Reality — Journal Entry — Jone Victoria — March 24th 2004

One dimensional thinking is confining. Is that your reality?

Barriers of thought are just three dimensional visual challenges. Peel your own reality, to find layers of sub-structures seeking explanations: wanting definitions.

Too much mind chatter is associated with trying to make sense of our realities. Where is the reality of stillness and solitude?




By escaping physical reality we transform to a near silent reality. Translucent, almost Spirit-like, we can rest in a stillness until a flicker of thought shatters the line of demarcation.

It’s an inner spiral — a vortex of depth in which you can transcend, trying to extricate yourself from matter — from physical — from thought.

Vibrating light, pure soundless light, thus creating an opposing holographic form of double helix, the pattern of the Universe, of which all cellular structure is created and remains in the fabric of time.

Connective –ess, connective-essential, to the original infinite structure reaching outward and pulling inward. Identical moments, dissipating the physical until you are truly radiating in pure light.

I used to believe that what you could see and feel is reality and now know the illusion of the senses are mere distractions of common trickery. In losing your way you find yourself.

We are light-seeds interacting with each other in various Universes, often unaware or ignorant of the multiple realities that exist within us.

Our realities are infinite.

Jone always kept a journal, and used it to keep track of her progression and evolution as a human being. This post was written long before she started her “Reclaim Your Light” blog — and you can only imagine the complex workings of her brilliant mind as she tried to find her own truth. She often fought against her own inner knowledge and the veracity of her beliefs. Yet Jone’s journey was one of inner discovery and awakening. Shortened by her early demise, we can only try to enter the complex and vivid insights she found when allowing herself to let go of the ambiguous hold on what seems to be reality.

She often found the way into the depths and heights of our human limitations — and eventually was comfortable in wearing her own truth. We all must come to grips with our own reality — and wear our own personal truths. We have limitless possibilities open to us — if we but observe and examine all aspects of our existential human existence.


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