July’s Astrological Activity — 2017

July is usually an active month here in New England as Summer activities are underway — the ocean beckons us with gentle breezes and sandy shores, the mountains and lakes are also calling us to partake of their bounty, with a myriad of hiking trails, and lazy afternoons lolling within the  crystal clear essence of our secluded and tranquil waters.

On July 4th our Independence Day celebrations start the month off with a BANG as fireworks light up the sky with brilliant intense displays that make the ground tremble. Marching bands, parades and local observations at memorials and cemeteries complete our busy day — except for all of the outdoor parties that will surely ensue. July’s celebration brings family together, rejoicing in our freedom, enjoying our ability to celebrate as we wish, and to reconnect with those we love and to remember those who are no longer with us.

Harking to the  words of our Founding Fathers, allows us to reinforce our determination to keep our country strong, and to keep to the intentions of our forebears — to be tolerant and to permit all who live here to pursue life, liberty and happiness!

Although Saturn and Uranus are in good aspect throughout this year, their dynamically opposed profiles will engender some agitation and uneasiness. Saturn in Sagittarius looks to the law, history and sees the future as a promise made, whereas Uranus in Aries wants to shake up the established mores in order to bring a breath of fresh air into the mix. Working together they can bring the best of both worlds, in order to create a more moral and forward looking criteria that will work for everyone. Working in concert these dynamos can and will bring a new outlook and an innovative way of perceiving our world in order to bring about the best it has to offer.

A period of adjustment may be needed as Jupiter in Libra is aspecting Neptune in Pisces in a quirky manner — you may find that your dreams are more vivid, your intuition is piqued, and you may be feeling the need for more soul connections with your loved ones. As Neptune is in Retrograde motion, this may be the time for you to reconnect with those you haven’t seen for a while, start to listen to your inner consciousness, and come to truly believe that you are joined to the whole of humankind in a visceral, primeval and instinctual way. Listen to your “gut” and follow the feelings that are leading you toward love, toward compassion and toward your own personal truth!

The Full Moon crests on the 8th at 17 degrees of Earthy Cardinal Capricorn, at 11:07 PM EST (add one hour for DST), and may engender some conflict between the generations about the right ways of doing things, or we may be feeling exceptionally fragile during this time span. Our New Moon arrives on the 23rd at 4:46 AM EST in the Fixed Fire sign Leo at zero degrees, bringing us a warm and friendly feeling for all, but mostly for the very young. Of course, ruling the 5th House of romance may also get some banked fires burning once again, or ignite a new bonfire in someone’s heart.

Lady Venus will enter Gemini on the 4th of the month, where She becomes a bit giddy with an influx of coquettishness inspired by this Mutable/Air sign. After her stay in Taurus where, although She enjoyed the beauty, fashion and fastidiousness of Fixed Earthy Taurus, She is ready to shed the seriousness and determination of Taurus for the effervescent and intellectual Gemini persona! Wonder Woman will have nothing on our Lady Venus when she begins to feel at home in this Mercury ruled sign. Lady Venus will engage the attention of all with her wily ways and offbeat witticisms — Lady Venus so enjoys the lighthearted yet brilliant Gemini facade. Mars will remain in sensitive family oriented Cancer until the 20th when He enters Fiery Leo! In Leo, Mars feels right at home with the fiery warmth, outgoing social skills, and a true sense of self-possession. Indeed, when Mars and Leo finally learn to work together peacefully — they can move mountains, start revolutions or bring compassion and caring to those in need.

On July 2nd at breakfast time, Mars and Pluto clash — stay cool if confronted and use common-sense for the rest of the morning hours. This aspect will fade quickly as the Moon goes void-of-course a couple of hours later — and things might not get back on track until the Moon enters Scorpio at 12:00 PM EST (remember to add one hour for DST). With Lady Venus entering Gemini on the 4th a lighthearted feeling may prevail, although there are those whose strong opinions will cause consternation — words may be exchanged, but with Uranus in the mix — all will be soon forgotten. The 5th has Mercury entering the sign Leo — so wordiness may be a problem, but we also have a beautiful Sun trine Neptune aspect that will make us aware of all that is beautiful and good in our lives. The morning rush hour on the 7th brings a sweet connection between Mercury and Venus — you may meet someone special at your usual coffee shop. The Full Moon in Capricorn the next day has things a bit topsy-turvy throughout the day — tomorrow will look a lot better when we awaken. If you are out and about late on the 9th beware of a road-rage incident and/or a conflict with a superior. Friday the 14th will have a busy but unfulfilling afternoon, although if you got off work early, you may be pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and happy you feel. Monday the 17th may have a rocky start with a long commute — be aware of hidden hazards. On the 18th a Venus/Jupiter trine in the early evening will bring a congenial meeting, perhaps a dinner date or just a drink after work will prove to be special. The afternoon of the 19th may find one of your ideas at work has caught the eye of a superior — make sure you have all the details at your fingertips. Mars enters Leo on the 20th with a sigh of relief — being in Cancer wasn’t His cup-of-tea — there will be more energy and stamina for your future endeavors. On the 24th we will be getting mixed messages throughout the morning hours — take your time to digest what is being said, and by mid-afternoon things will fall in your favor. The 28th finds the Sun and Mars together during the early evening, we can push our own agenda or find allies to help us in our quests. We may awake on the 30th with good feelings, well-rested and looking forward to the plans we have made. With Lady Venus entering Cancer on the 31st our focus may be more on family, mother and/or friends during the coming month. You may find your muse in whatever creative or offbeat visions you have for your future — find your Bliss!







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