New Moon in Gemini — May 25th 2017

The engaging and intelligent Gemini New Moon will crest at 2:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST), at 4 degrees of the sign. Those whose birthdays are near will be starting a new Lunar Cycle, perhaps bringing new people into your life, or things may be getting busy with a new job, a new residence, or a new attraction that piques your imagination and heart.

For all of us, of course, there is the possibility of putting forth our affirmations, dreams, wishes, and desires in order to have them enter the ether where they can take root and become our own reality. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign that can be flirtatious, scatty, brilliant, emotional, friendly, and uniquely able to get us to think outside the box! Indeed, this New Moon in Gemini can actually start us on an entirely new pathway in order to fulfill those desires nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Of course, there are always some impediments or roadblocks of various intensity that we may have to deal with to actually keep moving in a forward motion. Our job is to weed out those minor things that can safely be ignored, and focus on the things that will enhance our ability to find that elusive pathway to our dreams and goals. It seems to me, that today our young and/or middle-aged folks are under a lot of pressure in their jobs, their lives, and their personal needs and desires. Somehow, as the work-force has been honed to its most efficient and perhaps under-manned phase, everyone is trying to do more in less time, for less compensation, and they are being less appreciated. Retirement is just a distant fantasy for many hard-working people, and many who did retire — are now working in menial jobs just to stay afloat financially. Using the power of a New Moon phase can help to guide your future to a kinder and gentler place.

Again, I believe I am harking back to a time when there was more compassion, honor, acceptance and approval for everyone — no matter their status or abilities. Life seems to have become quite difficult, just something to “get through” each day  — without those simple pleasures — enjoyment , laughter, joy, or love!

Take this special moment in time and think about what would make your life happier, more rewarding, and would hold more compassion, caring and love. It’s time to take care of you, your loved ones, and your spirit!

I remember running into a friend with whom I had once worked, in a Supermarket at the checkout counter — she had a few staples (bread, milk, tea) on the counter, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers that seemed to glow with a radiant light. We said “Hello” and I admired her flowers, she smiled shyly and said, “It’s important not only to feed your body, but more important to feed your soul”. As a single retired lady (of a certain age), I knew she was on a strict budget. Still — she had the wisdom to take care of her entire being. It’s a lesson that wasn’t lost on me, and I’ve recalled our encounter many times, and when necessary — I have done something for myself that “Fed my Soul“. Never have I felt that I was being indulgent or neglecting another’s needs — by caring for ourselves (especially Mothers and Dads) — we become stronger and better able to handle those difficult times in our lives — ready and strong enough to take care of business!

Alrighty then — a bit off script — but a good thought for one and all to ponder — however, we are here to connect with the vitality, power and energy of the New Moon in Gemini in order to help us bring to fruition those things that will make our lives better, more fulfilling and more enduring. With Gemini’s ability to seek new ways of doing things, to find unusual methods of working creatively and as always — Gemini’s ability to communicate as a friend to one and all, we can broaden our list of affirmations and wishes to include a myriad of offbeat, unique  and out-of-the-box ideas! Perhaps you have always thought about enhancing a hobby, now might be the time to pursue your passion. Or if you have yearned for the time and money to take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation — dream big and go for it with a meaningful affirmation! With quixotic Gemini — those daydreams can be put into the ether to start their own journey to be manifested into your reality! Look at your chart to see where Gemini lives for a clue as to how best to use this airy energy — in the 5th house — perhaps a chance at a new romance, the 10th house a promotion at work, in the 3rd house reconnecting with siblings or old friends — use the karmic ancient knowledge of the ages to enhance your chance for a truly extraordinary moment.

The Gemini New Moon crests on May 25th at 2:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 4 degrees of the sign — so the rest of the day will be the most auspicious for writing out your wishes, but the New Moon energy will be in the ether for at least another day. Just try thinking differently and more creatively as you peruse your usual lists of desires and wishes. With the New Moon in Gemini on the job — magical manifestations can happen!





One comment on “New Moon in Gemini — May 25th 2017

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    I like when you go off script…..that was a nice story. 🙂

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