New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces — February 26, 2017

This month we have a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 8 degrees of the sign, cresting at 9:58 AM EST — if your birthday coincides with this day you will be enjoying a New Moon Solar cycle. Since this Solar Eclipse is riding along with Neptune (Pisces ruler), it will have just that much more oomph. We can expect vivid dreams, ESP to be enhanced, perhaps some telepathic connections with others who enjoy a strong Pisces or water sign chart. I feel positive vibes with this New Moon — although there may be water issues for some (leaks, flooding, or a rained-out celebration). We can use the energy of this New Moon to look deep inside ourselves to find a clearer picture of what it is we really want and need. This is a great time to move forward with confidence in order to remake ourselves in a new and more purposeful manner. Especially if you have been feeling like you were in a comfortable but worn out groove, that may have become a difficult rut. Now you can discover that fount of knowledge and self-assuredness that you know you have always had within.

Although the New Moon in Pisces brings intuition, insight, and perception into our realm, it also brings an acceptance of what we are able do and what is really just a dream. It helps to open our eyes to our own truths, and acknowledges that although we have our dreams — our reality is truly so much better. Living our innate truth is living without those rose-colored-glasses, and we know we can bring our creative and  inspired ideas into reality. The electricity and dynamism of the Solar Eclipse will influence our lives for the next few month bringing us courage and creative audacity!

Mercury will also be riding in the sky with our New Moon and Neptune in Pisces giving us the ability to get our point across in clear and concise language. Although, Mercury in Pisces can often get off course in focusing on the main issues. Keeping to your agenda and schedule will help you to bring about any changes or realignments you wish to make. Using this gift from the Universe can bestow harmony and accord with all those you meet on your pathway at this time.

Especially for those who are overworked, over-stressed and feeling overwhelmed — this New Moon in Pisces can help you to find your way to a calmer and more tranquil mind — a 10 minute meditation every day will eventually help you to quiet your mind — let you breathe easier — settle your racing thoughts. No, it isn’t easy for those whose minds are in constant turmoil — but finding a quiet place and breathing in to the count of four — and out for the count of eight — just focusing on your breath will bring relief. Keep your focus on your breath and if your mind wanders — bring it back to your breathing. It may take a week or more to be able to utilize the immense power of this simple remedy — but if you stick with it — you will find yourself feeling more in charge, and allowing many issues to just float away. Your work and stress will still be there, but you will be the one in control of those runaway thoughts.

You can write out your affirmations for anything you want — desire — or wish for — try to be precise in your effort to explain each entry. The Universe is listening and is willing to be of service  — writing out your affirmations allows your own thoughts to enter into the ether to become part of the Galaxy’s harmonics where they can take hold and start to become your reality.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces is at 8 degrees of the sign, and crests at 9:58 AM EST — so all day on the 26th is the strongest for writing out your list, but the energy will last well into the next day. Think of all the wonderful improvements you can make as you write out your list. Be present and aware as you put your pen to paper — honor your thought and wishes, they can be your new reality.



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