Mars Enters Cancer — June 4th 2017

Leaving sprightly Gemini to enter sensitive Cancer on June 4th at 11:17 AM EST (add one hour for DST), Mars isn’t sure how well he will fare in this Watery Cardinal sign. Mars spirits are dampened and there is just too much emotional turmoil for Him to process easily. Still, once Mars begins to understand that they are both Cardinal signs, He can tap into that dogged determination that so many miss in our delicate Cancerians. Indeed, although our Cancer folks are totally committed to Mother, family and all close relationships, and have a gentle and non-competitive manner, they have an inner core of unbending strength and a good idea of what they want out of life.

I can remember working as a copywriter many years ago, and there was an executive position available — several women were up for the job — and the two front-runners were dynamic and successful business women. The other was more laid back, a people person who seldom was in the forefront of any meeting or discussion — however — she was a Cardinal Cancer — and she managed to work her way into the running in her subtle and understated manner. Most thought she didn’t have a chance at this high-profile position — however — when the decision was made — our Cancer had won out over the other two candidates! It wasn’t that she was more qualified, but that she understood who was making the decision, what they really wanted in a cohort, and how to manage the interoffice rivalry without seeming to be a part of it. After the announcement, that rippled with incredulity throughout the office — everyone began to see what a smart decision had been made. She had the ability to get the work done, without shunting aside or demeaning the others with whom she had to work with in close quarters. The moral here is to never underestimate a seemingly quiet, humble and self-deprecating Cancer!

But on to Mars as He traverses the watery depths of Caner during His stay here — not known for sensitivity or delicacy, Mars will use the watery emotional quotient of Cancer to intimidate and overwhelm others. Of course, this is not Mars favorite element and He doesn’t really have enough knowledge to handle the immensity of emotion that Cancer can evoke. Blundering into situations with so much angst, Mars finds himself awash with emotions he isn’t prepared to deal with and may find that the response from those he has offended will be a quick and reflexive antagonism and resentment. Floundering in the swirling eddy of having gone over-the-top with His usual bravado, Mars is brought up short with the negative and destructive path he seems to be on. Now, Mars truly is a smart cookie and will quickly realize he has to rein in these outrageous outbursts and bombastic actions. There will be some modification as Mars settles uncomfortably into the realm of Cancer. Mars will begin to use the highly subtle and emotional quotient of Cancer to push His agenda forward but with a little more consideration of other’s feelings. Mars has a dust-up with Jupiter after midnight on the 25th enhancing dream states and perhaps inflating an already strong ego, however, meeting up with Neptune on the 26th, we will see how Mars in Cancer can blend with one another in order to find that elusive and spiritual aspect of this evocative and poignant Cardinal Water sign.

Mars in Cancer Love Style — this is always a difficult love style to explain — Mars is not happy in this watery realm, His feelings are either hidden deeply away in the abyss of his soul, or written on his sleeve for everyone to see. Mars is a more sensitive persona herein, but that same sensitivity can make Mars a bit more off-putting when attracted to someone. Not wanting to appear weak or less than macho — Mars dilemma holds him back when wanting to express His deepest emotions. When in the presence of those he finds appealing, He often becomes a bumbler — awkward and unable to say just what he means. Often keeping His distance, he adores from afar and only a very perceptive and discerning person will be able to understand how deeply He feels. If and when that special person can begin a real conversation with this emotional Mars, and they can connect on a soul-level will there will be hope, otherwise, a frustrated Mars love may go unrequited.

Now — on the other hand — is our Mars in Cancer who falls in love deeply and often overwhelms the object of His affection with too much too soon! Everyone knows who He loves, how much He adores them, and why he can’t live without them. If the one He is pursuing isn’t interested, Mars in Cancer can become depressed and disheartened. Perhaps the strangest conundrum here is that because of the Karmic influences associated with the sign Cancer, i.e., Mother/Father, Family, Siblings –– those to whom He is attracted may be a Karmic attraction entailing past-life issues. Some of these attractions may indeed be pay-back problems to be resolved — but Mars is somewhat blinded by the feelings of love that being in Cancer brings into His being. If, however, there is a positive Karmic connection our Mars may find his one and only soul-mate.

I guess the bottom line is that Mars in Cancer folks really have to be aware of their vulnerability in choosing a mate or partner. So much of their persona may be picking up signals in the wrong way — seeing love connections where only friendship is offered, or not speaking out when there may indeed be a soul-mate in the offing,  The best thing a Mars in Cancer can do, is to learn to love him/herself — get to know themselves — and be aware that the biggest choice they may make during this lifetime is about whom they choose to marry. Once connected to their one-and-only — there is a beautiful joining of two souls at a transcendent level. It’s worth working towards this monumental goal, for the lifetime of true love you deserve.




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