Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — November 7th 2017

Lady Venus will enter the sign Scorpio on November 7th, at 6:39 AM, changing the atmosphere from one of needing balance and beauty in all things, to a more emotional and edgy yearning for passion and desire. Lady Venus does get a bit tipsy whilst in Scorpio as she is often overwhelmed by Her intense feelings and over-the-top reactions to the slightest of inner longings. It is as if Her whole being is bombarded with emotional input — encouraging Her to embrace the deepest hungers within Her soul. Ah yes, our Lady Venus in Scorpio is highly attuned to the strongest and most robust vibrations within Her body, mind and spirit! Few can handle the inordinate depth of feelings that this combination brings, without there being some alleviating physical or mental activity to offset the intensity of a Venus in Scorpio individual’s persona.

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars — these powerful Planets intensify this signs highly emotional and passionate vibrations. Indeed, when Lady Venus begins her stay herein, She is totally blindsided by the impact of these behemoths on her entire being. Yet, our Lady Venus is no shrinking-violet, and soon will begin to enjoy this magnificent opportunity to open her heart, soul and mind — to take in all of the scintillating angst and tremulous desire that she is now so physically aware of feeling. Soon our Lady Venus will shake off the delicate and dreamy idyllic ambiance of Libra and enter into Scorpio’s bold and dynamic identity, and She will make it Her own.

Making her way through the Cosmos, feeling her power growing Lady Venus joins with  Mighty Jupiter in Scorpio on the 13th at 7 degrees of the sign, where their souls combine in the wee morning hours and blossom with good will, love, and generosity for one and all. Your dreams may be in magnificent color, and you may find yourself in a fantasy of magical proportion. You feel wonderful as you awake, and all things are possible within your realm. Just be sure not to overindulge in food or drink as Jupiter wants it all — and will encourage you to indulge your every sense. Later in the day after the dinner hour, you are still feeling warm and fuzzy as if covered with a comforter of loving kindness. On the 16th Lady Venus has a busy day, as in the early AM she meets with a disagreeable Saturn who has Her doubting Herself.  However, later in the morning as Lady Venus in Scorpio finds supportive Neptune in her corner, She wisely lets all angst go off into the ether, and finds loving and nurturing support. The 21st brings a tete-a-tete with Pluto, as you arise for the day, there is a magical force bringing the right people into your circle, and perhaps a collaboration at work has you feeling satisfied. Connecting with Mars in Libra on the 23rd, with early morning restlessness, you find you are thinking about a recent connection you made through a family friend — you may find you will have an interesting date for the weekend. There is a bumpy encounter with Uranus in Aries on the 27th at breakfast time, so it might make sense to prepare for some wrinkle in your plans — allow yourself to be flexible if your agenda goes awry! Again at breakfast time on the 29th, a positive meeting with Saturn makes sure that someone has your back, and you have support on your side. The month ends with the Moon in strong and precise Taurus giving us the opportunity to use our common-sense in all our decisions.

Lady Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1st at 4::15 AM EST again changing Her persona to a more freedom loving, care-free spirit!

Just an early heads-up — Mercury begins Retrograde motion on December 3rd until turning forward once again on the 22nd — you may want to shop early to avoid buying gifts that need to be returned, and make sure of any holiday party plans — time, date, venue, etc. It’s always difficult to get things “right” during a Rx Mercury period — things arrive late, in the wrong size and/or color, or they are out of stock. Especially those things we are starting anew, like gift shopping, meeting new friends, or making plans for your Holiday celebrations. Perhaps it would be best to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or earlier, to try to insure that all will be well.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Scorpio love watching a romance movie, in a dark occult book store, buying sexy lingerie, driving a black or red sports car, having her palm read, wearing black leather pants, at an artsy poetry reading, helping in a homeless shelter, in a class learning a new language, eating spicy food, working out at a boxing gym, enjoying a cocktail with girlfriends after work, buying obsidian jewelry, wearing thigh-high black leather boots, enjoying alone time walking on the beach, and visiting with family and friends on Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!



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