Mars Enters Taurus — March 9th 2017

Mighty Mars enters the sign Taurus at 7:34 PM EST on the 9th of the month, creating somewhat of a tug-of-war as Mars isn’t at home in this Earthy/Fixed sign. It will take Mars a little time to incorporate the strong and practical traits of the Taurus persona. However, once Mars decides he can work within the parameters of Taurus strong and determined identity, He will begin to use these qualities to set His own agenda. Working together, Mars and Taurus are an unbeatable combination of verve, passion, stubbornness, work ethic, practicality and a magnificent integrity to get the job done. No shrinking violet here, indeed this is a combination that brooks no interference when they have decided upon a plan of action. If there is any downside to this combo — it is that they may overwhelm others with whom they must work. A little respect and latitude will be needed in order for Mars in Taurus to not totally try to run the show!

Mars will at times try to push the envelope of Taurus slow and steady pace — but our Taurus folks have an intensity and inner core of self-esteem that will keep them in the game. No pushover for Mars bluster and bravado — Taurus will probably run the show by moving one step at a time — to whatever goal he is pursuing. As much as Mars will huff and puff, He will have to learn that Taurus has his own determined mind and a deliberate plan of action that he will not allow to go off the track. Mars will eventually have more sway over any venture with his over-the-top audacity that Taurus will see has its place in the scheme of things. Both of these entities need to feel in control and want the first and last word on the subject — however, when in concert — Mars energy and ability to lead may slightly overshadow Taurus staid and sedate manner. The end result of any cooperation will be a blending of these two very different entities using the best of each others superior qualities.

There is one other side of this pair — a Mars in Taurus who (believe it or not) hides his light under a barrel. These are usually sensitive and brilliant folks for whom the Taurus sedateness and humility have sway over their Mars need to be heard, seen and appreciated. They truly enjoy working behind the scene — whether in the lab, as a movie producer, or as a quiet artist whose work speaks for him/her. Able to take the most pleasure from their creative abilities, any honors they garner are usually attributed to “the team”! Not relishing the spotlight they will often work behind and with someone who is better able to speak publicly and enjoys the adulation.  I know — not what one would expect from someone with this aspect in their chart — however — there will be other indications within their chart that will uphold this dichotomy. This side of a Mars/Taurus person is forgiving, generous, charitable, loving and charismatic. They can steal your heart before you are aware of their true interest — how lucky to have this more mellow manifestation of a Mars in Taurus individual — they will be loyal to their loved one and family always.

Mars will remain in Taurus until moving on to frivolous Gemini on April 20th — use this time wisely while Mars is in Taurus — the strength of this combo can help all of us hone in on our goals with energy to spare, and also find a practical way to get moving towards them. Mars in Taurus has little interplay with the other Planets during this month, so has free rein to stick to his own agenda. On the 27th Mars meets up with Neptune in early afternoon — perhaps a good time for a business lunch or meeting someone you are interested in to getting to know better. Try to feel the intensity of this Cardinal/Earth duo and you will be able to use each of their strengths to further your own plans. There is nothing that these two cannot accomplish using cooperation, diligence,  patience and passion.

Mars in Taurus Love Styleas you can probably tell, this is not an easy combination to work with in a partnership capacity — whether business or romance. Still I believe that the pluses can outweigh the minuses with a little patience and certainly a lot of love. Our Mars in Taurus persona has passion to spare, determination never-ending, and a strong sense of loyalty, duty, and commitment. It’s when the determination is more stubbornness that can impede a relationship. Those who find they are in love with a Mars in Taurus person will have to be the epitome of integrity, patience, and forbearance. There will be times when our Mars in Taurus will have an idea that just isn’t going to work, and for the life of them — and no matter what anyone says — they just cannot see the truth of the matter. It will take someone of strength, mental and emotional decisiveness to handle that “head in the sand” kind of mind set.  However, the pros usually out-way the cons because of their integrity, work ethic and love of family.

Some of those with Mars in Taurus have a  well-balanced blend of determination, diligence combined with desire and conscientiousness — they are the Salt-of-the-Earth, those who give of themselves, and have a natural affinity for Nature and humanity. They always try to help, preserve and respect others and the natural world. They also have a flair that brings a bright enthusiasm to the usually staid Taurus — you can see it in the sparkle in their eyes and the exuberance of their generous smile.

We can look to the Zodiac House position of Taurus to garner even more information about these folks — in the 4th House of home they would be the Patriarch/Matriarch of the family, in the 10th House they could well be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company! Their talents are many, as are their interests — grounded with a fiery need to succeed — practical with pizzazz — a homebody with a race-car —  and perhaps a world-class lover, combining passion and sensitivity! You can be sure your Mars in Taurus companion, mate, spouse, partner is in for the long haul; with a need to be needed, an unbounded loyalty, and the deep desire for a home and family.



2 comments on “Mars Enters Taurus — March 9th 2017

  1. Hi there Nancy. This is very helpful. Any ideas about Mars transiting the ninth house? I am contemplating buying a new townhouse but its a difficult decision. Mars will oppose Neptune during that time and square my Mars Saturn Moon Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. I would appreciate any feedback. I am very emotional when and fearful facing such a move. Best wishes, Deborah

  2. Hi – a question like that usually requires a Horary Chart (which isn’t my forte) — however, the 27th is the New Moon (good) — the 9th House rules education, religion and philosophy — long journeys, distant friends and relatives, and desired news). It would seem that a Square to so many of your Planetary positions would bring some angst.With such a preponderance of negative aspects, it would behoove you to get some expert advice, make long-range plans, and make sure all the :i”s are dotted and the “t”s crossed on any contract. The 3rd House (opposite the 9th) rules your current neighborhood — if you are not moving too far away that might be a plus, or if this is a distant move, the 9th House would show that. Since the 9th House rules one’s faith — I would choose to believe that a higher power may be a force that is leading you on the right path. The sign Taurus does rule real-estate — so you may be destined to complete this deal. Good luck

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