New Moon in Capricorn — January 16th 2018

This month’s New Moon crests at 26 degrees, in the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn at 9:18 PM EST. As the first New Moon of the year, we can use this Earthy energy to spur us on to any and all new projects, and/or help with any resolutions that may have already fallen by the wayside. I have suggested that folks don’t actually make any resolutions until the New Moon, as there is so much positive and beneficial energy spewing forth for us to use, with this astrological event. As with any New Moon we can, if we wish, use the Universe’s help by sending out our most sought after affirmations into the Galaxial ether.

Our thoughts have substance and a real impact on our psyche, also our inner conversations with ourselves, and can be manifested by simply stating our needs, and writing down our wishes during the transit of the New Moon. This is just one of many avenues we can explore with the help of the movement of the Planets. Our Zodiac charts give us a map as it were, of the pluses and minuses in our lives, and we can build our journey in a positive manner by using the power of those areas that will bring us the most constructive pathway. Yes, we all have some challenges to face — but with knowledge, come answers that can help us avoid many of the pitfalls that may occur. Of course, Karma will play its part in all of our lives, with those people who we must resolve issues from past existences. However, it is our opportunity and responsibility to be aware of the nuances that are present in our life at this time. We can overcome any negative areas that might be holding us back, with fortitude and intention.

Since the New Moon is in the sign Capricorn, the more practical and stable our requests or affirmations are will be more likely to come to fruition. If we feel we are ready for a raise, a new position in our company, to buy a first home, or become parents — these can be addressed when writing out your wishes. Capricorn being a Cardinal sign has immense power and determination. When a Capricorn decides to plan and execute a goal, you can be sure that eventually they will achieve their objective. It can be somewhat intimidating to watch a resolute Capricorn going for their ultimate accomplishment.

All practical and forward moving affirmations will be apropos and compatible with Capricorn’s New Moon. Job related, money issues, housing wishes, finding better relationships within the family, being able to assess your true abilities, seeing where your talents lie, and finding practical ways of handling your affairs. All of these and any other lifestyle changes you might want to make are within the realm of Capricorn’s grasp. Find those things that would enhance and improve your life right now and write (in clear terms) just what it is you want. The best time to write out your affirmations is within the 24 hour time-span after the New Moon crests.

Do this for yourself and for your loved ones, there is magic and wonder in the Universe — and we can tap into the magnificent treasure trove to recreate our lives.  May the Force by With You!




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