Mars Enters Capricorn — March 17th 2018

Following the New Moon in Pisces, that crests at 8:11 AM EST (adjust for DST), Mighty Mars will enter the sign Capricorn on March 17th at 11:41 AM EST (adjust for DST). Mars becomes a bit cranky and more stoic whilst in Capricorn — as this Cardinal Earth sign just doesn’t fit with Mars energetic nature. Capricorn is more of a step-by-step mover, cautious and patient — neither trait Mars can truly appreciate. Still after a while psyching each other out — Mars begins to realize that Capricorn is quite the good buddy when trying to reach what seems to be an unattainable goal. Indeed — Mars begins to think — this stodgy Old Man’s calculating pace might be able to be used to further My dynamic thinking and dramatic outlook.

So Mars begins to coddle this staid Oldster in order to win Him over with the charm and charisma only Mars can emit — especially when there is something He wants. Of course, Capricorn isn’t new to Mars games — He has been through this routine before and can, with his patience and stamina bring Mars around to the more comfortable pace Capricorn is most in favor of using. Once they establish the Yin and Yang of one another, their relationship will blossom and there isn’t much that they cannot accomplish by working together. Moving more slowly through Capricorn, Mars won’t enter Aquarius until May 16th as it is working towards going Retrograde in late June. If the Zodiac House where Capricorn lives in your chart is particularly important, Mars will certainly bring some changes and energy into play for the next several weeks. Check out any aspects in opposition also, as this mighty power will be strutting His stuff and making His presence known.

Mars in Capricorn doesn’t hit much resistance moving through the month until He runs into a snit with Uranus in Aries on the 30th, really trying Mars patience by interfering with the path He wants to take no matter the consequences. Uranus will put a spanner in the works along with Rx Mercury’s help and Mars will suffer some annoying frustrations. On April 2nd Mars and Saturn seem to see eye-to-eye and work together to accomplish a long-term goal — just be wary of taking on too much too soon (remember Mercury in Aries is in Rx mode until April 15th). Mars in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces have a moment on the 14th when they meet, and your intuition is providing you with some vital information — use your renewed insight and power to do some good. Your dreams may be vivid as Mars in Capricorn meets with Jupiter in Scorpio after midnight on the 24th, bringing your psyche into the mix in order for you to find solutions to reaching your objectives. The 26th finds Mars and Pluto in accordance early in the morning hours, your passions run high and your desire to win at any cost may overwhelm — take a moment to breath and reevaluate your plans.

Entering April, on the 2nd, Mars and Saturn connect mid-morning, and can help you get the week started on a good note. Just be sure to hold your temper, and release any angst by exercising and eating in a healthy manner. On the 4th Mercury in Aries and Mars square off in the wee hours of the morning, the night may have been restless and you may be holding on to some anger from earlier in the week. Try to let any frustration evaporate into the ether, and return to work with the mindset that everything can be squared away and won’t favor any one side. Around lunch time on the 7th there is a snag that irritates, perhaps going to a sports event will help ease the anxiety. After midnight on the 11th Venus and Mars enjoy a touching moment when all seems well with the world, you might find someone new who is interested in you. The 14th brings an awesome connection with Neptune, after the lunch hour, you can tune in to those you’re with and you want to help others in need. Allow yourself to bask in this moment and you’ll be thinking back on it with a smile for the next week. Mercury in Aries goes direct on the 15th, once again allowing us to move forward with a more positive outlook. Also the New Moon in Aries crests at 8:57 PM DST, charging the atmosphere with renewed energy and elan. After midnight on the 24th Mars and Jupiter are in a good place, you feel invigorated and sharp both physically and mentally. You have decided on a pathway and will use all of your power to reach your goal. The 26th finds the morning commute frazzled as Mars and Pluto join up, you may have big plans and an overwhelming desire to take on a task or issue, but think before you blurt out any comments or arguments that might take someone unawares, and you are facing an uphill battle. At the end of the month, Mars and the Moon in Scorpio take some time in the evening to recap your month, and reassesses where you want to go from here. Entering May, Venus and Mars aren’t having a good moment around mid-evening and if you are with your significant other, perhaps don’t respond negatively to any suggestions! Just sayin’! The 12th of May finds Mercury and Mars annoying each other as you enter the office, something you notice might get your ire up, try to breathe and take a moment to truly see what is going on. As Mars is almost out of Capricorn on the 14th Mars and Jupiter aren’t feeling the love nearing the lunch hour, wait until Mars moves on to Aquarius on the 15th before voicing your opinion.

Once ensconced in Aquarius, Mars whole persona takes on a Devil-May-Care attitude. The sky is the limit for this duo and they can’t wait to get started.

Mars in Capricorn Love Style — Mars is a bit more stable and connected to loved ones when in Capricorn — family means a lot to this combination. They thrive on tradition and keeping to some old world ideas. Customs, mores and the conventional thinking of tried and true family values is of utmost importance. As they age, they can take on the appearance and attitudes of their parents, to the point where other family members take note! Good providers and although often perfectionists, they are devoted to their kith and kin. Often they would like their offspring to follow in their footsteps into whatever field in which they have found success. Perhaps causing some conflict as their children become adults and may have vastly different interests. All in all, our Mars in Capricorns may be a bit stodgy, but with the energy and seemingly limitless power of their immense physical and mental strengths, our Mars in Capricorn mates are in the relationship for the long haul. This combo is for you if you desire commitment, continuity and a lifetime connection.



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