New Moon in Cancer — June 23rd 2017

The Cancer New Moon crests at 2 degrees of the sign on the 23rd at 9:30 PM EST (add one hour for DST). All those who have a birthday near this date will be starting a new lunar year — bringing good tidings within their family groups. Helping us move forward on a positive note is Jupiter in Libra moving forward once again bringing its jovial and balanced ideas into our realm. New partnerships can be formed of both business and romantic appeal, allowing us to explore new avenues to advance our own agendas. Jupiter is also working hand-in-hand with Neptune actually expanding our dream states, bringing visions and inexplicable feelings of empowerment. Allow some of these spiritual messages to perk a while in your psyche to see if they have application in the real world. Or perhaps, it will just find you more appreciative of art, music and other ethereal elements in your daily life. It’s a win/win either way!

With Neptune in Retrograde motion, it is a good time to look within ourselves, find our true inner being that is just waiting for us to recognize the power within. Meditate, cogitate and contemplate what the Universe is trying to impart to you, and see if you can find a way to incorporate these enigmatic feelings and insights into a new way of perceiving yourself and your journey throughout this lifetime. The ongoing Saturn/Uranus match-up is continuing to fuel our need for movement and accomplishment. If you feel you have just been treading water for the last few months — now is the time to make a move in order to awaken that dormant energy within. Take a chance on something wonderful, unique, or just different and see where it can take you. Adventure is the spice of life!

With our New Moon in Cancer, family becomes the focus — isn’t it amazing how the Cosmos operates? As we come into our usual vacation and Summertime activities that often include family partys, reunions, or get-togethers, the Sun has entered Cancer the sign that has so much to do with the Mother principle, home, our fierce protective instincts, and that epitome of our lives — Family! The sign Cancer (Cardinal-Water), has dominion over the Moon, rules all domestic issues, the breasts, female qualities, the stomach (when too emotional, a Cancer’s tummy is often upset), short journeys, water sports, swimming, and emotions.  If there is any caveat here — it is to control your emotions, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your feelings. This is difficult for any Cancer because their feelings are often on their sleeves — there for everyone to see — yet once they can control the delicacy of their emotions they become better able to survive and thrive in the world. Being a Cardinal sign can be the saving grace of our Cancer brethren, as they have the wherewithal to employ their mighty persona to control their very soft interior.

The New Moon in Cancer will crest at 9:30 PM EST — so all evening on the 23rd and all day on the 24th will be the most powerful times to write out your affirmations. Since Cancer has a karmic dominion over all loved ones, family, and domesticity it will behoove us to keep these subjects in mind as we prepare our lists. However, we can wish for anything with the positive power of a New Moon — so wherever you feel there is a need, desire, emptiness or lack — be sure to write out the appropriate affirmation in order for it to be sent into the ether to take hold in the massive intergalactic harmony of our Universe. Our thoughts are actions that emit a solid piece of ourselves into the heavens, where it can evolve into an action that will enhance our life and the lives of our loved ones.




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