Progressed Sun Signs — Growth, Wisdom and Evolution — Reprinted July 2017

When we are born our Natal Chart is like our fingerprints, it doesn’t change — it is as the Heavens were at the moment of your coming into this world. We are always ruled by the Sun sign we were born under, and our persona is individualized by the many differences in where our Moon and other Planets are located — sign, house position, aspects to the other Heavenly bodies, etc.

However, since the Planets and Sun and Moon are constantly in motion and moving forward, we all will have what is essentially a Progressed Chart. This Chart tracks where the Planets have moved from the moment of our birth. The usual way to chart a Progressed Chart is by using one-year of our life which will translate to one-day in our Progressed Chart. This means that depending on what degree your Sun was at the time of your birth, the Sun will change signs — for example: If you were born at zero degrees of a sign, your progressed Sun wouldn’t change for 30 years (30 degrees in each sign) — at age 30 your Sun would  progress to the next sign in Zodiacal order. If you were born at zero degrees of Aries — your Sun would change when you reached 30 years of age and would go into Taurus! For those born at different degrees, for instance — if you were born at 15 degrees of a sign — it would progress into the next sign when you reached the age of 15.

Often when our Sun moves into the next Zodiacal sign there is some lifestyle change or some subtle alteration in our lives. Again — for instance: a sibling is born, you enter school, you graduate from school, you get married, you face some family dilemma, etc. These are not necessarily dramatic changes — but changes that promote our growth. It all depends on the aspects our Planets and Sun and Moon make to each other. Still — the Sun progressing into the next sign starts to influence our thinking, perhaps altering our outlook, honing the way we perceive things, and brings a new level of understanding and development. You can imagine an Aries Cardinal Fire Sun Sign persona — dramatic, passionate, ruled by Mars, dynamic and bold — when this individual’s Sun moves on to the next sign Earthy and Fixed Taurus — there will start to be a subtle remodeling of the Aries persona. The Fire is still there, however through the degrees (years) through Earthy Taurus, the blazing fiery dynamo will slowly change into a molten hot ember — still full of immense heat but not bursting into a flaming conflagration! Still passionate, but a deeper and more mature desire that burns within. Perhaps becoming a bit more obstinate — or determined — moving toward their goals with more zeal and ardor. You can visualize the growth and newly-found manner of “seeing” things with a more calm and staid demeanor. Taurus will hone Aries explosiveness to a well-banked fire, thereby being able to use the intensity of Aries passion without destroying everything in sight.

Each of the Planets moves with its own cadence, as does the Moon and Sun — so there will be variations in just where these orbs will end up  — the Progressed Chart is used to look ahead for a seeker, and can hold the knowledge of at what age the Sun will change signs and how the aspects between the Planets have altered. Since the outer Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move at a much slower pace they may not be more than a few degrees away from your birth chart, even in several years. Venus, Mercury and Mars move more quickly and can be in an entirely new sign than that with which you were born. Especially if the Planet has been in Retrograde motion during the intervening years, it could be just returning to the degree it was at when you were born. All of these movements of the Planets begin to subtly alter your original persona — after all you are not the babe you were at birth! Every stage of your life has been a learning experience and has allowed you to grow and mature in stance and knowledge. The Progressed Chart is just another tool in an astrologer’s arsenal of helping you to understand your unique and distinct place here on Earth. We are born, we are cared for by our parents, we become toddlers, children, teens and adults — all the while we are finding out who we are and where we fit into our lives with our family, our friends, our co-workers, ourselves and this magnificent Earth we inhabit.

Also, if the Progressed Sun has changed houses in your chart it adds another level of development — especially if your Sun was in an intercepted house. This would be someone we thought of as a “late bloomer” — who suddenly breaks free of his/her shell and find their perfect pathway throughout the rest of their life. But even changing house position will again influence the evolution of the person. Someone born with a Fourth House Sun might have been a homebody, content not to travel too far from home — perhaps even going to college nearby — when the progressed Sun moves into the Fifth house, they get a new lease on life and might decide to travel extensively, move to a new location, or even a new country! Whatever their chart has in store for them will come to fruition — probably a measured and step-by-step journey for most, but for a few a dynamic and welcome change in outlook!

When our Sun moves into the following sign, it is an opportunity for us to learn a new way of thinking, of opening our eyes to a brighter outlook and giving us a magical mystery tour of another dynamic and often energetically different sign. Sometimes because of aspects between the Planets (if Saturn is adjacent to the Progressed Sun it might slow down our awareness of the change) we don’t feel any different, but we are being honed by all of the input of our Natal and Progressed Chart’s influences.

This is the journey we take when we travel throughout our lives — being molded and remolded in order to find our greatest talents and gifts. We can be sure there is a final accounting as we grow older as we look back and evaluate how positive or negative our lives have been to ourselves and to others. We are not at the mercy of our Natal Chart, nor are we flotsam and jetsam meandering along some stream — we have the power and majesty to create our own lives within the framework we have been born with — even those with Charts that seem harsh and meager, can overcome the deficits with hard work, knowledge, and faith. Will they have more trouble than one born with many pluses and easy aspects — perhaps — but we all will have to find our way with some semblance of common-sense, good luck, and a willingness to learn. We all have the potential for greatness — whether on the stage of a small town, or in the largest of metropolises. Our journey is unique to ourselves and is taken with those with whom we are karmically connected from our past journeys.

We have such a unique opportunity to grow in our humanity, to evolve into the epitome of Love, compassion and empathy, to help others along our way, to nurture and protect, to find the true meaning of life, to embark on our own singular pathway, to find the harmony and syncopation of the Universe and make it our own! How can we refuse this magnificent offer from the mystical vestiges of time — we have been chosen for this time period — we are to use our time well and find the secrets of humanities place in the Galaxy.

How can we refuse this offer from the Heavens — how can we not answer the call to evolve ever higher — how can we not move forward? Our charts can help us to follow the most authentic plan for this lifetime — find your truest pathway — follow your Stars!

Find your Bliss!


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