Lady Venus Enters Gemini — July 4th 2017

Just how much fun can we have? Lady Venus entering sprightly Gemini on the 4th at 7:12 PM EST (add one hour for DST), can give us a hint! Lady Venus in Gemini is all about energy, movement and joy! Her persona welcomes the Airy Mutable delight that Gemini provides. She becomes giddily intoxicated by the effervescence of Gemini’s elan and zest for life — adventures, exciting escapades and jovial jaunts will be the norm. Lady Venus willingly joins with intellectually stimulating Gemini to revive her ingenuous and naive outlook on all that life has to offer. Lady Venus is ready to party, looking forward to learning new skills and generally enjoying the next few weeks of unbridled joy.

In Taurus, Lady Venus was the elegant and well-turned out lady, the matriarch of the family, and the fashionista with the newest and most sophisticated attire. Now in Gemini our usual paragon of femininity becomes our outre hippie with flowers in her hair, our punk rocker, and our mystical sprite with a keen sense of magic and  enchantment. Zany, unconventional and avant-garde, our Lady Venus in Gemini piques our imaginations, creates new ways of seeing and creating her own romantic and idealistic realm. Upbeat and full of pure happiness, She brings laughter and delight wherever She goes. We all would be a little happier, more joyous and full of delight if we had a Lady Venus in Gemini friend in our life.

However Lady Venus in Gemini is so much more than just a fun-loving coquette — indeed with the higher intelligence of Gemini’s persona, our Lady Venus can be an accountant of major abilities, a business woman with money acumen, and — well why not — a high-powered CEO! Smart, beautiful and savvy — our Lady Venus in Gemini can cover a multitude of entrepreneurial skills. Any drawbacks you ask? Hmm, well there is that inability to focus if not taught to do so at an early age. Decision-making can also be an issue, however our Lady Venus will often opt for two, or both of any choices she has to make. Strong-minded, it isn’t long before our Lady Venus in Gemini can rein in her less laudable traits, and become the steely-willed yet incredibly innocent naif we all admire.

Venus has a dust up with Pluto on the 7th at dinnertime, perhaps it’s just been a long week and everyone is edgy and tired — hold your tongue until you have rested a bit, and you don’t have to apologize for what you didn’t say! On the 15th Venus and Mars bristle, and although feelings may be hurt, just let it go and find some common ground. The 17th brings Venus and Neptune into play — it may be that reality didn’t live up to your romantic dreams. Move on — because the 18th Venus and Jupiter are in sync and all is well in the world. Monday the 24th during a coffee break, Venus and Saturn clash — don’t argue with a superior even if you know you are right — just explain your theory and let the chips fall where they may. In the wee hours of the 30th, Venus and Uranus meet casually sparking some interesting conversations — enjoy the moment it may fade quickly.

Enjoy this lively and whimsical time with Lady Venus in Gemini — don’t take things too seriously, She enters the Cardinal Water sign Cancer on the 31st at 9:45 AM EST — changing our spirited Venus to a more sensitive and family oriented Lady!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Gemini love at a rave, shopping for the latest fashions, dying her hair, in a magic shop, reading in the park — then sliding down the kiddie slide, buying flowers just because, reading to a kindergarten class, driving a silver-blue sports car, at the cosmetic counter seeking the latest shades of lipstick, at a music festival, seeing the latest drama, buying penny candy, window shopping, at the acupuncturists, volunteering at a food bank and being noticed because of her beautiful smile.


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