New Moon in Pisces — March 17th 2018

Cresting at 8:11 AM DST the New Moon at 26 degrees of Pisces creates a welcome moment in time where we can allow ourselves to dream, evaluate, and reconnect with our souls. We can immerse ourselves within the Galaxial momentum and harmony that is a gift from the Universe. The energy from any New Moon is like a freshening breeze that helps to blow away all of the detritus we have been storing up during the month. Anger, fear, annoyances, frustrations, roadblocks, and our own self-doubt can be swept away in a powerful tsunami of revitalization and renewal. We can sweep all of the angst we have been storing within our psyche, soul and spirit and let it drift off into the mists of eternal emptiness. The massive vacuum of space and time is never-ending, and we can disperse every vexing issue to be sent out into the celestial clouds where they will disappear forever.

We must, as individuals, tap into our innermost selves to find those concerns that matter to us the most — only then, can we truly be ready to accept the rebirth that a New Moon affords us. Especially with a Pisces New Moon whose Neptunian mysticism reaches not only into our psyche but into our soul. Steeped in the hallowed spirituality of the ages, the Moon in Pisces is our moral compass, our north star of forgiveness, and our ability to evolve ever higher into the consecrated beings we are destined to become.

Hearken to that inner voice you hear, your intuition, instinct, perception — your gut feeling — it is telling you your own truth! Listen carefully and you will be able to avoid so much sadness and regret. Much of our unhappiness comes from ignoring our own self-knowledge — we know when someone is toxic to us, yet we ignore the signals, we know when a situation is dangerous — yet we enter where angels fear to tread, we know when we are being played — yet we ignore our own self-protective instincts. Now is the time to accept that there is a more resilient intelligence within — and we ignore it at our peril. Tap into that soul-level of understanding and knowledge that will allow you to move away from anyone who is not going to be a positive and loving part of your life.

We all can use the energy and power of the New Moon in Pisces to become more aware of our own strengths and intellect. Along with the revitalization of the Spring Equinox on March 20th, the stage is set for us to embrace a new chapter of our lives in which we are the arbiters of ourselves. We can take charge of who we are and where we want to go. Think about all of the wonderful ways in which your life could improve — and think about how you would express those changes in your own words. Start to think about writing your future story in the pages of a Divine memoir. You do have the ability and power within your grasp to alter any negativity that is holding you hostage. Begin to create your new lifestyle within the parameters only you have set. Create your own renaissance within and it will begin to take hold for all to see.

The New Moon in Pisces crests at 8:11 AM DST at 26 degrees of the sign — so all day and evening will be the most powerful time to write out your affirmations, desires, wishes and dreams. Be as specific as you can, and remember to dig deep into your soul to determine those changes that will bring you to the highest peak of personal perfection. Enjoy the physical aspect of actually writing down your wishes, feel the frisson of energy moving through your entire body as you allow yourself to acknowledge that there needs to be changes. Change can be intimidating and nerve-wracking — but we all have been given an inner core of righteous strength to face our future. Find that center of understanding and personal awareness that will never lead you away from your most inspired karmic destination.

We also have the lucky and spirited inspiration of it being St. Patrick’s Day! Lucky for everyone who encourages, approves, and loves all of humanity. We are all on this magical mystery tour called life on Earth — perhaps we should take a moment to bask in this miracle called life!

Peace on Earth




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