New Moon in Aries — March 27th 2017


Our New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 27th at 7 degrees of the sign. The New Moon in Aries always seems so vital as it starts off the yearly cycle of our New Moons with so much energy and, of course, Aries Cardinal passion. It is our opportunity to once again put our own spin on what our future can become. We have the ability to write out our positive affirmations, desires, wishes and hopes so that they may enter the ether of the Universal flow where they can manifest within our own reality. All of our thoughts have weight and substancejust thinking about something plants a tiny seed into the rich soil of our existence. Given repetitive input, our thought-seeds can germinate and  start to grow into an actual event or happening!

Conversely — negative thoughts can also evolve — and start us on a destructive pathway. It behooves us to choose our thought patterns carefully, to opt for the most optimistic, constructive and helpful ideas that will inevitably help us to reach our goals. If you have never taken advantage of the New Moon energy that is dispersed each month you are missing out on one of the Universe’s most beneficent gifts to all of us. It’s an easy method that we can use for our own benefit and for that of our loved ones.

Find a quiet spot to sit and think about what would help you at this time in your life, and write it down on a piece of paper (or on the computer) in order for your specific wish to be entered into the realm of possibility! No matter what it is you think would help you at this time, just write it out — in simple detail — think about how it could help change your life for the better, and send it off with love. Write out as many positive and optimistic affirmations or ideas that you might have — as close to the time of the New Moon as possible. The New Moon energy will last for 24 to 48 hours depending on the aspects surrounding it, but the most auspicious time to write out your wish-list is as close to its cresting as possible.

With the New Moon in the sign Aries you may want to create your affirmations around Aries strengths — i.e.; courage, passion, our physical bodies, audacity and verve. Also, your deepest desires, a goal you hunger for, anything you truly are invested in having come to fruition can be mentioned. For instance, “I want the courage to ask for a raise” – “I wish to draw towards myself only those people who will help me become the successful person I know I can be” – “I want to command respect and admiration for the work that I do so diligently”. The more personal, the better — it is as if the Universe is listening and knows about our desires and goals, but also knows what would serve us best in order for us to fulfill our karma here on Earth. When we put our own thoughts into the Universal ether, it sets up a positive vibration that begins to fertilize our affirmations — it strikes the right chord in the Galaxial harmonics meant just for us, and that tiny thought-seed begins to grow. Sometimes there is an instant response to our requests — other times it needs to be repeated as if to show that we are serious about this journey. Positive output brings back positive input — on the contrary, negative output definitely brings back negative consequences. Anger, hatred, frustration, ire, rage are all negative triggers that will break down our ability to keep the flow from the Universe moving in a constructive manner. When writing out your affirmations try to eliminate all negativity, don’t think about anything or anyone who knows how to push your buttons! Indeed — try to keep only loving thoughts, happy ideas and a peaceful demeanor within your spirit when writing your wishes.

There is, at this time, a Saturn in Sagittarius trine (good aspect) to Uranus in Aries going on that can bring unexpected rewards to those who have been in tune with the dynamic flow of Universal harmony and have listened to the lessons that Saturn is trying to impart to us. Sagittarius is always thinking about the future and how it is going to manifest, whereas Aries just wants movement and advancement and damn the consequences. Saturn will try to ameliorate the antics of Uranus, but it is kind of a  skirmish between these two to have their own agenda. If we can harness the genuine desire of Saturn in Sagittarius to find a higher calling, and somehow tweak Uranus in Aries into doing our bidding — we may create magic — however, we all can attempt to work within the guidelines of these two behemoths with Sagittarius and Aries cooperating whilst Saturn and Uranus each want their own way! Using the ancient knowledge of Saturn to enhance the creative and unique qualities of Uranus can bring us to our ultimate goals.

Mars in Taurus is trying to help us to use our energy wisely, as Taurus likes an even approach to all situations it encounters. Mars wants to increase the stoic pace of Taurus in order to break through any angst or hesitation that Taurus seems to feel. Again, working within the boundaries of the Planetary actions can bring us an awareness of just how to reach our goals — use Mars power and Taurus determination to jump-start your journey into greatness.

The New Moon in Aries is all about confidence, action, self-awareness, energy and moving forward on our pathway throughout this lifetime. Use these moments in time to find your own sense of personal evolution — what is unique to you — now — in this moment. Only you can define who you are, what you desire, and how and what you are willing to do to achieve your bliss.

Since the New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — the rest of the evening is the most powerful time to write out your affirmations. Try this simple method to help you on your way to personal happiness, fulfillment and joy! After all — you deserve it!



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