Venus, Mercury and Mars. If these Planets are in negative aspect to one another’s Planets — there will be some issue to be “improved” — possibly not without some stress! Still, in resolving these karmic issues — there will be growth, understanding, forgiveness and eventually we hope, tolerance and acceptance of one another’s differences and strengths. Ours is a pathway of learning, teaching and sharing the human experience, in order to become wiser, more patient, empathetic, and accepting of our own human frailties and perhaps more importantly, those of others.

  • The Sun supports our ego, and when compatible with another’s personal planets brings “light” into the realm — a good Sun connection will bring us someone who we can look up to, respect, and want to have a relationship with throughout this life. The Sun also “shines” its light onto those we are not so in tune with — and it may be these relationships within our family group that we must find a way to improve. Knowing how your own chart interfaces with that of all your family members means you have the advantage of being able to “see” just how you can handle that person in order to find a genuinely honest and respectful bond. Family is what it’s all about!
  • The Moon rules Women and usually signifies the Mother in our chart. The Moon is our emotional quotient, and as such, is significant in blending with others, or if negative — we may find we are in emotional turmoil when interfacing with that individual. In our charts the Moon’s sign shows how we express our emotions. When compatible to the Moon or another Planet in a chart, we have an easy and comfortable relationship. However, when the Moon is in a negative aspect to another’s Planets, we may have some work to do to improve our connection to that individual — and resolve any “old” harm or hurtful issues that may have been brought forth in this lifetime.
  • Venus connections are loving and caring when in good aspect to another in the family — when aspects are challenging, there can be a disconnect with the other person because of some betrayal or interference with our past love ties or someone who has let us down. Still, Venus is all about loving and caring and there will usually be a way forward in order to create harmony within the family dynamic.
  • Mercury is our ability to communicate with each other, and when positive in one another’s chart we will be able to share our thoughts and dreams with ease — in negative aspect there may be division between what we think we are saying, and what the other is actually hearing! This can be especially difficult when one is trying so hard to be a part of the whole — and others have skewed ideas about what you are actually trying to put forth in your communications.A good Mercury component with others in our Family will help to make things understood more easily and we can air our differences without anger or resentment. Using the expressive abilities of Mercury can go far in easing any tension or angst within our Family circle. Draw from your own verbal abilities to encourage, approve, and support those you love. A little appreciation goes a long way in keeping things running smoothly.
  • Mars is our energy, our masculine persona, and our inner warrior — depending on where He lives in your chart and the aspects to others planets, we can have a meeting of our minds and ideas — or a constant war of words and/or actual physical encounters. If there are difficult connections within your family — try to figure out a way to improve them by remembering that this is exactly why you are here — to “fix” any past-life problems and complications. Often it is our most irritating connections that will (if settled) bring us our most evolutionary growth, satisfaction and progression. Using Mars in a positive way will help to bring a cohesive whole into the family unit. Mars connections are almost always strong and resilient, allowing us to bring about a positive path for one and all.

The North and South Nodes are particularly significant in our karmic ties — these amorphous placements can show us who we will find compatible and comfortable to be with during our lifetime here on Earth. Positive aspects between either Node will be someone with whom we have had a substantial past-life history and we will probably feel an intense love for this person throughout our lifetime, even through times of stress and anxiety. Think of your parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, and anyone who seems to cleave to our lives and hearts for many years. The Nodes seem to point out those whom we have known throughout many lifetimes — there is an ancient familiarity and cohesiveness that cannot be broken — sometimes a telepathic connection others find quite unusual, but our experience is that of comfort and security. Negative aspects between Nodes may bring someone into our lives that had a difficult past history with us, and we had some less than loving encounters. These Family ties can be seen in sibling rivalry, a father that is overbearing and domineering, and/or someone we injured (whether intentionally or unintentionally) — but must try to make amends for during this lifetime. We often have an intense love for these folks, with that complex added anger or sorrow that fills us with regret and angst. Remember — we have chosen to try to repair these relationships, and there may be turmoil and sadness — but we can eventually overcome the negative feelings in order to embrace those whom we have offended or those who have injured us. Learning how your Zodiac Chart interacts with those of your loved ones can bring an eye-opening revelation into those deep feelings you engender within your own Family group. Whether positive or negative — our job here on Earth is to respect and treasure those wonderful relationships, and try resolve those that seem to bring us sadness or grief. We are challenged to keep growing in a positive and humane manner as we traverse our own pathway here — and we must allow ourselves to truly “feel” all of the human emotions and passions in order to find our way to our own highest form of human existence and evolution.

The Outer Planets also have a part to play in our Family lives — however, they are more “generational” in makeup — especially those Planets that remain in one sign for more than just one year. Those born within the Planets lengthy stay in any one sign will have a commonality with others in their generation. This can show up in trends that older or younger individuals might find a bit flaky, odd, or out-of-touch, or totally awesome! Think how music changes with each age group (Big Band Era, Disco, Rap, Pop), what dance phases were once popular and now hardly anyone remembers them, (the Charleston, Waltz, The Twist, Macarena) — what fads were once the hottest items and now are extremely dated, or on a more serious note — the generations that changed the world — the Freedom Marchers, the Women’s Movements, Protests about our involvement in one war or another, the patriotism of our WWII generation, Gandhi’s non-violence protests — and on and on! There is power in these long term phases of a Planet’s orbit — and we all can feel some of this energy individually and within our family group.

  • Jupiter is the exception here, spending approximately one year in each sign — and wherever Jupiter is in your Chart will be a blanket of protection, and joy! If your Jupiter connects to a personal Planet or indeed any other in your Chart, or that of a family member or friend — there will usually be a pleasant feeling that brings a smile whenever you encounter that person. Jupiter is a point of loving acceptance wherever it lives in your Chart — and even if in opposition or square to another of your Planets, it will bring a softening of any negativity that may be created. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all remain in one sign for many years.
  • Saturn has an approximate  2 1/2 year stay in each sign — completing it’s circle of the Zodiac in about 30 years — a time when we are presumed to be fully adult, as we have lived Saturn’s lessons in each House of the Zodiac. Saturn is the teacher and perhaps taskmaster of the Zodiac and brings to us those lessons we  must learn during this lifetime — I feel that Saturn often gets a bad “rap” for being the bogeyman of the Zodiac — however, when we learn the lessons that Saturn is bringing to us — we will always find there is a “reward” — now it might not be a million dollars, however, the reward is significant in that we will feel a sense of completion, of accomplishment and perhaps triumph! We will feel a sense of fulfillment and balance when we learn one of Saturn’s principles or mores.
  • Uranus has an approximate 7 year cycle that brings us to some significant lifetime moments. We enter puberty at about 14, are considered “grown up” at 21, each Zodiac House will experience Uranus unique energy for those 7 years — at age 42 Uranus opposes its natal position, and most of us will have some life-altering awareness, or dramatic experience that brings us some self-knowledge that might not have been heretofore considered. Sometimes there is an occurrence that changes our lives forever, and puts us on a pathway completely different than the one upon which we were traveling. Uranus’ full cycle of the Zodiac takes 84 years, when it finally returns to its natal position in your chart — considered by the ancients a full lifetime here on Earth. Uranus is a force of nature that brings that bolt out of the blue we were never expecting! When we have a connection to another through Uranus, it can be overwhelming, karmic, the most intense feelings we will ever experience — and life-altering. However, the caveat here is that sometimes these connections burn too hot to last — and a delirious moment in our lives comes to a sudden halt without explanation. All of these encounters are part of the honing process during our lives, to be enjoyed – endured – or borne with honesty,resilience and love.
  • Neptune hasn’t been in Pisces for 150 years — having returned to Pisces in early February of 2012 — and as of this moment is now only at 11 degrees of the sign. Aspects to Neptune bring a spiritual and karmic connection that defies the meaning of time and space. Indeed — we often have an almost telepathic extrasensory ability when involved with this planet — it piques our intuition, our sixth sense, and our capacity to “know” things that aren’t apparent to everyone. If we have Neptune in a strong position in our chart we can explore our inner spirit with our deepest instincts and we can use this gift in order to bring about a better way of living our lives with love. Connecting to another’s chart with Neptune will certainly be a major karmic tie — this person will be a noteworthy part of our life this time around. Try to use this karmic tie well, keep your highest goals in mind and move with the protection of the angels.
  • Pluto is that tiny dynamo that truly digs into our deepest fears, our most human frailties, and our worries about our human survival. Any connections to Pluto will bring intense feelings, and definitely a past-life connection that will be extraordinarily passionate and extreme. Pluto can bring that instant dislike of someone we have never met before (at least in this lifetime) or also a beautiful instant rapport that seems immediate and mystifying. Dealing with the mysteries of life and death, Pluto makes us aware of the age-old questions of “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”, “How will I be able to make a difference?” ,”What is Life all about?” or “Does any of this matter?” Well, indeed all of these innate questions we often ponder are the core of what and who we are, and Pluto will help to bring us to our own individual answers.

It is fascinating to go through a Family’s Zodiac Charts to see where the connections come together and who will or will not be compatible — of course — we are human (beings), growing, learning, and developing into our better selves — so it is up to us to find a way to bring together those who may feel they are on the outside-looking-in! Family dynamics are unique to each family, but we all share the same emotional and karmic connections with one another throughout the world. Family is love, safety, compatibility, companionship, and traditions from our ancestors. Our family, tribe, clan, clique, village or community is the center of our evolutionary life. We find ourselves in the loving arms of our families in order to evolve into our highest selves. Our Family is the most important relationship we have during our lifetime here on Earth — our Zodiac Charts can help us find the best way to interact with each other and we must learn to appreciate our own unique Family circle. It is the most intimate Circle of our Life!






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