January’s Astrological Activity — 2018

Our New Year Day 2018, starts off with a doozy of a Full Moon in Cancer, at 11 degrees of the sign! Those who may have imbibed a bit too much on New Year’s Eve, may be experiencing the hangover of a lifetime! Cancer being a Cardinal Water sign will enhance the elements that seem to exacerbate the effects of too much alcohol. Perhaps forewarned is forearmed, and those who might indulge in the spirits of the vine, may decide to  monitor their intake. Just sayin’! The Full Moon in Cancer crests at 9:25 PM EST New Year’s Day, so the pressure will be building during the entire day. On a good note, the Moon in Cancer will provide a good basis for making our New Year’s Resolutions — and being a Cardinal sign there will be more positive intentions in the ether. The sign Cancer has to do with our loved ones, parents, siblings and any extended family. So perhaps making sure the ties-that-bind are always in good condition would be one way to use this energy. Also any intentions to volunteer, connect with those distant relations, find new ways to eat in a healthy manner, and always being the best role model for the younger set can come to fruition! Of course, the New Moon is always the most auspicious for making resolutions or affirmations — the New Moon crests on the 16th at 9:18 PM EST in the sign Capricorn, a determined and practical sign that can get things done.

Also this month on the 31st there will be another Full Moon (Blue Moon) lunar eclipse in Leo at 8:27 AM EST that will get our proverbial embers glowing! It looks like 2018 is going to be a busy year!

On the 2nd of this month, Uranus in Aries will be Stationary Direct after several months of Retrograding. As Uranus begins to move in a forward direction, we will begin to feel some ease, as the more positive vibrations of this unique Planet come to the fore. Creativity, light-bulb ideas, inspiration, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and new plans will all be able to be initiated in the coming weeks. Uranus in Aries will help to bring knowledge heretofore hidden and will work with the current Planetary aspects, to try to improve those areas that are lacking in our human potential and evolution.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also digging up those areas that are corrupt and hidden, however with its beautiful aspect to Neptune in Pisces, we may see a world-wide revolution of loving kindness. Our psyches are being stimulated in the highest form, and if we but listen to our moral inner-voice, we will hear the call of the Universe for us to love one another unconditionally. Hear the Clarion Call from the highest source, and answer with your best intentions and grace. Business may be boosted by Jupiter’s largess, and if you are working with the young, you may find that with your experience, mentoring those individuals who have talents beyond their years, is time well spent.  Saturn’s two-and-a-half years in Capricorn will indeed impact all of us with its insistence on honor, duty and responsibility. We must never ignore those lessons that Saturn wishes to impart to us, these are the Universe’s instructions to us in no uncertain terms. They are the cornerstone of our pathway throughout this lifetime, and we rebuff them at our peril. Saturn will teach, and we must learn!

On the 3rd of the month, the Moon is in fiery Leo, and at lunch time a beautiful aspect between Lady Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces may provide a peaceful and comforting atmosphere for a pleasant interval with creative and helpful folks surrounding us. The 6th which gets us by the shadow time of Rx Mercury also provides us with a dinner time connection between Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries that might bring interesting conversation and brilliant ideas into the mix. Combine this pleasant aspect with Mars meeting up with Jupiter in Scorpio shortly after, giving us the impetus to work on any project that we have confidence in working on that will bring us to our goals. Monday the 8th seems to bring us back to reality after all the holiday excesses, with work that has to be done, however the aspects give us lots of help as the Sun and Lady Venus attract Jupiter’s largess. Later in the day Mars adds its energy so you can complete the day with all your projects finished. The next day also  maintains the positive input as overnight your dreams gave you some ideas that could help move your agenda forward. By evening you will feel you satisfied all your appointed tasks and have earned a well-deserved rest. Mercury enters Capricorn after midnight on the 11th, allowing us to present our ideas in a professional and articulate manner. The 13th brings an interesting meeting between Lady Venus and Uranus, you may have plans for a free-wheeling day skiing or snowboarding. The 14th the Sun and Uranus have a spat, in the early afternoon and you may find yourself going against the your usual demeanor, and want to let your hair down. Late night on the 15th may find you restless and not able to settle down, instead of tossing and turning all night, get up and read, watch TV or find a way to use that excess energy! The 16th brings our New Moon in Capricorn — an auspicious day to write out your affirmations or perhaps seriously think about your New Year’s Resolutions! The 19th in the early evening Mercury  and Neptune stimulate your imagination and creativity, however, you may just want to go out dancing! A quiet week ensues, but on the 24th Mercury and Pluto meet up in the middle of the afternoon, and make you begin to think about office politics and perhaps backstabbing. At the rush hour on the 25th, Mercury and Jupiter might create a busier morning commute than usual, but the protective aura of Jupiter will get you through unscathed. Mars will enter the sign Sagittarius on the 26th bringing a lighthearted upbeat energy to all of us. Late on the 27th and into the morning of the 28th there is some erratic energy that might interfere with your sleep. You may wake up feeling restless and unsettled for the rest of the day. Winding down to the end of the month we are once again facing a second Full Moon (Blue Moon), at 11 degrees of the sign Leo. So we end the month on a note of being connected to family, but still wanting the ability to go our own way.

January is a super active month to begin our New Year of 2018, all of the possibilities of growth, development, and evolution are at out fingertips! We only have to tap into the massive amount of buoyant energy swirling around in the ether, to give us that extra boost in our confidence and self-reliance! We can accomplish all of our goals with a positive mindset, an optimistic outlook and perhaps a few flashes of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. The year 2018 can bring our dearest dreams and desires to fruition, with a little good luck, blessings from a Higher Power, and good old American ingenuity!








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