Lady Venus Enters Taurus — June 6th 2017

Early in the morning hours of June 6th at 2:27 AM EST (add one hour for DST), Lady Venus slips from the grip of confrontational and macho Aries, and into the more accommodating and discerning sign of Taurus for the rest of the month.   Lady Venus will quickly blend with the Earthy Fixed Taurus persona in order to find her most fervent and bewitching identity whilst in this new inspirational realm. Lady Venus will sparkle within the comfort of Taurus practical and steady dominion. Indeed Lady Venus will blossom and become ever more beautiful with the help of Taurus deep appreciation of all that is beautiful, fascinating and fashionable.

Ruling music, drama and all the arts (arcane and mysterious), our social lives, marriage and loved ones, all manner of beautifying our lives, clothing, decor, bringing Nature into our homes with flowers of all colors, our Lady Venus in Taurus will alter and change our perception of ourselves and our personal surroundings. Also, on a practical note — Lady Venus in Taurus will help to accentuate our monetary and/or real-estate issues. We would be wise to pay attention to our budget, especially our “outgo” to see where our monies seem to disappear so quickly. You may find your generous habit of getting coffee for the office is costing you much more than you bargained for when you first initiated this offer. You may also see that buying lunch every day is an expense you could cut just by bringing your lunch from home (and realize you won’t be wasting all those leftovers). Even little changes can help you to be more proactive in balancing your budget — perhaps you will be able to  put some of your savings into paying off a high-interest credit card — a win/win for you in every department.

Lady Venus feels especially romantic in Taurus, and seeks ways to connect with Her loved ones and may be looking for a new passionate connection of Her very own. Taurus can love deeply and loyally — always ready to serve those within the walls of his domain. With ever emotional and amorous Venus within those ivied walls, there is a heightened sense of romance and ardor. Lady Venus in Taurus may be one of the most loving and caring combinations in the Zodiac — ever faithful, committed and unwavering in their deep devotion to those they love. With the practical and stable character of Taurus by Her side — our Lady Venus is more than a force to be reckoned with — indeed — she is the epitome of power, strength and dynamic resolve — while remaining glamorous, feminine and ladylike! Lofty Taurus will also help Lady Venus with his practical approach to everyday living — a slow, balanced, and steady plan for the future, will help defer Venus often frivolous need to explore every new fashion-trend and progressive change that She may find of interest. These two working in concert will bring beauty, love, commitment, and deep passion into every moment of their lives.

On the 9th closing in on the noon hour, Venus and Mars find common ground and stimulate an attraction that seems Karmic and connected — maybe a lunch date is in the offing. In mid-afternoon on the 15th Venus in a mildly adversarial dust-up with Saturn, may make you  feel as if you are misunderstood, and that no-one has your back. It might be that you need a pick-me-up if you missed lunch — have a snack and reflect on the issue, and you may come to a more positive awareness. The 19th brings conflict between Lady Venus and the Sun in the early afternoon, it may behoove you to mind your manners and try to keep peace wherever you find yourself. In the wee hours of the 20th you may find that your dreams are stimulated by a Venus and Neptune aspect — try to remember that brilliant idea that made you feel so good when you woke up! Early risers on the 24th can be like the Early Bird and find that elusive item, issue or element that was the missing link in yesterdays questions and problems. You may be prone to sudden urges or impetuous actions in the late evening or early hours of July 3rd with Lady Venus and Uranus connecting — it would be advised to allow yourself some time to recalculate your impulsiveness for a more prepared approach. Lady Venus will enter the sign Gemini on July 4th at 7:12 PM EST (remember to add one hour for DST), once in Gemini — our Lady Venus becomes more flirtatious, fickle and frisky — so you may want to close any business action and/or seal the deal on a new love connection, before the capricious Lady Venus in Gemini is on the loose.

Hint — look for your Lady Venus in Taurus love interest while buying flowers, seeing a Chick Flick, when attending a play or music review, in a candy store (especially chocolate), having tea in a bakery shoppe, watching a fashion show, looking for a new house, having alterations done, getting a haircut, attending a friend’s wedding, taking cooking lessons, or being introduced by your Mom or sister, and helping her with her taxes.



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