New Moon in Capricorn Reminder — January 16th 2018

Use the Cardinal Earthy energy of our New Moon in Capricorn to jump start those resolutions that have fallen by the wayside already, and bring attention to those issues that aren’t as “appealing” simply because they are just normal needs we really should be addressing. Capricorn is such a practical and pragmatic sign that we should tap into those mundane chores that will give us some realistic returns on our efforts.

For instance, we all could use some extra money — think about ways you could increase your income with talent, time or expertise. Need home repairs, perhaps you can swap or barter your time for your carpenter’s skills. Can you bake, knit or sew, know about plumbing, love to take care of your car, can find anything online? Are you a tech savvy person, so many folks need help with keeping their computers running smoothly. Start with friends, and the word will spread by word-of-mouth — you may find a nice sideline activity.

Whatever basics you may need to be repaired, refreshed, or redone — try to find a way to have these annoying “chores” taken care of by someone who also can use some of your skills.

The New Moon in Capricorn is bringing a plethora of practical, down-home energy, that will infuse us with the need to catch up on those minor but annoying things that have been bugging us for months —  just get them done!

Bottom line — write out your affirmations, wishes and desires with an eye to the ordinary and everyday situations that we tend to ignore. Once they are off your plate, you’ll feel so much better!

The New Moon in Capricorn crests at 9:18 PM EST on the 16th! Get those affirmations written down ASAP!


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