June’s Astrological Activity — 2017

June opens with a lovely Venus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius trine around lunchtime, that can bring people into your life that are helpful, and you also may find someone at work who has noticed your skills and/or your beauty. We all can benefit from such a strong and positive moment in time, if we can learn to work with this ethereal energy, and allow ourselves to consciously accept the highest vibrations of the Universe to guide us on our way.

Here in New England, we are just entering our warm summer months,  which we assiduously seek as we look forward to sunbathing, swimming, camping, and being in the great outdoors, communing with nature. Barbecues, family reunions, the Fourth of July, and simply being able to enjoy New England at its finest. Vacations have been planned, weddings are in the offing, a sense of excitement and relief abound as the weather allows us to get together to reconnect with one another. Each family outing, party or spontaneous day at the pool, brings such joy and a feeling of belonging — to each other, to our species, and to everything beautiful in our world. I cannot explain how each ordinary connection seems so extraordinary as we renew conversations, share our thoughts and cherish each and every singular  moment.

This month the Full Moon in Sagittarius crests at 8:09 AM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 9th at 18 degrees of the sign. The Full Moon is riding high in the sky with Saturn, so some caution is advised when you are out and about. You may find some solace in meditation or spiritual impressions, allow all of your senses to be open to any messages or intuitive thoughts. The New Moon in Cancer will crest on the 23rd at 9:30 PM EST at 2 degrees of the sign, those whose birthdays fall near this date will be starting a new lunar year — bringing a renewal of interest in all things familial and connected with loved ones. Make sure you accept any invitations to gatherings with family and friends — you may find an answer to one of your questions, and find someone who shares your values and traditions.

The first nine days of the month are active with the morning of the 3rd bringing a beautiful trine with the Sun and Jupiter bringing optimism into our lives, and Venus conjunct Uranus bringing a thrill of unexpected excitement. Mars enters the sign Cancer on the 4th — Venus enters the sign Taurus, and Mercury enters the sign Gemini on the 6th until entering Cancer on the 21st! On the 9th Jupiter turns Direct at 13 degrees of Libra — whew — it’s a busy beginning to our fruitful June. We can look forward to a lot of activity and a wonderful season ahead. Jupiter moving forward, will be once again sending out more positive vibes that we can use in order to revive old plans, find new outlets for our inspiration, and on a more practical level — find new furnishings and/or clothing in balance with our lifestyles. You may be enthusiastic about a new idea, a found treasure, or an interesting new acquaintance.

Of course, June heralds the Summer Solstice on the 20th which we may find is more powerful as the Sun in Cancer is closing in on a meeting with quicksilver Mercury at zero degrees on the 21st! We may be too quick to assess a situation, let some time pass until you know all the facts and facets of the status quo. Beware of sharing too much too soon with someone you’ve just met. Still, many aspects will encourage us to take another look at what we want, and the Universe is giving us the go-ahead to renew plans with a more relaxed and optimistic outlook. Work issues should ease a bit over the next few months, and a more vibrant and hopeful atmosphere will ensue.

The Planet Neptune in Pisces will begin Retrograde motion on the 16th of the month continuing until November 22nd — we have a unique opportunity to dig deep into our psyche in order to find our own truths. During this time span it would behoove us to take note of any unusual or extraordinary thoughts, visions, intuitions or dreams that we might have, in order to explore those areas of our inner consciousness that may have previously been unclear. It is Neptune’s way to make us truly desire the honest and simple truth, before allowing us to access the information that will enable us to find our Bliss. Find where Pisces lives in your chart and there will be your enchanted zone whilst Neptune visits therein. I have heard many folks saying lately that they are experiencing vivid dream states, are having more intuition, and some are finding that they have a knack for ESP. Using the gifts of the Universe can help all of us find our truest pathway through this lifetime.

Venus is happy being in Taurus — both love the good life, extravagant pleasures and extraordinary beauty! The caveat here is to be careful not to get too enamored of the “high” life and keep your head firmly on the Earth plane. An occasional luxury or indulgence is usually okay — but remember your budget, and spend accordingly. You don’t want to be saddled with a large credit card debt for something you purchased, but cannot fully use or find was ill-timed.

With Mars in Cancer, we will find more thought and focus on our home and family. When the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th along with Mercury, this scenario is further strengthened. Along with Neptune in Pisces, our entire consciousness will be turned to what we feel our priorities are, what is truly important that will improve our relationships within the family circle. There can be an awakening within all of our higher concepts of what it is to be human. Can we as humans find our way to global compassion, world acceptance, open to all living beings? I guess  my question is — can we humans all be a little more humane, civilized and enlightened? If there is to be any hope in this world — I think the answer must be a mighty yes!

On Sunday the 4th, as Mars enters Cancer, the Sun clashes with Neptune causing some confusion and hesitancy — you may just want to take a long walk to clear your head. On the 9th Venus in Taurus sextiles Mars in Cancer mid-morning, stimulating our senses in seeking out those compatible others we may find interesting and attractive, you may want to say yes to a lunch date. On the 13th Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra enjoy a special moment at the clock nears the noon hour, conversation is light and breezy, and there are good vibes in the workplace. Later in the evening Mercury is in a snit with Neptune — we may disagree with what someone is saying that sounds false — it might be better to go to bed early. During the morning rush hour on the 15th the Sun and Saturn bump heads so caution is advised, be careful of distracted drivers and try to relax once you’ve gotten into work. The 18th brings a pleasant aspect between the Sun and Uranus in the afternoon — if you’re at a pool party or barbecue the conversation is lively and a capricious atmosphere keeps things lively. On the 21st Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Cancer during the morning hours, perhaps bringing strong emotions out — try to communicate your ideas clearly and without drama. In the wee hours of the 24th Venus and Pluto may pique our dreams and bring some revelation about one of our problems that can prove to be helpful. Mars clashes with Jupiter after midnight on the 25th giving us a restless night where we try to find elusive answers.In the early morning of the  26th, Mars in good aspect to Neptune may help us get by these late night issues and we will intuitively know how to solve the problem — we have to rely on our instincts and the fact that karma plays a role in our lives. After fretting about our decision, on the 27th by dinner time we will be relieved as Mercury trines Neptune and we feel we have handled the situation to the best of our ability. The 28th brings Mercury and Mars into close quarters, hold on to your temper in the early afternoon, especially if someone seems to be needling you for no reason — it’s their problem — not yours. As the month comes to an end, there are undercurrents of distrust and acrimony — it’s our job to rise above any petty or mean-spirited individuals and to bring our own sense of honesty, truth and decency into our own realm.

As the summer months begin to warm and the Sun brings its healing and spiritual rays shining down upon us, we can bask in the knowledge that we know in our hearts that we are on the right pathway throughout our lifetime here on Earth. Living up to our own highest standards can inspire and encourage those who may be wavering in their lives. Remembering all of those who knew the right thing to do — and they persisted!





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